Mr. Deadly Charms, who was actually a serial killer and necrophile Ted Bundy

Mr. Deadly Charms, who was actually a serial killer and necrophile Ted Bundy

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The criminal history of the United States is replete with a creepy bloodthirsty killers, but if you ask someone from Housewives to name the first who come to mind, with high probability you will hear the name Ted Bundy. Why, even today, 30 years after his execution in the electric chair, this maniac is so famous?

Mr. Deadly Charms, who was actually a serial killer and necrophile Ted Bundy

The life of Theodore Robert Bundy started out as something unusual for a serial killer. His stepfather raped, forced to steal food propeica mother and he did not strangle cats. Was born the most famous killer USA on 24 November 1946 in Burlington, Vermont. Father Ted do not know is the mother gave birth to him at the age of 19 and shortly thereafter married a resident of Seattle, John Bundy, a good guy who treated the child as his son.

Mr. Deadly Charms, who was actually a serial killer and necrophile Ted Bundy

School years Bundy unremarkable boy did well in school, played sports and was in the brownies. Having received secondary education, Ted went to the University of Seattle, but did not stay long there — he moved to Washington and became a solicitor in the capital.

Obviously, Bundy had a remarkable mind and a thirst for knowledge, but I could not find themselves in life. In 1967, suddenly, he throws his studies at the law and goes to Stanford, in the course of the Chinese language. Two years Ted dedicates Oriental Philology, but in 1969, again changes his mind and goes to Philadelphia, where he continues to study and become a lawyer. In parallel, the guy attends psychology, which becomes one of the best listeners.

By the nature of its activities Bundy had to constantly move around USA. Apparently while he realized that the perpetrators of the crime, it is not difficult to get lost in the vast and populous country. Into the hands of a criminal it was also the division into States, where a significant portion of the powers of the police ended at the borders of administrative units.

Bundy gave the impression of a very positive young man. The man was educated, had a good talker and an attractive appearance. Charm and acting talent have helped a killer quickly find a common language with the victim and get her guard down.

28 Lett Ted Bundy committed his first murder. His victim was a student, 21-year-old lynda Ann Healy. Girl maniac killed right in her Dorm room, not paying attention to the fact that there were a lot of people. The body, cut with a knife, at the blood-soaked bed, a neighbor found hilly.

Ted Bundy during the investigative experiment

After that Bundy as the chain broke down, he began to regularly kill and spacing of bloody crimes ranged from 2 weeks to 1.5 months. As victims of Ted chose young, sociable girls, usually students met at concerts, in bars and on the streets.

Sometimes Bundy used acting talent. To his seventh victim he walked on the beach with a bandaged hand and a pained grimace. Killer asked Janice Orr for help, and she left with a man from the coast. Of course, more alive no one's seen her.

That day, July 14, 1974, Bundy killed two. The second victim was Dennis of Nesland. Her and Janice found only after 2 months — the two girls were raped and brutally murdered. The investigation revealed that on this day, Bundy was particularly active and met with at least 10 girls. Each of them he presented his real name is Ted.

At the end of the summer of 1974, Bundy quits his job at the care center and relocating. Seattle serial killer he moved to the capital of Utah, salt lake city. Of course, soon the city begins a series of terrible cruelty of the killings.

18 Oct Bundy raped and killed 18-year-old Melissa Smith, 31 Oct 17-year-old Layr eym, November 8 and Debra Kent, her age. Before the murder of Debra maniac attacked another girl, Carol ranch, but she was able to jump out of the car, lured by Bundy, impersonating a police officer in plain clothes.

In the photo from the courtroom Bundy not a criminal, and a successful young lawyer

After the failure of Bundi, realizing that he can now identify in Utah, moved to Colorado. After his arrest, the maniac admitted that in this state, his victims were 4 girls that he killed from January to April 1975. Interestingly, the ex-girlfriend of Bundy Elizabeth Kendall, having learned from the media about the bloody killings of girls in various States of the USA, has addressed in police with the statement that a murderer might be her ex-boyfriend.

Mr. Deadly Charms, who was actually a serial killer and necrophile Ted Bundy

The "Volkswagen"

Maniac almost blown 16th August 1975. On this day, a police officer Robert Howard drew attention to the car the Volkswagen parked on the street in violation of the rules. The car was discovered sleeping man claiming rights to the name Ted Bundy. Inspection of the car, police found a strange set of items: helmet, covering the face, a small crowbar, handcuffs and nylon stockings. Findings are not alerted cops and the writing is fine, and departed.

After a while Ted was still detained as a suspect in the murder and even identified Carol ranch, which managed to escape. But none of the 10 girls fail familiar Bundy's near the places of brutal murders, were unable to identify the killer. The result Ted was charged with attempted kidnapping and released under the will.

A talent for reincarnation helped Bundy for his crimes. He skillfully applied the makeup, change her hairstyle and had several pairs of glasses. One of the victims, Jordanne Hawkins, the killer walked up on crutches and with his foot in a cast. Under the arm of a Ted was the suitcase that was very uncomfortable to wear. She herself offered help and brought the Luggage to the car of the killer. After this maniac hit her on the head and was taken to the woods, where he raped and beheaded.

Feature Bundy was what he tried to communicate with his victims, because learning some of the details of their lives, began to see them as people and doubt. This he differed from many of the serial killers that before committing a crime sought to establish with the victim close contact, socialize and learn about her life.

Mr. Deadly Charms, who was actually a serial killer and necrophile Ted Bundy

His future victims Ted always evoked sympathy

Bundy raped his victims before and after the murder, and in some cases performed with the bodies of various actions, such as washing their hair or put on makeup. According to Bundy, in the time of the murder from felt God who has been given the discretion to decide the fate of people. This maniac was not original thinking that was recognized many of the serial killer. Also, Ted was admitted to investigators and psychologists that have been pity for their victims after the kidnapping, but I realized that too late to retreat.

The court in the case of the kidnapping attempt, Carol ranch was held on 23 February 1976. Quite unexpectedly for Bundy case has turned out quite not a symbolic punishment, he was sentenced to 15 years in prison. Almost immediately after the trial, he moved to Colorado, where they began to question him about the murder of one of the girls — Caroline Campbell.

Bundy realized that the ring is compressed and if the time for an unsuccessful kidnapping attempt left a good chance for a speedy release, then the killing will put an end to his life. Therefore, Bundy decided to escape. Under the pretext of reviewing legal literature, the killer got permission to visit a prison library. It was from there he made a daring escape through the roof of the building. This happened on December 30, 1976.

The wanted poster of Ted Bundy

Negligence of the police costly. After his escape, Bundy, instead of laying low, as the chain snapped. Day 15 January 1977 was the most terrible in his career. The killer broke into the student accommodation of the city of Tallahassee, Florida with a heavy bludgeon. Moving from room to room, the maniac stuns girls club, rapes and strangles. The RAID cost the lives of two students — Margaret Bowman and Lisa levy. Two other girls were severely injured, but survived.

February 9 in lake city, Florida, Bundy makes absolutely not typical for him to murder, he abducts a 10-year-old Kimberly Leach out of school. Maniac rapes and kills a child, then throws the body to the pigs on a farm outside the city.

Mr. Deadly Charms, who was actually a serial killer and necrophile Ted Bundy

Surprisingly, charm Bundy was spread to investigators and judges

That he caught the terrible maniac of US, police learned later, when the whole country started to discuss details of the investigation over pretty ruthless killer.

First and foremost has been proven crimes committed in the women's dormitory in Florida. The trial of Ted in the state gave him no hope, as the killer in this state could only rely on the electric chair. Then Bundy, who had nothing more to lose, I calmed down and decided to stay a little star. He was happy to talk about their crimes and willingly gave interviews to the press.

Ted felt a real star

The investigation and the courts over a serial killer was following around the world and at the time Bundy was one of the most recognizable people in the world.

Remarkable are the words of judge Edward Coward, which made the maniac first death sentence. Immediately after the approved capital punishment, he said:

After that Bundy toured the state courts and in the literal sense of the word collected the death penalty. Move the offender was accompanied by excitement among the female half of the population — ladies wanted at least a glimpse of the beautiful, charismatic killer. While Ted was tried, he managed to marry his former colleague from the centre for the victims of violence, Carol Ann Boone. Two years after the first sentence Bundy's daughter was born.

While in prison, Bundy willingly advised investigators on issues catch other serial killers, but the sense of it was not enough, as Ted played more on the audience than say in the matter. 23 January 1989, the most bloodthirsty and elusive maniac USA gave his last interview, and a day later he was executed in the electric chair in Gainesville, Florida.

Officially, on account of Theodore Robert Bundy to 30 victims, but there is a version that the number of dead is about a hundred. It is likely that all of the crimes of a charismatic killer the world will never know.

In the spring of 2019, the screens released biopic directed by Joe Berlinger "Beautiful, the bad and the ugly", in which the role of "Charismatic killer" plays Zac Efron. When in a network there was a trailer of the film, many were outraged that the filmmakers gave the main character of excessive charm. Internet users felt that the killer overly romanticize.

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