Black Jesus loves you, so will rape and eat: a macabre history of a Papuan prophet

Black Jesus loves you, so will rape and eat: a macabre history of a Papuan prophet

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Despite the hot climate, beautiful nature and warm ocean, to call Papua-New Guinea Paradise is very difficult. I would like to say that this region is inhabited by kind and hospitable people, but this is not true. This is the only place on the planet, where civilization and Christian values coexist peacefully with black magic and cannibalism. Only such a fertile soil could produce a Black Jesus, which transformed the lives of thousands of people for many years in a surrealist nightmare.

Black Jesus loves you, so will rape and eat: a macabre history of a Papuan prophet

The story we want to tell, began on the island of Manus, the largest of the Admiralty Islands and the fifth largest by land area, constituting the Papua-New Guinea. It was here in 1971 in a typical poor family was born Steven Tari — the future Messiah.

Manus island is considered the most wild and dangerous tourist destination in the Pacific, as it gives shelter to thousands of refugees from Papua, and other Pacific countries in the way in blessed Australia. Hunger, infectious disease and high levels of crime significantly reduces the already low chances of immigrants to get on the Green continent.

It was here in 2013 in one of the dining rooms was filed by rice with gravy, which is found in human teeth and it could hit only representatives of the Christian missions and international charitable organizations. For residents of Manus cannibalism has not yet become a relic of a wild primitive society, because the ancestors of the modern islanders without the embarrassment of eating his enemies, abundantly sprinkling of local herbs.

It is not surprising that young Taree as soon as he finished school, he wanted to get away from their native lands and entered the theological Academy in Madang, a relatively civilized town in the North-East of Papua New Guinea.

Black Jesus loves you, so will rape and eat: a macabre history of a Papuan prophet

But, to paraphrase a popular saying about the periphery, people can go with Manus, but the island will never leave the man. So what happened with Steven, who was studying diligently, but I learned the extent of his depravity.

Most struck the imagination of the future Catholic priest is not eternal values that carried Jesus and the words of Tertullian about the oppression of the first Christians:

Not too flexible, the mind of the islanders in their own way interpret this passage. Additional insights Stephen did find in the book of "Deuteronomy" following passage:

Unstable psyche of a young man, under the influence of the biblical metaphors and parables, quickly cracked and he imagines himself a prophet. After leaving the Seminary, Stephen went to preach to the mountains of Madang — designated wild and inhospitable.

But in the mountains the young prophet felt at home. As the inhabitants of his native island, the highlanders were not willing to taste human flesh, and in their heads, and wandered under the scorching Equatorial sun is a wild mixture of Christian and local animist beliefs.

In 2012, during a police RAID in the mountains was arrested 29 of the local sectarians, eating human brains and penises, to get wisdom and virility of the dead. That's all you need to know about the edges, which went to travel barefoot black Messiah.

Around crazy preacher, fancy mesasage Christianity, paganism and cannibalism, originated in totalitarian sect, and of the Steven became known as Black Jesus. At the peak of popularity Taree had more than 6000 active followers, ready for his prophet to die, and flour.

Guard Black Jesus were the apostles armed with guns, spears and machetes. They unquestioningly listened to his master and was quick to violence. In the mountains, where there is not only the police but also mobile communications, formed an absurd state of cannibals, professing a very unusual version of Christianity.

To have their citadel, the Black Jesus and his apostles seized the mountain village Matai and thoroughly strengthened her twining ditches and Palisades. Here the adherents of the new faith feel at home and quietly made rituals based on love for one's neighbor, which is tightly tied to sexual violence and cannibalism.

Black Jesus loves you, so will rape and eat: a macabre history of a Papuan prophet

Victims find it difficult — they were selected from local residents who came to worship the prophet, or just enough for the mountain roads travelers. In Papua, where the police are not even able to restore order in the capital, the antics of a sect of cannibals in the remote mountain region were able with impunity to go on for years.

The inhabitants of the fortress Matepi were divided into castes, as they are close to a Black Jesus. In addition to bloodthirsty apostles, close to Taree was the "flower maiden" — a group of girls from 10 to 15 years. Minor resident mountain fortress went practically naked and had sex close to Stephen and himself.

From time to time Black Jesus and his crew sacrificed one of my girls exposing in front of this refined torture. Miserable meat eaten during special mystical ritual, invented by a mad prophet.

Harem led Barmoral Herman, who was called "Queen of the flower maidens". The location of the Messiah this lady deserves, giving him a reproach and mercy of his minor daughter. 14-year-old Rita's mother brought to the cabin Taree on 1 October 2006.

Black Jesus raped children in front of his mother, stabbed, striking 12 strikes a ritual knife, and then drank her blood, dismembered the body and cooked the meat over an open fire. Barmoral refused to taste the meat offered to her daughter, earning the full trust of the monster.

Pastor Keeter Warrety, who taught Steven Tari in the theological Academy tried unsuccessfully to get an audience with his former student to try to reason with him and make him repent and surrender to the police. The priest, present in the rituals of Black Jesus, which he called preaching, told them about this:

The prophet whiled away their days between the rape, murder and inspirational sermons in front of the followers and sympathizers. At this time his armed guard has made assaults on the surrounding villages, stealing there, concubines, food and meager belongings of the residents. Often the attack ended in a massacre, in which the servants of the Black Jesus ' killed everyone I could find.

Such actions could not cause a wave of resistance in the mountain villages inhabited by people ignorant, but determined. Often people armed with whatever they could and provided a strong resistance to the murderous sectarians. But the forces were unequal, and soon all of the shrew was cut and eaten. Also people Black Jesus destroyed all the churches located in the County, and destroyed Bibles and religious items.

In 2005, Steven Tari, was accidentally detained by the police when he was preaching in one of the villages. The police knew who he was dealing with, but couldn't show a maniac, in addition to the administrative article. Any hard evidence to collect, the authorities did not — Taree escaped from custody.

The story of the escape of Black Jesus like the bike, but it is completely real. Hide Steven Tari helped Lutheran Minister Logan Sapus assigned to the leader of the sect of the clergy to conduct soul-saving conversations. Taree, using his powers of persuasion, was able to confuse the Holy father and turned it into his zealous follower. Together they left the prison, which temporarily contained the bloodthirsty Messiah.

In 2007, the patience of local residents was exhausted and they, together in a large group, armed with spears, bows and machetes, besieged the fortress of cannibals. On Matai attacked at noon, when Black Jesus and his apostles, having tasted human flesh, indulge in a dining dream.

Despite the fact that the cultists were taken by surprise, they put up fierce resistance. Taree himself took an active part in repelling the attack and injured few attackers. When it became clear that the cannibals win, one of the attackers climbed a high tree and managed to catch a cellphone signal.

The guy phoned the police called for backup, which soon arrived in Matupi. Police using small arms, quickly made an unsuccessful assault on the citadel and loaded into the vans Steven Tari, 50 his bloodthirsty apostles and 30 minors concubines. This time the evidence was rife, including the most serious.

In court the Black Jesus read out a list of 30 charges including murder, cannibalism, rape, robbery and kidnapping. But to rejoice was early — no one wanted to testify against a powerful sorcerer and Stephen were able to find only four of proven rape.

But even that was enough to put a Black Jesus behind bars for 20 years. But in prison, Stephen spent only three years — he ran again and took up the old. The police no longer had anything to prove and maniac again caught and thrown into jail. And again, in 2013, Tari escaped from prison, taking with him 48 new followers, recruited from criminals.

Black Jesus loves you, so will rape and eat: a macabre history of a Papuan prophet

This time no one tried to call the police or delay Black Jesus alive — people understand that they can get justice only their own. Spurred the Avengers to action talk of the prophet himself, who, after the escape started to tell everyone that soon will fly to God by helicopter.

According to Tari, the Lord awaits him in the Promised Land, Palestine, slightly more than 13 thousand kilometers from the mountains of Madang. Victims of the maniac and his henchmen wanted revenge and could not admit that the Messiah went to the boss.

Black Jesus loves you, so will rape and eat: a macabre history of a Papuan prophet

Nonsense, consisting of a mixture of Christianity, ideas of cargo cult fantasy of a crazy prophet, forced the detachment to act without delay. Black Jesus found in the early morning in a lonely mountain cabin in the company of the few remaining faithful apostles. Cultists just woke up and prayed to their strange deity.

Seeing the attacker, Tari wanted to hide in the jungle, but got into skillfully organized ambush. Religious cannibal knocked to the ground, beat him up and took deeper into the forest. There is Stephen castrated, gutted and out of harm's way hacked with machetes. The remains of a Black Jesus the Avengers covered with earth and in good spirits went to do her household chores.

Black Jesus loves you, so will rape and eat: a macabre history of a Papuan prophet

The corpse of Steven Tari was soon found by the police, but to determine to whom it belongs, had to do a DNA test. Thus ended the story of one of the many Messiahs, pretenders, not very successful, but one of the most bloodthirsty and repulsive.

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