Born in a shirt: 10 amazing rescue cases that are hard to believe

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There is such an expression "to be born in a shirt". This is usually said about a person who manages to avoid difficulties and even death that have fallen on his fate. It is about "born in shirts" that we want to tell you in this article. However, in their stories, the heroic will to live played a decisive role, and not luck.

Nevertheless, these unique people prove by their own example that everything is possible in life. The main thing is not to give up and fight to the last!

Born in a shirt: 10 amazing rescue cases that are hard to believe
Born in a shirt: 10 amazing rescue cases that are hard to believe

Israeli traveler Josef Ginsberg, better known as Yossi, once went with three friends in search of an aboriginal tribe in the jungles of Bolivia. There was a quarrel on the way, and the company split. As a result, Yossi was paired with a friend Kevin, with whom they decided to go down the river on a raft, but stumbled on the rapids. Kevin managed to immediately get to the shore, and Josef was carried away by the current directly to the waterfall.

Eyewitnesses said that at the time of discovery, the entire body of the survivor was covered with mosquito bites, sun burns and whole colonies of termites. In 1981, Ginsberg wrote the book "Alone in the Jungle", in which he told about his adventures, and the Discovery channel made a documentary based on it called "I should not have survived".

Born in a shirt: 10 amazing rescue cases that are hard to believe

Croatian Frane Selak is called "the luckiest man in the world", because in different periods of his life this man has experienced seven accidents. Earlier we have already told about the" adventures " of Selak in more detail. In short, Frane got into several car accidents, fell out of an airplane, found himself on a train that derailed, and once even almost burned his head off.

Fortunately, his story ended with a happy ending and, it seems, the Universe decided to reward him for all the troubles he suffered. In 2002, an ordinary music teacher almost became a millionaire — "lucky" Frane won 600 thousand pounds (almost 50 million rubles) in the lottery.

It should be noted that the man distributed all his winnings to relatives and friends, since, according to him, money is not the main thing!

Born in a shirt: 10 amazing rescue cases that are hard to believe

Larisa Savitskaya has forever gone down in history as a woman who survived a fall from a height of 5200 meters. It happened in 1972, when, together with her husband, a then 20-year-old student was returning to Blagoveshchensk from a honeymoon. By chance, Larisa sat at the end of the plane, although she had tickets for seats in the middle. At that moment, when the passenger An-24 suddenly collided with a Tu-16 military bomber, Larisa was asleep.

The woman woke up from a strong blow, the temperature in the cabin dropped sharply to -30 degrees. There was a break in the fuselage, Larisa was on the floor, but fortunately, she managed to get to the chair and squeeze into it before the wreckage of the plane fell on a birch grove. After the fall, Larisa was unconscious for several more hours, and when she came to, she saw her husband's mutilated body next to her. Larisa Savitskaya was the only one of the 38 people who survived. But she suffered several broken ribs, an arm, a concussion and spinal injuries.

Despite the grief and critical condition, Larisa began to fight for her life. From the wreckage of the plane, she built a kind of hut in which she hid from the rain and wind, insulated it with seat covers, and used the bags as blankets. Two days later, Larisa was found by rescuers.

But the most amazing thing in this story is that as compensation, as a survivor, the woman was paid ... 75 rubles. This is the amount that the survivors of plane crashes were entitled to according to the State Insurance standards.

Born in a shirt: 10 amazing rescue cases that are hard to believe

Vesna Vulovich is the owner of the world height record for survivors of free fall. The flight attendant of flight JAT 367 fell from a height of 10,160 meters when their plane exploded, presumably due to the detonation of an improvised explosive device on board.

In addition to her, there were 23 other passengers and 4 crew members on the plane. Spring not only managed to survive, falling from such an impressive height, but also became the only one who survived that terrible plane crash. The wreckage of the liner landed on the snow-covered pine trees, perhaps this softened the fall a little.

Born in a shirt: 10 amazing rescue cases that are hard to believe

In 1985, the unique case of Spring Vulovich was listed in The Guinness Book of Records, and her idol, musician Paul McCartney, was invited to present the corresponding certificate.

Born in a shirt: 10 amazing rescue cases that are hard to believe

You have probably heard the story of an American Aron Ralston, who had to amputate his arm on his own to get out of the trap. Based on her motives, the film "127 hours"was shot. By the way, it is included in the list of the most terrible non-scary films, from which goosebumps go down your skin.

In April 2003, the then 27-year-old Aron was engaged in mountaineering in the Canyonlands National Park. During the descent into one of the caves, a 300-kilogram boulder fell on the guy. The stone pressed down on his arm, as a result of which Aron was trapped in a death trap.

Aron spent several days in agonizing thoughts. The only thing that separated him from freedom was his own hand. When the supplies of provisions ran out, in order to survive, the guy had to drink his own urine. On the fifth day, Ralston decided that there was nothing left to lose and began to amputate the limb.

With a blunt knife, he cut through the skin, muscles and tendons, thus separating the arm from his body. When it was all over, and Aron recovered from the pain shock, he was able to get out, where after a while he met tourists from the Netherlands. They called rescuers, and the guy was taken to the hospital.

Born in a shirt: 10 amazing rescue cases that are hard to believe

On June 10, 1990, British Airways ' BAC 1-11 Series 528FL was operating a scheduled flight en route from Birmingham to Malaga. However, already 13 minutes after takeoff, the plane's not too high-quality windshield popped out, and the pilot Timothy Lancaster, who just decided to loosen his seat belt, was overboard.

However, the pilot managed to survive, getting off with bruises, fractures of the right arm, wrist and finger on the left hand. Timothy underwent medical treatment, and five months later-again sat at the helm.

Born in a shirt: 10 amazing rescue cases that are hard to believe

Juliana Margaret Koepke is the only survivor of the crash of the Lockheed L-188 Electra, which occurred on December 24, 1971. The aircraft of the airline LANSA during its flight "Lima — Iquitos" was struck by lightning. Right at an altitude of 3200 meters, the plane was torn apart, and its debris scattered over the rainforest within a radius of several kilometers.

Only by a miracle, Juliana managed to survive, but when the woman fell, she received many serious injuries that prevented her normal movement for several more days. In particular, Koepke suffered a broken collarbone, a bruised eye, a concussion, and a torn ligament in her knee. In addition, there were numerous cuts on her body, in the places of which larvae eventually appeared.

Juliana spent several days recovering and gaining strength, and then went in search of people. The woman remembered the words that her biologist father had once told her: if you go along the river, you can stumble upon fishermen or settlements.

And so it happened. After 9 days of travel, Kepke found a boat, and after it, the fishermen. The story of Juliana's survival formed the basis for several films at once — "Miracles still happen", "Wings of Hope", " Plane Crashes: top secret. Bad weather conditions" and "When I fell from the sky".

On August 5, 2010, a rock collapse occurred at the San Jose mine, Chile. As a result, 33 workers were trapped under the rubble at a depth of about 700 meters and a distance of 5 km from the entrance to the mine. On August 6, a rescue operation began, but all available methods of evacuation of miners were ineffective: an attempt to get into the mine through the ventilation channel failed, as it was also blocked, clearing the rubble with the help of heavy equipment led to new collapses.

On October 12, 6 rescuers descended through the wells into the mine, where they found the miners alive and unharmed. All of them were successfully evacuated. This operation cost Chile a record 22 million. On the surface, the rescued miners were met by their relatives and friends, as well as the President of the country, Sebastian Pinera, and the President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, who himself was a miner in the past.

Born in a shirt: 10 amazing rescue cases that are hard to believe

Model Katrina Burgess looks like an ordinary girl, but her family and friends know that 11 metal rods and countless screws are hidden inside the fragile beauty. This is necessary in order to keep the parts of her body together, because after the accident in which she got a few years ago, Katrina literally had to "pick up the pieces".

The car in which the girl was driving, at a speed of more than 100 km/h, drove off the highway into a roadside ditch. As a result of the accident, Katrin suffered fractures of the neck, back, ribs, pelvic damage, punctured lungs and other serious injuries. Miraculously, the doctors managed to save the girl. However, now her body is supported by 11 metal rods. For about six months after the accident, Katrin regularly took painkillers. Now she continues to build a career in the modeling business.

Born in a shirt: 10 amazing rescue cases that are hard to believe

With this terrible story, we want to complete our collection about people who were born in a shirt. The crash of the FH-227 liner was nicknamed "The Miracle in the Andes", because the fact that 16 people managed to survive after the plane crash and 72 days of life at an altitude of 3600 meters is really a real miracle. However, initially there were 45 people on board the Fairchild FH-227…

12 people were killed immediately when the plane crashed and hit a rock, 5 more later died of cold and wounds. 28 surviving passengers in the first days faced the problem of survival in harsh climatic conditions. They had no warm clothes, no climbing equipment, no medicines. And soon the supplies of provisions ran out.

When on the 11th day of their stay on the mountain, the radio announced the termination of the rescue operation, people decided to eat the meat of corpses, since they had no other chance of survival. On October 29, an avalanche descended in the mountains, which killed 8 more people and the survivors had "food" to last for another 1.5 months.

On December 12, several volunteers without food, water, warm clothes and equipment went on a hiking trip in the direction of Chile. The entire route took them about 65 kilometers. Below is Nando Parrado and Roberto Canessa was met by a shepherd, who informed the authorities about the other passengers.

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