6 Best K-Drama Zombie Shows, Ranked

6 Best K-Drama Zombie Shows, Ranked

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The zombie genre is popular all over the world, from the United States to South Korea, and these are some of Korea’s best zombie K-dramas.

  •  Korean zombie shows explore unique concepts and execution while still delivering on the traditional zombie genre tropes.
  •  These shows delve into themes of survival, humanity, and lasting relationships, bringing gore, violence, love, friendship, and strength.
  •  Each show offers a different twist to the genre, whether it's a mysterious sinkhole, supernatural powers, a lighthearted tone, or a historical period setting.

Zombies have been a cornerstone of the horror genre for decades and the collection of Korean zombie series shows how effective these stories can be on the small screen. Korean television has delivered some incredible shows over the years, from beloved K-dramas to international hits like Squid Game. However, fans of the zombie genre have plenty of exciting options as well. Zombies come in a range of forms from creepy slow-walking creatures to ravenous monsters, but the best Korean zombie shows prove there are new avenues to explore.

Much like the best Korean zombie movies, these shows embrace the trope of the genre while also trying new things. These shows explore unique groups, scenarios, and even different periods. Despite their distinctions though, all of these zombie K-dramas have commonalities that make them great, delving into themes of survival, humanity, and lasting relationships within unprecedented times. They bring gore and violence, but they also bring love, friendship, and strength.


6 Best K-Drama Zombie Shows, Ranked

6. Dark Hole (2021-)
A Mysterious Hole Omits Smoke That Turns People Into Zombies

2021's Dark Hole subverts the typical zombie genre by throwing a mysterious and lethal sinkhole into the mix. Dark Hole takes place in a city where a cavernous sinkhole has opened up and has begun spewing a strange smoke. As it turns out, the smoke isn't as innocuous as it first seems, and in fact, inhaling it can infect humans with an indescribable virus that turns them into monsters.

The series then follows a group of survivors who not only must save their lives from the smoke and their violent zombie peers but also must figure out how to shut down the sinkhole before it hurts anyone else. Dark Hole isn't basic when it comes to the zombie genre. It stands out for its unique concept and execution of a well-loved trope. However, that doesn't mean that the show strays too far from what audiences love about zombie series.

Dark Hole includes plenty of the same zombie tropes that viewers know and love including intense chase sequences, scientific mysteries, and gross-looking zombie characters. If anything, Dark Hole goes above and beyond the zombie genre to make it scarier, and somehow, even more dangerous.

6 Best K-Drama Zombie Shows, Ranked

5. Sweet Home (2020-)
Neighbors In An Apartment Building Band Together During A Zombie Apocalypse

Created in 2020, Sweet Home follows a young man who finds himself barricaded in his new apartment during a zombie apocalypse after an upsetting family tragedy. Alone and scared, the protagonist must join forces with his neighbors and other apartment dwellers to protect their building and prevent the apocalypse from reaching them. While the zombies are unquestionably dangerous, this series even goes so far as to explore the supernatural effects and powers of the zombies, making them much more than just the hungry undead.

In this way, Sweet Home amps up the physical aspect of the zombie genre, not only with incredibly powerful zombies but also with strong human characters as well. It is perfect for those seeking a gory, fight-heavy zombie series. Plus, the series also has an amazing ensemble cast that is easy to fall in love with, especially as the apocalypse forces them to grow closer.

6 Best K-Drama Zombie Shows, Ranked

4. Zombie Detective (2020)
A Newly-Turned Zombie Becomes A Detective To Investigate His Change

Not all zombie shows have to be intense or scary, and the supernatural and fantasy K-drama Zombie Detective is proof of that. The series follows a young man who wakes up one day to find that he is a zombie. Without a memory, the protagonist hides his zombie identity and becomes a private investigator to figure out his own story, and more than that, discover what is behind the zombie outbreak. Joined by a former investigative journalist, the pair grow close in their mission to uncover the mystery of the zombie apocalypse.

Zombie Detective manages to balance the darkness of the zombie genre with a more lighthearted tone. The show's main character may be a zombie, but he'll do anything to remain human and bring justice to himself and other zombies. Additionally, the series has a heavy mystery element to it that includes not just the overarching question of where zombies come from, but also smaller mysteries tackled in each episode. Overall, Zombie Detective is a sweeter yet still solid piece of zombie content.

6 Best K-Drama Zombie Shows, Ranked

3. Happiness (2021-)
An Immune Woman Investigates The Zombie Outbreak

In 2021's Happiness, the world has descended into chaos after a drug called "Next" began a worldwide pandemic of a disease called the Lytta Virus, or "mad person disease." Amid this apocalypse, the series' main character gets scratched by an infected person but finds that she is immune to the virus. From there, she enters a fake relationship to secure housing, and the protagonist and her false husband fall into a conspiracy that will ultimately uncover the origins of the zombie apocalypse.

Though Happiness is heavily rooted in zombies, the story expands far beyond the undead monsters. In this series, there is science, intrigue, investigation, and even a heavy romantic storyline involving a fake dating plot. In this way, Happiness stands out for its unique ability to be a zombie K-drama and have one of the best K-drama romances. However, the series also brings plenty of zombies. The infected of Happiness are a mystery in and of themselves and present an intriguing aspect to explore further.

6 Best K-Drama Zombie Shows, Ranked

2. Kingdom (2019-2020)
A Crown Prince Protects His Kingdom From A Zombie Outbreak

Kingdom not only presents a deadly zombie apocalypse, but a period adventure as well. The series takes place during the Joseon Dynasty, when the crown prince must fight to protect his nation from an outbreak of plague that wakes the dead. On top of that, the prince must also face political conspiracies and plots to take him and his family down, which come from much closer than he even realizes. Overall, this is an intense and complex situation that makes for highly entertaining television.

Kingdom adds a lot to the zombie genre with this unexpected historical setting. It's difficult enough to support a zombie plot, which often includes measures of science and mystery. However, to do it in a period piece as well is an impressive feat. This series balances its genres well, creating an epic story of death, survival, and justice. The crown prince must do whatever it takes to save himself, his kingdom, and those he loves.

6 Best K-Drama Zombie Shows, Ranked

1. All Of Us Are Dead (2022-)
Students Fight For Their Lives Inside Of A School Overrun By Zombies

All of Us Are Dead images the chaos of a zombie outbreak happening in the middle of a school day. The series explores a science experiment gone wrong that leads to a zombie outbreak right in the middle of a high school. In turn, a group of teenagers must work together to survive against the monsters and the threat of starvation. While this series brings plenty of high tension, it is only amplified by its young cast of All of Us Are Dead and its intense emotions and fears.

All of Us Are Dead balances horror and drama effectively. With every fight sequence comes an emotional turn that brings the audience a step closer to the character's lives and feelings. It is a series that is both terrifying and emotional, bringing the most basic of human emotions to the forefront. In this way, All of Us Are Dead cements itself as a great Korean zombie series by bringing a slice of reality to an otherwise otherworldly situation.

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