What happens to a person who fell asleep in the cold

What happens to a person who fell asleep in the cold

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Man is so constituted that it can freeze to death in -30 and -2 degrees Celsius. Everything depends on the surrounding conditions, the amount and type of clothing, and the condition of the body. Reversible and irreversible processes, associated with cold, start to occur in our body immediately after lowering the temperature of the environment and some of them can lead to death.

What happens to a person who fell asleep in the cold

Once inside the snow, the human body with normal body temperature responds to changes in the environment almost immediately. Moist environment with negative temperature first causes a fever, which normally extends downwards from the head, neck and shoulders to the feet.

The second stage was the establishment of pesudomonas muscle tone, when the involuntary contractions of the muscles of the neck and shoulders. This alarming symptom is talking about lowering body temperature, responds to the hypothalamus. This part of the brain responsible for the regulation of its neuroendocrine activity and homeostasis of the body, sends a signal to the body that is necessary to reduce the permeability of capillaries on the surface of the body.

After that the hands, feet and face starts to ache from the cold, and the person begins to gradually stronger shake from constriction of the muscles. If a person fell asleep in the snow, then at this stage of freezing, he still has a chance to Wake up and take measures for its emergency rescue, despite the fact that the body temperature has dropped to 35 degrees.

The subsequent decrease in body temperature for one and a half to two degrees slows down the metabolic processes in the body. Sleeping in the cold, people won't notice, and awake will be a sense of panic and confusion. At this stage, freeze man can, looking at the clock, not understand time or lost in space.

What happens to a person who fell asleep in the cold

After fear invariably comes apathy, which signals that the body temperature reached 33 degrees. When it falls another degree, the person falls into a state of stupor. It is expressed in the lack of reaction to the surrounding events, so even if at this time there will be a welcome help, people it will not react.

In sleep the body all the processes associated with freezing, accelerating. When you reach 31 degrees, the body stops shaking and it slows down blood circulation. But the kidney, on the contrary, begin to work with a vengeance, as they need now to fight off excess liquid, which is extruded Suginami vessels of the limbs. Because of the overload in the kidneys begin serious negative changes that increase with every minute.

What happens to a person who fell asleep in the cold

Because of this, still warm the blood is concentrated around the vital internal organs, sent to the limb. This process causes the feeling of sudden rush of heat. Sleeping in the cold people at this point often wakes up, but due to confusion can not adequately assess the situation and he feels that he is in the sun or near white-hot furnace.

Because of this freezing begins to undress. Rescuers say that the number of frozen naked bodies a lot more than wrapped up in warm clothes. While undressed, dying of cold, people often neatly folds next shot things like is house and to it threatens nothing.

At 28-29 degrees hypoxia occurs in almost all tissues and disruption of the bodies. In liver failure, ceasing to produce glycogen. The consequence is hypoglycemia — reduced state of glucose in the blood to disastrous for the body indicators. Because of this denies the Central nervous system, the receptors no longer signal the brain, and the hypothalamus stops working.

What happens to a person who fell asleep in the cold

Despite this, freezing can still be saved. But when the temperature of the body reaches 23-24 degrees, there comes a clinical death - cardiac activity stops and all the vital processes in the human body cease.

As a rule, full of the dying person occurs at body temperature 20 degrees. In this cooling starts with tissue necrosis of internal organs. Last perishes of cardiovascular system, so the chance to save a dying man for a few more minutes still is, if you fail to start the heart.

At -40 to -50 degrees Celsius all these stages the body goes through in minutes. The body is in a "dormant" state and, at first glance, the man seems dead. But with the rapid hypothermia, it sometimes happens that a person is in a coma for hours and there is a good chance to get out of it, but with the inevitable consequences.

What happens to a person who fell asleep in the cold

All activities associated with the rescue of such patients, should be conducted by specialists, as the slightest mistake will lead to irreversible consequences and death. Rescuers and doctors are well-known cases when the man, coming out of a coma, dies due to "shock from overheating."

When rapid heating of the body vessels can dramatically expand and occur an uncontrolled release of pressure, reducing the chances of survival. Unfortunately, even the most professional help provided frozen into a coma the person is unable to return the body functions. In most cases, persons rescued at this stage, the rest of your life will feel the effects of freezing.

What happens to a person who fell asleep in the cold

To reduce the possibility of freezing at low temperatures, experts recommend to avoid falling asleep in the snow and suggest that you try to stay on his feet, not to lie and not even sitting down in the snow. You need to remember that when the chances of survival are much higher, as the body is stronger, resists drop in temperature. And remember — your salvation in the first place, it depends on you and not despair even in the most desperate situations!

There are many effective recommendations for those who find themselves in the cold, for example, in snow on a country road car.

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