Interesting facts about Michael-Jackson

Interesting facts about Michael-Jackson

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The life of a great musician is shrouded in many secrets and conjectures. Even after death, the rumors around his person do not cease to fade. Read the most unusual facts from the life of the King of Pop here.


Interesting facts about Michael-Jackson

1. Chimpanzee's best friend

Michael Jackson bought a chimpanzee from a research lab and nicknamed him Bubbles. The bubble was a real friend of Michael. They slept together, ate together, and even wore the same outfits. Unfortunately, the good story has come to an end. As soon as Bubbles began to show aggression, he was taken to a nursery in Florida, where Michael subsequently donated a lot of money for the worthy maintenance of his friend.

Interesting facts about Michael-Jackson

2. Anti-gravity shoes

The video for the song "Smooth Criminal" did not leave indifferent any surprised fans. In the video, Michael and his dancers perform an amazing trick that defies all laws of gravity. At the time of filming the video, secret ropes were used to perform such a movement, which returned the singer to a vertical position, but later Michael Jackson patented the so-called "anti-gravity shoes". Their soles were attached to special pegs located on the floor of the stage, which made it possible to perform the dance quickly, effectively, and without other aids.

Interesting facts about Michael-Jackson

3. Wanted to be Spider-Man

When Marvel was in financial trouble, Michael Jackson seriously considered buying the company out. Why do you think the king of pop needed this failed corporation? Yes, he just dreamed of playing the role of Spider-Man, as he was his fan. Unfortunately, or maybe, fortunately, the deal with the company fell through and Marvel was later bought out by Disney.

Interesting facts about Michael-Jackson

4. Michael Jackson suffered from vitiligo

To this day, many believe that Jackson shied away from his origins and underwent numerous color-changing surgeries just to become "white." In fact, the singer was proud of his nation and admitted in one of the interviews that he would never have had surgery to change his race. All of Michael Jackson's surgeries were the result of suffering from vitiligo - white, contrasting patches that appear randomly across patches of skin.

Interesting facts about Michael-Jackson

5. He spread rumors about himself

Michael Jackson was not only the king of pop but also the king of trolling. The well-known rumor that he sleeps in a pressure chamber, allegedly in order to live up to 150 years, was launched by him. But of course, Michael was not going to sleep anywhere, but simply asked to take a picture of him lying in a pressure chamber and send the picture to the Times newspaper. The public reaction was stormy. This impressed Michael and soon he began to invent new rumors about himself for journalists.

Interesting facts about Michael-Jackson

6. The escape plan was ready

Michael Jackson was notorious. Accusations of child molestation rained down on him from everywhere. Realizing that he might not be able to handle the pressure, Jackson's brother came up with an escape plan in the event of an indictment. The brother explained it simply: "If they were going to crucify my brother for something he didn't do, then America doesn't deserve us to come back."

Interesting facts about Michael-Jackson

7. Meeting 9/11

The high-profile tragedy that happened to the twin towers on September 11, 2001, could also affect Michael Jackson. On an unfortunate day, he had an appointment there, which the singer canceled, as he was exhausted after the concert and could not come.

Interesting facts about Michael-Jackson

8. most expensive clip

Michael Jackson and his sister Janet Jackson starred in the most expensive video in the history of the industry. Shooting a video for the song Scream in 1995 cost Jackson a record $7 million. Not a single singer in the world could beat this amount.

Interesting facts about Michael-Jackson

9. Spicy food lover

Michael Jackson was a real fan of Mexican food. He could not give up his favorite tacos and burritos, however, due to concert activities and strict health requirements, Michael was forced to give up his favorite goodies and became a vegetarian.

Interesting facts about Michael-Jackson

10. Friend of Macaulay Culkin

Michael Jackson was the best friend of the well-known blond boy from the New Year's comedy Home Alone. They were so good friends and communicated that Culkin starred in one of Michael's videos and even became the godfather of his two children.

Interesting facts about Michael-Jackson

11. Suffered from body dysmorphia

It was rumored that Michael Jackson's many transformations and plastic surgeries were the results of a severe mental disorder called body dysmorphic disorder. This disease develops when a person systematically has claims to his own appearance. And since the pop king had plenty of money, he did not skimp on the opportunity to change something in himself. We see the result ourselves.

Interesting facts about Michael-Jackson

12. Was the husband of Lisa Marie Presley

Their relationship began in 1992 after one of Michael Jackson's concerts. Then the daughter of Elvis Presley noticed a talented musician. During Michael's accusations of child molestation, Lisa Marie tried her best to support Michael and helped him with advice. The couple got married in 1994, and in 1996 Lisa Marie had already filed for divorce, although she admitted that after the divorce, she and Michael made many more trips together.

Interesting facts about Michael-Jackson

13. Favorite hero

Pinocchio was Michael Jackson's favorite cartoon character.

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