Diego Maradona, his Women and his Children: Life as an Argentine TV Series

Diego Maradona was a complicated man. One of those whose difficult nature is better to look at, keeping a distance. In any case, he left behind a rich memory and a rich offspring.

Scandals with taxes and drugs — and active participation in charity. A brilliant game that allowed a boy to play while pretending to be an adult - and loud disqualifications. Maradona was a classic "complex personality". Be that as it may, the whole world is grieving over a football player who died at sixty.

Diego Maradona, his Women and his Children: Life as an Argentine TV Series

Diego was an ordinary child by the standards of Argentina, where he was born. The fifth in the family, the younger brother of four older sisters. Diego spent his childhood in a poor neighborhood on the outskirts of the capital, and he had the same fun as all the boys of the capital's outskirts — for hours on end, chasing a ball down the street with his peers. The ball was the most accessible and most beloved toy, the time for football flew by unnoticed.

Diego Maradona, his Women and his Children: Life as an Argentine TV Series

Parents only encouraged such games, they were cheaper than any other hobbies. Expensive suits are not necessary — there are enough washed T-shirts and shorts, no consumables either — the ball serves for a long time, if it is glued and pumped up in time. And, while the child runs between the improvised "gates", often marked with two bricks and nothing more, he does not ask for food and does not think about whether he should buy something that attracts advertising on the radio, streets or on TV.

At the age of nine, like a fire, a rumor spread through the streets of Buenos Aires: the club "Argentinos Juniors" is recruiting a very, very young team, "Los Seboyitas"("Onions"). Diego, of course, immediately ran to sign up. It is easy to imagine how much the parents liked the idea: after all, sports teams teach discipline, keep the child busy for the whole day, not letting them hang out in suspicious street companies.

So, when Diego was taken to the "Onions", everyone was probably happy. And two years later, both the team and the boy were noted by the press: an article was published in which the journalist advised everyone to remember the future football star Caradona. Yes, at that time, the name of Diego could still be confused.

Diego Maradona, his Women and his Children: Life as an Argentine TV Series

The club did not fail to take advantage of the boy's talent, releasing him on the field long before he was sixteen. Of course, he had to play under a false name (so that the age did not come up) and in the backup line-up, where he attracted less attention. And at the age of sixteen, Maradona already scored the first goal in the national championship under his own name. And immediately after it-the second.

And he doesn't even consider himself and other football stars — against the background of all these facts-so special:

The career of a young football player was not just going up the hill — it was rushing at full speed. Maradona became more and more famous, and therefore richer. Along with the excellent shape and attractive appearance, he very quickly learned what women's attention is. However, to the girl he liked best-Claudia Villafagna. He was sixteen, and she was almost eighteen. At this age, many people perceive this as a serious difference.

Diego Maradona, his Women and his Children: Life as an Argentine TV Series

Maradona's family had just moved into the house where Villafagna already lived. Later, Diego said that he was sure that Claudia was also interested in him almost immediately, and she looked out the window when he left the house. But they took a step towards each other only after eight months. That is, literally.

At the disco, when the slow dance was announced, Diego looked at Claudia, standing among the school friends, and shook his head: they say, do not want to? She took a step toward him, and he took a step toward her. They were going to spend a quarter of a century together — but who thinks about it at a disco in a crowd of teenagers?

She loved him very much. He... said he did, too. But his love didn't involve loyalty, much less vows. If at first no one asked why he did not marry the one with whom he spends his days and nights-things are young! — then after the birth of first one, then another daughter, the question began to arise constantly.

In the end, Maradona seemed to give in to the pressure of condemnation — not so much of himself or Claudia, but of his mother — in-law's unwillingly drawn into the public spotlight-and registered the marriage officially. After that, he was asked why it was necessary to marry a woman who perfectly tolerated cohabitation without a stamp? After all, in front of a football star to choose from-almost all the beautiful women of the Old and New World.

Diego Maradona, his Women and his Children: Life as an Argentine TV Series

It is then that Claudia learns that Diego did not limit himself in his choice. And the whole world will know. In the meantime, Maradona will speak of her in all interviews with great tenderness.

And then he would write in his autobiography: Claudia was my only precious thing. He will devote a whole chapter full of praises to her. And everything he writes there will be true. She really supported him in everything. She really was a great mother. And she really knew how to create and maintain a special, peaceful atmosphere in the family.

All this great love ended in a scandalous divorce, during which Claudia demanded not only two apartments in Buenos Aires (out of all Maradona's real estate), but also a huge part of his income — for moral damage. It must be admitted that the damage was done to it, and more than once.

In the eighties, she could tell herself:

In the early nineties, reading headlines like "I've had 600 women, Maradona claimed," she could tell herself — but he chose me to be the mother of his children. And what was she supposed to say to herself when she found out how many mothers he actually had of his children, and that she was different from them only in that she did not limit herself to having fun with Diego, but helped him, supported him, and even pulled him out of critical situations?

It turns out that she differs from other women in that she is a fool, who is easily bred for pity and does not feel any obligations to her?

Diego and Claudia were already living in Europe when Claudia became pregnant for the first time. The eldest daughter, Dalma, Claudia flew to give birth in Buenos Aires. Later, she flew there to give birth to the youngest, Janina. The whole point is that Claudia believed that children should appear in their homeland. And wherever she was, she thought of Argentina as her homeland.

Diego Maradona, his Women and his Children: Life as an Argentine TV Series

Maradona was not present at the birth. They were in those days when fathers were rather required to just stay out of the way. So he was training while waiting for his first daughter to arrive, and while waiting for his second daughter, he was sitting on the bench during the match against Roma.

Dalma was his eldest daughter, but not his eldest child. By that time, in Italy, in Naples, a boy named Diego Sinagra had already been born and was growing up. His mother Christina did not hide the paternity of the famous football player — but his father hid it. For a long time, he actively denied any connection with both the boy and his mother. Until 2015.

By the time Sinagra could officially call the pope pope, the baby was almost thirty years old and he was married. By the way, he grew up a football player, only made a major career in beach soccer. Moreover, the court recognized Diego Jr. as the son of his father in 1993.

The Pope personally asked Diego Sr. to come to his senses and participate in the fate of the child. Paid alimony to Maradona since 2003. But the word "son" was only heard from the lips of Maradona by Sinagra and the whole world in 2015, after the wedding of Sinagra, which, I must say, was personally blessed by the Pope (for lack of desire to bless just the pope).

Diego Maradona, his Women and his Children: Life as an Argentine TV Series

Maradona's third daughter was born in nineteen ninety-six, when he had been Claudia's official husband for seven years. But she wasn't born at Claudia. Hanna Salabain was born after Diego's brief affair with an eighteen-year-old girl, Valeria.

As usual, Maradona began to deny everything, but soon after the birth of the child, Claudia still filed for divorce (although she did not claim any payments at first), and then a DNA test came in time. Diego was confronted with the fact that the girl Hannah was the carrier of his genes. By the way, when she grew up, she became a fashion model.

With another Diego Jr., it finally worked out fairly. Maradona started a permanent relationship with a much younger woman — Veronica Ojeda, a teacher by profession. However, to accompany Maradona, Veronica had to leave pedagogy. She tried to get pregnant by the man she loved several times, but only once the idea was crowned with success.

Before such a long-awaited son was born, Maradona abandoned Veronica. He went to another woman. Later, he decided that Veronica was better, returned, but the relationship with Ojeda was far from calm. The girl irritated the elderly (against her background) husband with everything. In the old days, girls were warned against old husbands — they would be jealous and beat. That's how Maradona behaved. Naturally, their romance quickly ended.

Diego Maradona, his Women and his Children: Life as an Argentine TV Series

Later, Maradona's new wife, twenty-three-year-old soccer player Rocio Oliva, got into the same mess. The girl married the idol of her childhood, the one who, perhaps, inspired her to play sports — and found herself side by side with a quarrelsome man.

He was able to write a statement to the police in irritation from the scandal that she… Stole his watch. Like petty street thieves. And after taking the application, continue your scandals — and assault. The couple broke up, never having managed to get from the engagement to the wedding.

Two sons, three daughters-that's a lot? But in the end, Diego recognized three more children. He was treated in Cuba for drug addiction. Naturally, there were a lot of girls who were ready to sleep with a football star — he didn't have to hunt for it on purpose.

As a result, Joana, Javielito, and Lou were born. How all this horde will eventually share his inheritance is now being discussed by the press of many countries.

Maradona died not only as a father, but also as a grandfather. His daughter Giannina gave birth to a son from the football player Sergio Aguero, Benjamin, whose godfather was another football player, Lionel Messi.

She broke up with her husband under circumstances that she did not comment on, but which enraged his father — he even got into a fight once because someone praised Aguero in front of him. And later he's the same furiously watered it and I'll get dirty because ... they supported their mother.

Immediately, all three women, as it turned out, and so, and so robbed the famous football player. What can you say, remembering his charity. It seemed to make it easier for Maradona to be kind to people who were separated from him by a good distance — in every sense.

And somehow he managed to have many children, known only for their beauty, talent, and good character. Fans hope that God will give him credit for this, weighing how much he brought to the world of tears and how much — good.

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