The story of a survivor Li Ching-Yun, who has lived more than 200 years

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The resident of China Li Ching-Yun (Li Ching-Yun) died 6 may 1933, having lived a long and interesting life. He left behind 180 descendants in 11 generations and outlived 23 wives. It failed or because the fate graciously released him in this world for two centuries. However, the exact age of longevity scientists cannot accurately confirm until now.

The story of a survivor Li Ching-Yun, who has lived more than 200 years

Sam Lee Ching-young always claimed that he was born in 1736. But there is information that the year of birth of this strange man was still 1677. How long did the old man — 197 or 256 years install failed, but in that and in other case If still the absolute champion, because these figures no one even came close.

The story of a survivor Li Ching-Yun, who has lived more than 200 years

Frenchwoman Jeanne calment (Jeanne Calment) died at the age of 122 years and 164 days, but compared with age Ching-yuna — utter nonsense. If year of birth is indicated by the record, it is clear, that where it came from 1677? It turns out, in 1930, during his lifetime, Professor Wu Chung-Chieh (Wu Chung-chieh) from the University Chengdu (Chengdu University of), found the Imperial government records made in 1827. They mentioned Ching-Yun, but even then, as a very old man!

The document says that in 1827, the local authorities congratulated the survivor with the 150-year anniversary! The next entry is dated already 1877, when Li Ching-Yun was already greeted with 200-year anniversary. Maybe the old man himself forgot your year of birth and worth believing official documents?

In 1928, the journalist of the "new York times" decided to put an end to this strange story and conducted its own independent investigation. American visited his longevity and talked to people that know him personally. To denounce Li Ching-Yun a lie failed, as many old old men were ready to swear that their grandfathers and great grandfathers the boys even knew Whether he was already quite old.

The story of a survivor Li Ching-Yun, who has lived more than 200 years

Born Li Ching-Yun of Sichuan province. He began to work in 10 years, having mastered the profession of a collector of medicinal herbs. This responsible and necessary thing, he was doing all his life. Even in his early years, Lee was interested in the sources of longevity and ate only boiled rice, vegetables and herbal tea.

When Lee turned 71 years, in 1749, he moved to the province of the Kai Xian, where he enlisted in the Imperial army as an instructor in martial arts and tactical Advisor. Preserved memories of one of the disciples of Li Ching-Yun, the martial art tai Chi Chuan Liu Da (Da Liu), which lifted the veil of secrecy the longevity of his mentor.

Yes Liu told me that his teacher once wandered in the mountains, and met the old hermit was 500 years. He agreed to take Lee to the disciples and revealed to him secrets of the martial art Bagua, the qigong exercises and proper nutrition. If he is told that his longevity is a consequence of strict adherence to the hermit and perform daily exercises of qigong system.

The story of a survivor Li Ching-Yun, who has lived more than 200 years

In 1927, the survivor was still so vigorous that could travel. It was during this period Li Ching-Yun was the guest of General Yang Sen (Yang Sen) in the city of Wang Xian. The military was amazed by the clarity of thought of the elder and his excellent physical shape. On the question of the captain, how he manages to keep his body, mind and soul in such a good condition, she said:

It was during a meeting of the survivor with Ian Hay and was made the only extant photograph of the old man. Everyone who personally knew, in one voice said that during their life, he hasn't changed at all. Shortly after a visit to the General Li Ching-Yun died and his last words were:

General Yang sen was so impressed by communicating with the old man, what even wrote later a book, which he called "facts about the 250-year-old man." In the beginning of the book there is a description of Whether — the author describes as "a man of the growth of 7 feet (2.1 meters), with good vision, bouncy gait, rosy face and long fingernails". The old man kept a sharp mind and in conversation found serious knowledge in many Sciences, as well as a great sense of humor.

The story of a survivor Li Ching-Yun, who has lived more than 200 years

Only the Li Ching-Yun

As we have said, Li Ching-Yun outlived 23 wives, and 24 he left a widow. At the time of his death a woman is 60 years old. Officially regard to Whether recorded 14 times, and 10 times he lived with the couple in a civil marriage. The old man survived not only all his grandchildren and many great-grandchildren.

With the herbalist and master of Gong Li Ching-Yun is more or less clear — he led a healthy lifestyle, limiting yourself to eating and training. But how to explain the longevity of another Chinese man, crossed the 100-year mark ever does in no way refuse?

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