The myths and truth about Chinese medicine

The myths and truth about Chinese medicine

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In the era of rapid scientific progress, many perceive Chinese medicine as a trend and exotic (what is the "language of the future" ─ correctly, Chinese). Someone, on the contrary, the more she trusts in the power of ancient traditions and innovative approach to the human body.

The myths and truth about Chinese medicineTo find out how effective Chinese medicine today and multiply debunk the myths around it helped us a neurologist, a reflexologist, a member of the clinical Committee of the European Institute of Personalized medicine and health Igor Rogain.

According to various sources, the Chinese medicine there from 2.5 to 5 thousand years. She is now relevant and in demand not less than centuries ago, and it says that it works and helps. Chinese and European destinations different ways to describe the same processes and use of different diagnostic tools.The myths and truth about Chinese medicine

Western medicine left-hemisphere — it operates through the analysis and logic that establishes a causal relationship. Its conclusiveness is the duplication of the same survey results, which allows doctors to treat patients according to standard schemes. The Chinese also have templates defined standards and schemes, but the Toolkit acts primarily the man himself.

There are four diagnostic criterion for survey, inspection, pulse diagnosis and tongue, with the help of a specialist high-level diagnoses. The probability that it will be inaccurate possible, but in Western medicine mistakes and misconceptions that are fixed with each subsequent decade.

Chinese medicine, mainly of natural origin, herbs, minerals, natural elements, they have a chemical component as a traditional tablet, working on the biochemical level. However, selection of Chinese drugs is different principles. The basis of Western medicine pharmaceuticals is biochemical formula that allows the drug directional impact on the body.

The myths and truth about Chinese medicine

Chinese drugs are prescribed on the basis of the understanding of the nature of medicines, and on the basis of knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine. They seek to address, for example, cold stomach, to compensate for the deficiency of Yang of the spleen, strengthen the Yin of the kidneys to remove toxins and toxins. In short, they work on a different principle, and in the treatment of most chronic diseases can be more effective than Western medicines.

The myths and truth about Chinese medicine

European medical approach is needed for the treatment of acute critical conditions or surgical cases. Any drug there are indications, contraindications and dosage that is prescribed individually. Only a doctor can determine the time of admission of a drug, frequency and duration. Ideally, the physician must make decisions from the point of view of Chinese medicine, and from the perspective of modern understanding, and taking into account the characteristics of the patient.

Of course, each race has its own physiological characteristics, so the statement is a fraction rational (people need to carefully approach the Chinese medicines ─ our reaction to them may be more acute than those of other nationalities).

The myths and truth about Chinese medicine

But Chinese medicine is not only about herbalism, and acupuncture, massage, guasha, banks, bloodletting, gymnastics. In short, a whole range of Wellness practices that are aimed at enhancing the body's own resources of the person (to what race he belongs to, in this case, it doesn't matter).

Chinese medicine was originally developed as folk. Mao Zedong called her the heritage of Chinese tradition and the emphasis on the nationality of the industry. The inhabitants of modern Europe see it as medicine for the poor. If you focus on the procedure in clinics of Chinese medicine is mainly available to any resident of the city with different income levels. To use it can only wealthy people, is wrong. It all depends on the professionalism of the doctor, the level of the clinic, its location, marketing, and range of services.

Conducted many scientific studies on the effect of acupuncture on the body. It follows that the effect of acupuncture on humans was demonstrated on three levels: local (with the introduction of the needle at the injection site aktiviziruyutsya to twenty different cellular elements and biochemical compounds), segmental (through pathways of the spinal cord with the ability to affect the internal organs) and Central (via the complex response of the brain).

The myths and truth about Chinese medicine

The skin and nerves have a close relationship, in which acupuncture can influence the neurohumoral regulation of the whole organism via rebalancing the sympathetic and parasympathetic divisions of the autonomic nervous system. The imbalance of these departments leads to excitement, distress, insomnia, and chronic fatigue syndrome. You can consider these disorders are the scourge of humanity.

Acupuncture aligns the necessary balance of the autonomic parts of the nervous system, and it is also scientifically proven. Therefore, the effect of placebo acupuncture is irrelevant. By the way, the who has recognized acupuncture as one of the most safe and effective treatments with minimal side effects.

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