10 Best TV Shows Like Sweet Home

10 Best TV Shows Like Sweet Home

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With the second season of Sweet Home fully aired, viewers don't need to look far to find new shows to watch that involve monsters and demons.

  •  My Demon is a romance K-drama featuring Song Kang, offering a demonic aspect similar to Sweet Home without horror and fear.
  •  The Uncanny Counter is a fantasy/action K-drama with unsettling evil spirits, while also portraying a heartwarming familial relationship.
  •  Strangers From Hell is a psychological thriller K-drama set in an eerie apartment complex, providing weird happenings and a gripping watch.

There are many TV shows out there similar to the Korean drama Sweet Home if audiences are looking for something similar to watch. Sweet Home is a horror K-drama about humans turning into monsters. Based on a webtoon of the same name, Sweet Home balances horror with a strange sense of camaraderie as the tenants of the Green Home apartment complex have to band together to survive the apocalypse. The second season of Sweet Home was released on Netflix on Dec. 1, 2023.

Plenty of other TV shows about the demonic and supernatural exist to watch after Sweet Home. Some have gone the same route as shows like Lucifer and made them sympathetic and desirable characters. Many, though, have done the same as Sweet Home and used them as antagonists. Whether horror shows, action-thrillers, or even romances, these shows are guaranteed to delight viewers of Sweet Home.


10 Best TV Shows Like Sweet Home

10. My Demon (2023)
Genre: Romance K-drama

My Demon is a bit different from Sweet Home, as it's not a horror drama. It is also Song Kang's new K-drama, whom viewers will recognize as Cha Hyun-soo from Sweet Home. The Korean drama is a romance story following a contract marriage between a wealthy heiress and a demon. The demon, Jeong Gu-won, enjoys tempting humans with contracts that earn him their souls. Do Do-hee is looking for a marriage of convenience to secure her inheritance. The complicated personalities of Gu-won and Do-hee provide entertainment as they try to make this sham marriage work. My Demon will delight viewers looking for the demonic aspects of Sweet Home without the horror and fear.

10 Best TV Shows Like Sweet Home

9. The Uncanny Counter (2021-2023)
Genre: Fantasy/Action K-Drama

The Uncanny Counter deals with evil spirits. People called Counters are brought back from comas with special powers to defeat the evil spirits getting out into the world. The spirits in this Korean drama aren't as gruesome as the monsters in Sweet Home, but they have no issue with tormenting and killing innocent humans. Sweet Home viewers will appreciate the more unsettling aspects of The Uncanny Counter, while the familial relationship between the Counters adds something for audiences to feel warmhearted about.

10 Best TV Shows Like Sweet Home

8. Strangers From Hell (2019)
Genre: Psychological thriller K-drama

The K-drama Strangers From Hell is a psychological thriller in which odd things start to happen when a young man takes an apartment in a cheap complex. Yoon Jong-woo starts to fear his neighbors after moving into Eden Dormitory and discovering that things are not as they seem. The strange quirks of all the residents of Eden Dormitory make them unsettling and suspicious. The creepy nature of Strangers From Hell will make it an addicting watch for viewers of Sweet Home looking for more weird happenings in an apartment complex.

10 Best TV Shows Like Sweet Home

7. The Terror (2018)
Genre: Supernatural horror anthology

Like Sweet Home, The Terror focuses on a group of people stuck in an isolated place with danger all around. A horror anthology based on Dan Simmons's novel of the same name, The Terror is a fictionalized account of Sir John Franklin's doomed Arctic expedition. The boats of Franklin's crew become icebound, and they soon learn that they're being stalked by something. As the men on Franklin's crew try to survive both the environment and the horrifying creature hunting them on the ice, they start to descend into inhumanity. The monstrous nature of the polar bear will thrill Sweet Home viewers who enjoyed the monsters in the Korean drama.

10 Best TV Shows Like Sweet Home

6. Hellbound (2021)
Genre: Dark fantasy/horror K-drama

One of the best K-dramas based on a webtoon, Hellbound takes place in a not-so-distant future Korea. A being called an angel has begun condemning people to Hell. Similarly to Sweet Home, citizens start being hunted down by supernatural monsters. These monsters track down those bound for Hell to destroy them in a public display called a demonstration. Viewers of Sweet Home will appreciate the variety of characters in Hellbound, as well as the suspense of the show. It plays in a similar vein of fear to Sweet Home, with the feeling of helplessness against the monsters outside.

10 Best TV Shows Like Sweet Home

5. Parasyte: The Maxim (2014)
Genre: Horror anime

Based on the manga series Hitoshi Iwaaki, Parasyte: The Maxim explores a world where tiny aliens called Parasites begin infecting the brains of humans. The grotesque nature of the Parasites is sure to thrill viewers of Sweet Home who liked the depictions of the humans-turned-monsters. The complexity of the show will engage audiences with its philosophical discussions on humanity and the idea of moral superiority. For Sweet Home viewers who like their monsters to sometimes be redeemable, Parasyte: The Maxim is a good watch.

10 Best TV Shows Like Sweet Home

4. The Guest (2018)
Genre: Horror thriller K-drama

The horror and suspense of The Guest is perfect for Sweet Home viewers looking for a new creepy show to binge. The Guest follows a psychic taxi driver, a priest, and a detective as they look for a demon called Park Il-do. The trio, drawn together by a shared tragic past, have to fight and exorcise various lesser demons who have possessed people under Park Il-do's orders. The constant danger of The Guest, as well as the truly unsettling atmosphere, is perfect for Sweet Home viewers. The lingering question of who Park Il-do is makes The Guest an addicting Korean drama.

10 Best TV Shows Like Sweet Home

3. The Strain (2014)
Genre: Horror

The Strain was created by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan. Originally a book series, it's a story about a plane crash that releases a virus with similarities to strains of vampirism. Viewers of Sweet Home who liked the more grotesque monsters will be enthralled by the vampires' gruesome natures. As both The Strain and Sweet Home involve the slow transformation of humanity into monsters, viewers of one are sure to enjoy the other. Some of The Strain's scariest scenes should serve as a good follow-up to Sweet Home for those looking for some more gore.

10 Best TV Shows Like Sweet Home

2. Kingdom (2019)
Genre: Period horror K-drama

Kingdom is a historical K-drama that takes place during the Joseon dynasty. The Korean drama is a period-horror piece as the Crown Prince, Lee Chang, discovers that a mysterious plague is turning people into zombies throughout the kingdom. The cast of characters is diverse in thought and motivation, much like Sweet Home. Kingdom combines horror with political intrigue, as Lee Chang seeks to help his people while keeping the throne safe from usurpers. Viewers of Sweet Home will admire the horror facets of the K-drama and the race to keep from getting caught up in the epidemic.

10 Best TV Shows Like Sweet Home

1. All Of Us Are Dead (2022)
Genre: Horror-romance K-drama

When a science teacher's experiment goes wrong, a high school is overrun by zombies in the K-drama, All of Us Are Dead. Viewers of Sweet Home will recognize the plot device of a group being trapped somewhere and need to band together to survive. The incredible portrayals of the zombies add a level of fear, as they are not the slow-moving zombies most commonly seen. Those who enjoyed the ingenuity of the Green Home residents in Sweet Home will get the same experience watching All of Us Are Dead. There is also a romance subplot in All of Us Are Dead that is interesting to see take shape.

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