The tragic story of a noble bandit Salvatore Giuliano

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Salvatore Giuliano is one of the national heroes of Sicily. A young man he went to the mountains and declared war on the rich, who exploited the island's population. Salvatore ruined politics and betrayal of loved ones, but his death still remains open.

The tragic story of a noble bandit Salvatore Giuliano

In the summer of 1943 allied armies had been driven from Sicily, the German unit loyal to Mussolini and Italian forces. Because of the war on the island was observed shortages of food, and most of the local population were engaged in smuggling food. Was no exception and the 20-year-old Salvatore Giuliano. The guy was born in a poor family with many children and from an early age worked with his father in the field.

When the food was really bad it became illegal to supply the products to neighbors. 2 September 1943, Giuliano night tried to enter on a mule, a sack of grain to his native town of Montelepre. The way the young man blocked four carabiner. They declared him a smuggler and began to insult the guy. As befits a true Sicilian Salvatore was a poor but proud man. He pulled out a gun and opened fire.

The tragic story of a noble bandit Salvatore Giuliano

Giuliano Salvatore

The outcome of the shooting — one dead and one wounded policeman, and Giuliano had fled to the mountains. The authorities could not catch the boy, but decided to arrest his relatives and friends. In February 1944, the fugitive made a RAID on the city jail, killing a guard and freed the hostages. Eight friends and young relatives Giuliano went to the mountains with him. Salvatore became a detachment commander and Deputy appointed his cousin and the children's friend Gaspare Pisciotta, who will play a role.

The tragic story of a noble bandit Salvatore Giuliano

The Gaspare Pisciotta and Salvatore Giuliano in the Sicilian mountains

Giuliano and his men plundered the estates of the local aristocrats, landowners and officials. Rich people were taken hostage and released only after ransom. Got under the hand, and representatives of the Italian administration. Part of the stolen money and products Salvatore distributed to the poor of the surrounding villages, than gained popularity among the people. His partisan rumors across the island. The Sicilians were telling each other legends about the generosity Salvatore and his love for the common people.

The tragic story of a noble bandit Salvatore Giuliano

Salvatore Giuliano during a halt

People hid in their houses Giuliano fighters and spying for him. Popularity did not prevent even the massacre of dozens of inhabitants, whom the leader was suspected of treachery and service to the government. Squad Giuliano grew. In addition to the sons of poor peasants joined the professional thugs and outright criminals.

The all-powerful Sicilian mafia also supported the guy. Mafia don loved the dashing character of Salvatore. They provided him cover and took over the negotiations for the redemption of captives. Of course, in exchange for a share.

After several years of guerrilla warfare with Giuliano contacted the political underground of the island, campaigning for the independence of Sicily from Rome. He was offered to join the movement for freedom of the Motherland. Salvatore agreed, but demanded 10 million lire. After the auction we agreed on a million and a Colonel "Individual voluntary army of Sicily".

The tragic story of a noble bandit Salvatore Giuliano

Salvatore with his mother

Giuliano Salvatore was a political figure that is even higher raised the prestige of the raider in the eyes of colleagues and villagers. His men did appeal to the people, attacked the posts of police and soldiers, seized weapons and ammunition for a future war of liberation. The troops were ambushed by the guerrilla and fired the mountains with mortars.

In 1946 Italy from a monarchy became a Republic. The new government announced an Amnesty, which the party Giuliano did not apply. The island has introduced additional forces that systematically destroyed the underground group of separatists. The mafia is not touched. Roman policy was concluded with the local leaders of the unofficial Union and they helped the authorities. Salvatore left without support crime. He tried to flirt with the Communists, but they had deceived him.

The tragic story of a noble bandit Salvatore Giuliano

People began to be disappointed in his hero. People Salvatore were shot by local Communists, the police, and in the summer of 1948 they killed five prominent mafia. After the mass shooting for the former "Robin hood" took seriously. From his hometown deported all men over the age of 15, and to fight the gang threw cadre troops with tanks.

In July 1950, in the town of Castelvetrano, the police displayed the corpse of 27-year-old Salvatore. The carabinieri have announced that the terrible bandit was shot dead in a hot skirmish, but it's not true. Giuliano was killed in his sleep and made it to his cousin and right hand — Gaspar Pisciotta, who became an agent of the authorities.

The tragic story of a noble bandit Salvatore Giuliano

Sicilian officials and police next to the dead body Salvatore

With the leader of the separatists were linked to many of the local politicians and mafia. If Salvatore on the court spoke, then flew and their heads. In exchange for a pardon to Pisciotta ordered quietly to kill his brother, which he did. The traitor deceived, he received a life sentence. In 1954 Gaspard Pisciotta poisoned in prison of Palermo.

After the death of Salvatore Giuliano became a legend of Sicily. About him make films and write fiction novels. One of the books written by the author of "the Godfather" by Mario Puzo.

Years later the grandson of the legendary perpetrator of Pinot Sciortino released his book in which he claimed that his grandfather survived and moved to USA, where he lived until a ripe old age. In fact, Gaspar killed the DoppelgangeR, and he Salvatore ran away and even came home for the funeral of his mother and sisters.

The tragic story of a noble bandit Salvatore Giuliano

Pisciotta Gaspar during the trial

Immediately after the death Salvatore many journalists paid attention to the appearance discrepancy between the dead and the living bandit. Italy was going to conduct additional DNA testing of the remains of Giuliano, but until it's done. If Salvatore was still alive, the role of his cousin in the history is changing dramatically. For my brother Gasparo sacrificed herself for life behind bars. Then maybe in 1954, he also died of poison, and left the prison and joined Giuliano in the United States.

Today Sicily is a popular place where people from all over the world tourists. Mafia is still not defeated, but its influence on the lives of people was minimal. Millions of tourists annually visit the region for its nature, history and scenic Sicilian towns, which until recently, rules of crime.

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