10 reasons why "binge" viewing of TV shows is slowly killing us

People before have spent sleepless nights watching the series for series, and the beginning of the quarantine of "binge" viewing of TV shows has become for many a part of life.

10 reasons why Research conducted at the University of Texas in Austin has revealed that watching a lot of episodes at a time leads to depression, loneliness and even obesity. "Despite the fact that some people claim that TV marathons is not a bad habit, such research results give grounds to speak about the existence of the problem," say scientists.

And here are ten reasons how the "binge" viewing of TV shows and TV shows is ruining your health.

10 reasons why

If you frequently binge-watch movies, the brain may be under threat. According to Healthline, the habit of spending at the TV more than three hours a day can eventually lead to cognitive impairment memory and weakening communication skills.

As a child you probably thought that a few hours in front of the TV after school — this is normal. But perhaps such leisure in the time caused you more harm than it might seem.

You spend watching TV series more than 3.5 hours a day? Think about it: this time could be spent more usefully for intelligence – for example, to read or play Board games. Those who watch avidly, suggest instead to try to start to read.

10 reasons why

In most apartments there are several televisions. Given this, everyone in the house can watch different programs without interfering with each other. It turns out that even in a room full of people you voluntarily isolate themselves glued to the screen.

According to the magazine Psychology Today conducted in the U.S. opinion poll showed that 56% of respondents love "to go to TV binge" in front of the TV alone and rapidly lose track of time. Watching TV with your family, friends or partner will let you not so deeply into "binge".

10 reasons why

Not only that, you run the risk of deterioration of the brain, seeding forever before a favorite show, this hobby can deprive you of sunlight. According to an article in Time, stay in the room all day can disrupt the body's circadian rhythms, which are responsible for the regulation of sleep, appetite and energy. But spending more time in nature can improve the mood and mental health.

Suddenly Nakata anxiety and depression can be associated with the habit to watch movies avidly. Be sure to take breaks and go outside at least several times a day.

10 reasons why

The lack of communication with the outside world can cause depression. She is known, leads to disorders in dietary habits. So, overeating may be caused by anger, anxiety, boredom, sadness and other negative emotions.

Comedy "the Office" will make you smile throughout the viewing, but at the same time may cause the urge to reach for chips or biscuits. Keep this in mind next time I pass by stalls of fruit and vegetables and are sent to the Department with harmful food.

10 reasons why

According to a study funded by the National institutes of health, prolonged sitting can increase the risk of developing heart disease. If your only physical exercise is walking behind the Board which you left at the other end of the room, you are giving your body a disservice.

Even a little exercise is better than prolonged sitting. Any half-hour activity, such as cleaning, capable 17% reduction in the risk of death from cardiovascular disease.

10 reasons why

When the action of the series is in full swing, you may find that you only think about what will happen next. In conversations with all those you go on to discuss the intricate plot of the series. This can seriously distract from the important things, even when the TV is off.

The rejection of binge watching a movie will not only free up time for active rest. This will allow you to clear your mind and focus on more important tasks than the series that you're obsessed with this week.

10 reasons why

Usually, when you're really absorbed by the show, all your attention focused on the screen. In this moment you are not distracted by the Laundry or washing the bathroom because I'm afraid to miss anything. This leads to the development of total laziness that is difficult to overcome.

After a holiday or illness the person is difficult to return to the working track. The same principle also applies to binge watching the series you find yourself trapped.

10 reasons why

Some people turn on the TV, in order for him to sleep. And although often it works, according to the survey, 88% percent of adults are sacrificing sleep to binge-watch TV. This has a negative effect on health, reducing the quality of sleep, causing insomnia and exerting a stimulating effect on the body before bedtime.

10 reasons why

If you are one of those who watches a lot of television while walking on a treadmill, then spending long periods at the screen entails the same risk that and sitting all day behind a Desk. Experts from the Mayo Clinic (Mayo Clinic) found that daily sit more than eight hours a day with no physical activity, just as dangerous to health as Smoking and obesity.

Mayo doctors recommend to do a break in work and to get up every half hour. When you view the movie, the commercial breaks are useful because they provide an opportunity to move away from the TV and not miss the plot.

10 reasons why

It's a vicious circle. You start watching one episode. Don't know it, it's been five hours and you managed to see half of the series. Didn't expect to fall so deeply into the vortex of Netflix, but here you are. Proceed to the first of the series was dangerous, especially if it's an exciting series, which do not give sleep.

Try to limit the time spent at the screen. You don't pay for the viewing of "the Office"? If you include movie night, a couple of hours before bedtime, and try to control the time — you will not go to the "TV binge".

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