"Remove it immediately!" Photos of celebrities, which they would prefer to forget

Everyone has bad pictures of the stars of world scale — is no exception. However, if we can just remove the bad and not remember it a minute later, celebrities have "blush" for his awkward pose, stupid face and other errors almost the entire life.

What about the photos of the Russian and foreign actors, musicians and singers would like to forget as about a bad dream read and see in our material.

Ksenia Sobchak

It is now Ksenia Sobchak — intelligent business-woman, politician, social activist and a devoted mother. But the young star loved to party and did not hesitate to make silly and extravagant deeds direct to the public. It is thanks to their outrageous antics and headstrong nature Sobchak earned his current fame.

During the tumultuous youth TV presenter managed to be on the cover of Maxim magazine and try out some candid photo shoots. A couple of hot pictures Susie you can see below:

And with the dirt she's going to win the presidential race in the elections of the Russian Federation?



Madonna had the time to Shine on the cover of Playboy. But most of all readers remember the magazine from September 1985. In this release, we have published the most intimate photos of the singer, which was shot in different photographers in the 70-80-ies.

One photo shows the unshaven armpits celebrity and her bare chest.

The other singer appeared before the public in a rather vulgar position.

Alina Kabaeva

Famous Russian athlete Alina Kabaeva at the time also became a star of one of the editions of Maxim magazine.

Photos, which pretty woman posing naked, hiding furs, still walk on the network, reminding the girl of her former glory.

In addition, another, less candid shot, Alina was published on the pages of a Japanese magazine. And though the photo is different from the "nudity", which goes to many other stars, we can assume that now the athlete for him, too ashamed.

Tatiana Navka

In 2004, the figure skater Tatiana Navka, now known as the wife of the press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov, starred in a candid photoshoot for Maxim magazine.

Then the girl did not even know that after 11 years she will become the wife of a powerful man. Otherwise, the Post probably would have refused offers of gloss, as published in this footage still put her in reproach.

By the way, over time, the photos were removed from the official website of the publication. Guess why.

Tina Kandelaki

Tina Kandelaki at the time, even managed to light up on the cover of Playboy magazine. It is easy to guess that the presenter also has many other candid photo shoots.

For example, this is stills for Maxim magazine.

This photo leaked on the Internet, and the paparazzi.

Olga Kurylenko

Now the French model and actress of Ukrainian origin Olga Kurilenko known to the world as the "bond girl". Such glory beauty acquired, starring in the latest film about agent 007.

But there were times when in order to break into the brutal world of show business, the girl grabbed any, even sometimes "questionable" projects, which now probably regrets.

Yana Rudkovskaya

Producer Yana Rudkovskaya has repeatedly appeared on the covers of erotic magazines. Most likely to stir interest in their professional activities.

Girl and now does not hesitate to spread the network of candid photos, because she really has what to show.

But here is a picture of Ian would prefer to forget! Perspective, and admittedly, not the best.

Olesya Sudzilovskaya

Based on archival photo of Russian actress Olesya Sudzilovskaia, in her youth she was fond of dancing...

And dances very unusual.

Maria Butyrskaya

Another skater in our list of honored master of sports and Russian champion Maria Butyrskaya.

His career the woman was completed in 2003. Since then, she has worked elite Junior teams and participation in such photo shoots, obviously does not paint her track record.

Alla Dovlatov

Now Alla Dovlatov wears modest clothing that doesn't visit secular parties and raising a 15-year-old son. But once the presenter has participated in photo shoots intimate nature.

I hope that the son Dovlatova these pictures are not see. What exactly can be said about the children of the modern instamatic who do not hesitate to upload your pictures half-naked.

Olga Buzova

Today Olga Buzova real celebrity, and started the popularity of the girl with her participation in the notorious show "Dom-2".

On telestroke Buzova started a relationship with Roman Tretyakov, but soon the couple broke up.

And though since then many years have passed still walk through the network of their joint photographs and Olya and Roma appeared, to put it mildly, not in the best of its kind.

Special mention deserve the photo of Olga from the pages of Playboy magazine.

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