Favorite women General Secretary Brezhnev

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Many biographers of Leonid Brezhnev write that the General Secretary of the CPSU have not experienced particularly warm feelings to his wife Galina. He even called her "suitcase without a handle", which bear hard and throw a pity. But the wife dearly loved her and Leon suffered his rudeness and numerous infidelity.

Favorite women General Secretary Brezhnev

The first serious affair, known to historians, occurred in a married Brezhnev at the front with doctor Tamara of Saverchenko. After the war, Leonid Ilyich did weird — he brought his mistress to Moscow and brought home where it was expected of a spouse.

Leonid Brezhnev and Viktoria Petrovna Brezhnev

The future Secretary General introduced the women to each other and immediately retreated out of the apartment. Obviously, he decided that women should compete among themselves and decide who will get it. Victoria Petrovna really did not think to take positions just.

From the front of Dr. Tamara had no children, but there was a sense of self-esteem — struck by this act of her lover, she immediately went to the station for a ticket to Kyiv. Brezhnev rushed in pursuit, and overtook the woman two hours later.

Leonid Brezhnev urged, insisted and persuaded to return, and promised himself to talk to Victoria Petrovna, but Lawerence was adamant and said in response to a brief, "I promised Victoria. We have all done." On that front the novel of Leonid Brezhnev and actually came to a logical end.

Favorite women General Secretary Brezhnev

Handsome soldier Brezhnev

But this does not mean that over the story itself. Insulted Victoria Petrovna Brezhnev then said that if he left the family, she will do anything to ruin his career. Then it was enough to go to the party Committee and to declare unworthy the moral character of member of the party. Often, for it took away the party ticket and that was the end for the ambitious men, who sought up the career ladder.

Many years later the daughter of Secretary General Galina Brezhnev, said in an interview — "Blackmail my mother managed to keep the family together". It's true — the woman was able to keep a wayward wife beside him and two children, although family relationships have deteriorated completely.

As for Tamara Saverchenko, this woman got married and moved with her husband to the capital. Moreover, with Brezhnev this woman, oddly enough, to maintain good friendships. Leonid Ilyich was even familiar with my husband and his front of a friend and visited them in the hotel.

Favorite women General Secretary Brezhnev

Contemporaries remember Leonid Brezhnev as a cheerful, sociable person, kind and generous. But with their home the Secretary General was not so nice. He did not spare the feelings of loved ones, obviously believing that love is a sort of whim that an adult should monitor the cravings for alcohol or gambling.

When his daughter Galina fell in love with the young illusionist Igor Kio and, contrary to the will of the father, was married to him, Brezhnev ordered to cancel the registration of their marriage, which lasted only 9 days. Leonid Brezhnev believed that between his daughter and a magician, who was under the age of 15 years may not be anything serious. I felt Galina and, especially, Igor, it absolutely was not interested.

Favorite women General Secretary Brezhnev

Nina Korovyakova

To understand his daughter, the Secretary-General was able only at the end of his life, when he fell in love with as a boy in the nurse Nina Korovyakova. Due to the fact that the health status of the Secretary-General has deteriorated, near his office gave medical post which took three nurses on duty. Nina was the most beautiful of them and Brezhnev, despite its age, without looking in love with.

The head of state ordered to Nina Korovyakova not only on duty in the Kremlin, but also accompanied him on business trips and even on vacation. Once in a circle of close friends Brezhnev admitted that feelings for Nina were associated with the fact that it was very similar to the Tamara of Saverchenko in his youth.

Relation to Victoria Petrovna Brezhnev has not changed even with the onset of old age. They were too different, and it could not play its role. Secretary-General's wife life was confined, restrained man who had devoted themselves entirely to home and family. Brezhnev was always a Joker and a merry fellow, fond of noisy company and feast. And, most importantly, he never loved his wife and she understood it perfectly.

Favorite women General Secretary Brezhnev

Brezhnev and his last love Nina

With the advent in the life of Nina, the Secretary General brought her all his attention and care. Simple the nurse had an apartment in the house where lived the members of the Central Committee of the Communist party, and her husband — major, instantly became General. Nina Korovyakova was the last happiness in the life of Brezhnev and anyone closer to this woman at the Secretary General was not.

It got to the point of absurdity — nurse Nina began to help the Brezhnev government. She read out the Secretary-General secret documents out loud and had full access to all the papers in his office. This is very troubling as the state security service, and colleagues of Leonid Brezhnev in the Politburo. As a result, in 1976, Nina was suspended from work with a head of state.

Nina reported that she transferred to another job and she had to accept it. Brezhnev understood his mistake and is therefore not resisted. He suffered greatly and many have noticed that not the young Secretary suddenly had aged even more and lost his signature spark.

Favorite women General Secretary Brezhnev

Leonid Brezhnev and his daughter Galina

Galina Brezhnev recalled that she had never seen her father suffered from a breakup with a woman. Most likely, in old age, the power, the Secretary-General finally understood the price of love, but it is nothing could change neither in his life nor in the life of people close to him.

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