On schedule: why the Chinese eat only in 12 days and sleep in the workplace

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Most of us live without some sort of clear routine: Wake up in the morning, drinking coffee, and further — as will go. But the Chinese are in this respect significantly different from people in other countries. Their daily business is planned almost by the minute, with mandatory rest and lunch.

Let's find out more details, how the Chinese people live. Perhaps that is a clear routine and discipline are the key to their prosperity and longevity.

On schedule: why the Chinese eat only in 12 days and sleep in the workplace

Any average Chinese person, learning about how live Russian people, groans and gasps. Because in their minds we just do that and that hurt your aura, health and life in General.

We sleep less, eat as you please (though this is not always healthy food) often get nervous and hoard a negative emotion. Chinese is difficult to understand how in this day many people can stay active and even to achieve success. In their understanding, the pledge of "quality" of life is the observance of strict rules, ancient traditions and rituals.

On schedule: why the Chinese eat only in 12 days and sleep in the workplace

The most important thing in the daily routine of a Chinese — food at the proper time. According to them, long breaks in the meal, have a negative impact on the body. Very important from early morning hearty Breakfast to recharge your energy for the whole day. It must be healthy food, not coffee and sandwiches, they are used to most of us.

Breakfast the Chinese may begin at any time, but lunch is on a strict schedule. Don't be surprised if walking around China, you will see how employees of companies every single one leaving their offices and heading to the cafe. This usually happens at 12 noon, all meals, sooner or later, noon the Chinese believe are harmful to health.

That's why in the noon, all the local cafes, restaurants and canteens are chock crammed with visitors. In some institutions the waiting time in queue exceeds the duration of the lunch. In high-rise buildings sometimes overload the elevators break as they are at this time moving staff. But despite all these difficulties, the Chinese continue to insist on the ritual.

On schedule: why the Chinese eat only in 12 days and sleep in the workplace

The only reason why the Chinese can give up going for lunch if he brought food with them to the office. In most workplaces at this time the flavors are not worse than in a restaurant kitchen. Even the exhibition at this time turn into a massive picnics, because any Chinese person, regardless of age, position and status, knows 12 hours with food.So, God forbid, don't skip lunch, Chinese people set reminders on their phones. So, if you walk around in China, you can hear passers-by at the same time start to ring alarm clocks, do not be alarmed — it means it's already noon.

On schedule: why the Chinese eat only in 12 days and sleep in the workplace

About the importance and benefits of the correct order of eating the Chinese say almost since birth. Moreover, even a pregnant woman must strictly adhere to a special diet to keep her baby was born strong and healthy.

Women don't require men in three hours of the night to run to the store for bananas or chocolate. Everything here is strictly. The expectant mother does not allow himself anything extra, and her many relatives to closely control the process.

One of the reasons for the need of such a diet — a short maternity leave. The baby will feed on breast milk only two or three months, then his mother will be released from the decree, and the child will go on mix. That is why it is so important that, while still in the womb, he managed to get the maximum amount of nutrients that enter the mother's body along with food.

On schedule: why the Chinese eat only in 12 days and sleep in the workplace

Another important ritual in the life of a Chinese day dream. He comes right after dinner, about one o'clock. Sleeping is absolutely all children in schools, managers in offices, workers in factories... some large companies have special "rest rooms" where employees can sit and dive into an afternoon NAP.

According to the Chinese, timely rest helps to restore power and is simply necessary for normal functioning. It is especially important to rest at noon in the summer, when due to the increase in the duration of the day you have to spend more energy to stay active. And if we drink a Cup of coffee or a soft drink, the Chinese go to bed. Waking up, they yawn about a half hour and come to life, and only then start to work.

Of course, there are those who live in the other, so to speak, a modern rhythm, but these Chinese — minority. Rest strictly adhere to the established rules and perform the daily rituals, because it is an important part of the culture of the country.

And would you like to live on that schedule?

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