7 moments in "the Matrix", which you just missed

"The matrix" — the legendary sci-Fi franchise, claiming that the whole world around us is just an illusion. Many moments of the cult in the first film proved to the audience that is unclear, and some they missed altogether, considering them not important enough.

These are, at first glance, unremarkable, but very interesting observations from the film, we want to tell you.

7 moments in

Start = end

7 moments in

Attentive viewers might have noticed that film from the Wachowski brothers (by the way, have sisters a few years ago they made coming out as a transgender woman) begins and ends in the same place.

Once in the room 303 was arrested by the Trinity, and by the time here uses Neo. Here kill him, but he soon revived. What happened next, you know.


7 moments in

The filmmakers really wanted to make a spectacular shot with the door handle, which turns Neo, opening the door to the Oracle. On the idea survey was to be conducted allegedly from the handle.

To do this, they needed to "disguise" the camera under the Morpheus costume. Looking closely, you will easily notice at the bottom of the screen lens, the jacket worn by the camera, and even half of the tie.

Fortunately, now kinomagiya looks completely different.

A nod to a blind

7 moments in

On the way to the Oracle, Neo and Morpheus meet a blind man who wears the same sunglasses, and the Seraph of the second part. But the funny thing is that Morpheus nods to the gray-haired man, who nods to him. Turns out he's not blind? Or in the matrix blindness means nothing?

This is for the fans of the franchise remains a mystery.

Costume Smith

The whole first part of "the Matrix" agents wore identical suits of dark green. But in the second part, Smith appears before the audience in a suit of black color that helps it stand out against other villains.

In addition, the Directors wanted to emphasize the relationship between Smith and Neo, which arose when Elected unwittingly released him, turning into a threat, reproducing the virus.


7 moments in

For filming one of the scenes of "the Matrix" the film was attracted by several pairs of actors-twins. So they wanted to demonstrate simulationist the fictional world.

And it is only those twins who failed to find the audience! Perhaps, in fact, in the film there are many more. We think we know what we're doing in the near future...


7 moments in

In the scene when Neo gets into the car with Trinity, Switch instructs a gun at him, accompanying it with a petition: "Look, odnogolosy" ("Listen, coppertop"). Many did not pay attention to it or thought "odnogolosy" means something like "stupid".

However, it turned out that in American slang the word "coppertop" refers to a double-a battery. The name comes from the battery company Duracell c their characteristic black-and-copper colors.

And now remember the words of Morpheus that the machines use humans for energy. In the same episode he shows Neo the battery.


7 moments in

In the first part of "the Matrix", in the scene where the agents arrest Neo and install a bug on him, we see a panel with dozens of monitors, which show one himself. Later, these same monitors appear in the second part, when we show the room of the Architect.

Still fans argue: was it pre-planned move and shoot 2 and 3 parts were planned even before the first, or is it just a happy coincidence. What do you think?

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