"The bone was wider!": the stars of show business, which was thin, but strongly recovered

We're used to seeing celebrities slim, well groomed and beautiful, but unfortunately, not all of them manage to stay that way for long.

The stars of show business, which will be discussed in this article, with the years has changed dramatically. Particularly with regard to their pieces, whether the bone become wider, or someone very much ate... Decide for yourself!

Anna Sedokova

Since my last pregnancy (we will remind that now Anna has three children, the youngest son of Hector — 2 years) the singer has put on 10 kg But 10 kg of these went to the right place!

Sedokova has repeatedly said that she loves her new body and no longer plans to sit on exhausting diets in attempts to lose weight.

We fully support Anna, the main thing — not how much you weigh and how you feel. Judging by the pictures in her Instagram, she feels just fine.

Anna Semenovich

Anna Semenovich was once called the sex symbol of Russia, because the girl had all the qualities to carry this "title" — beautiful face, slim waist, slender legs and lush Breasts. But the singer strongly put on weight, and unlike Anna Sedokova, it does not matter in her favor.

However, S. was able to pull myself together, played sports, and have transformed its shape.

Now though it looks lush, but very feminine and sexy. And judging by the comments of her followers on Instagram, it's all like.

Tatyana Dogileva

With the advent of excess weight star of the TV series "Luba, children and the plant..." has changed beyond recognition. Fans concerned about the appearance of the actress, and I think that the reason for such a change was some kind of disease.

However, Dogileva in response to all the suspicion just said:

Above you can see one of the last photographs of the actress.

Eva Polna

Once Eva Polna looked like the photo on the left, but now from slender blonde is not gone. After giving birth to two children, the singer very much recovered and decided to let the situation slide.

Some time Polna went dancing and attended the gym, saying that sport is the key to quality and happy life. But looking at recent photos of the actress, it becomes obvious that the war with the extra weight she has lost.


Lolita is a good example of what you need to love yourself in any body. Even if the body is large, awkward and covered in strange "naked" costume (remember the popular meme).

Lolita is now 55 years old, but she still performs on stage and, despite its non-ideal figure, is not shy about appearing in public in daring outfits.

Girls who have "wrinkles on stomach", could be something she has to learn.

Mariah Carey

What are we all about Russian celebs to the foreign stars, too, have something to show. Take, for example, Mariah Carey.

Life of pop divas have to struggle with their weight tend to be overweight, she's fat, then thinner, then fatter again, causing fans to lose themselves in conjectures: "when was this photo taken?".

Now Mariah again, "body", but luckily, the extra weight has not affected her popularity — she still records albums and plays to full houses of fans.


Like many other stars, the completeness does not prevent Rihanna in her creative activities. Moreover, with the emergence of excess weight, the singer opened his new calling — has released a line of lingerie for curvy women.

She even became the advertising face, because who else Rihanna is the epitome of femininity and sexuality, despite the extra weight.

Russell Crowe

Men, of course, also has got to our rating. And the first place among them was occupied by the handsome Russell Crowe.

To be more precise, he was a handsome man, but over the years she got fat and turned into a "dork" with a beer belly.

Don't believe? See for yourself on one of the recent photos of the actor.

Amanda Bynes

As the years Amanda bynes has changed so much that you hardly recognize her, even met on the street. The reason is an excessive addiction to alcohol and following this a series of troubles: a few car accidents because of drunk driving, arson of a neighbor's house, relationships with dysfunctional men...

But once Amanda was named a rising star and was invited to appear in many Comedy films and TV shows.

Not so long ago the actress said that she wants to return to his former life and continue his career. Let's hope that it will succeed.

Gerard Butler

And that the girls were not hurt, we will add another man to our rating. Before you Gerard Butler once played the role of the very "Spartan" with eye-catching abs and huge muscles.

Now press Butler's hidden somewhere deep under a layer of fat.

And at least so far, the situation does not seem too neglected, the fans are already sounding the alarm. They sincerely hope that their pet will take ourselves in hand and will return to its previous state.

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