What do employees of Moscow companies eat?

What do employees of Moscow companies eat?

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Without a good lunch, the work does not go well. Knowing this, many large companies provide their employees with the opportunity to have a tasty and inexpensive lunch. Some refund the cost of lunches. Let's see together what employees of Beeline, Yandex, Mail.Ru Group and other well-known companies eat for lunch, find out where they do it and how much it costs.

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What do employees of Moscow companies eat?

What do employees of Moscow companies eat?

1 Philips

Employees of the Philips Moscow office can spend their lunch break at the Cafetera dining room on the ground floor of the Marr Plaza office center, Correa's restaurant or, for example, have a sandwich at Prime Star. Employees of other tenants, in particular, Mars and Unilever, also have lunch here.

Philips pays for daily meals at the Cafetera, where you can have breakfast from 9 am and lunch until 6 pm. For those who bring food with them, the office has several kitchen areas where you can warm it up. Each of the zones is decorated in different styles - a Parisian cafe, a real Russian hut or an American bar. On Maslenitsa, Philips employees brought pancakes and treated each other.


cranberry compote — 30 rubles salad with pumpkin, lentils and feta — 120 rubles breaded chicken breast — 170 rubles rice noodles with vegetables — 125 rubles pickle with sour cream and herbs — 65 rubles ring with cottage cheese — 74 rubles

What do employees of Moscow companies eat?

2. "Beeline"

Employees of the Moscow office of VimpelCom can have a snack in the canteen (open from 08:30 to 16:00) and cafeteria (finishes a little later, at 18:30). Breakfast is offered to employees in the morning. There are also inexpensive business lunches, priced at 150 and 195 rubles, which include a salad, soup, a main dish with a side dish, a drink and pastries. Business lunches are preferred by more than 50% of employees; the dish of the day is in great demand.

Among the most favorite dishes of Beeline employees, the first place is occupied by French pork, which is always in demand, regardless of the season. Chicken skewers, borscht, solyanka, pickle and Norwegian soup with salmon are also popular. The menu also includes pasta, pizza, pancake, wok sushi and Chinese dishes cooked in bamboo dishes. Periodically, days of national cuisine or festive events, seasonal promotions are held here (mushroom week, Apple Spas, pumpkin week and more). From the beginning of May, a summer cafe begins to work, where you can order drinks, sandwiches, sandwiches, ice cream or any dish from the cafeteria menu. Meals are supplied by partner catering company Dinner.com.


dish of the day — potato casserole with fish and vegetables — 145 rubles salad — 65 rubles Norwegian soup with salmon — 75 rubles bun — 30 rubles compote — 22 rubles

What do employees of Moscow companies eat?

3. Mail.Ru Group

Employees have lunch in the corporate canteen, where there are two zones - a cafeteria with the usual distribution and a restaurant. For lunch, vegetable salads, borscht are popular, and chicken dishes are most often chosen for the second. The average check in our corporate restaurant Cafetera is 197 rubles.

In addition, a free fresh bar is constantly open for employees, where you can drink freshly squeezed juices, vegetable and milkshakes, or just enjoy vegetables and fruits at any time. Every day, snacks, dried fruits, sandwiches appear in the coffee points on the floors, in season - fresh strawberries and cherries, and sometimes cocoa with marshmallows.


vegetable salad with feta cheese - 150 rubles borscht with donuts - 70 rubles baked chicken breast with rice - 225 rubles compote - 30 rubles

What do employees of Moscow companies eat?

4. Yandex

The Yandex office is open 24 hours a day, and the cafe is open for 12 hours - from 9 am to 9 pm - from Monday to Friday. If an employee comes to dinner in the evening, at one minute to 9, he will still be fed and will not be rushed. The company pays for food. Each month, a certain amount is transferred to the passes, it can be paid for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The average check for lunch is 290 rubles. You can pay with a badge not only in a corporate cafe, but also in the nearest pubs and pastry shops - for example, in John Donne or the Karavaev Brothers Shop.

For breakfast, the Yandex cafe serves dairy and lean cereals, spring rolls, dumplings, scrambled eggs with additives, quesadillas, cottage cheese casseroles, hot sandwiches, fresh juices and other dishes. The lunch menu is very diverse: there are always steam cutlets, vegetable dishes, salads with mayonnaise. The main hits are borsch, cottage cheese casserole, dishes in a wok pan, spring rolls. Sometimes Yandex hosts days of national cuisine - Mexican, German, Turkish, Indian and others. The menu is constantly updated according to the wishes of the staff.


green salad with avocado and walnut — 120 rubles miso soup with eel — 115 rubles wok pork with beans — 230 rubles smoothie (strawberry, mango) — 120 rubles pancakes with tangerines and apricot sauce — 95 rubles dried apricots drink without sugar — 20 rubles

What do employees of Moscow companies eat?

5. Kaspersky Lab

Employees of Kaspersky Lab mainly eat in the canteen on the minus ground floor of the office center. They have a 5% discount on the entire menu. But their choice is not limited to this cafeteria: the company pays a fixed amount as compensation for the cost of food, and employees can eat where it is convenient for them. On each floor of the business center there is a patio area where there is a kitchen and vending machines, another corporate cafe will open soon.

In the morning, breakfast is served with several types of cereals, pancakes, cheesecakes, sandwiches and a variety of pastries. Chefs try to take into account different tastes: a vegetarian, a sweet tooth, a dieter, and a meat eater can dine in the dining room. The salad bar is very popular, where you can take both traditional Russian salad and chuka salad. Schnitzels and Kiev cutlets are also in demand. In the dining room, promotions for employees are regularly arranged. For example, apples are distributed to everyone on health day, and sweet hearts are distributed on Valentine's Day. There are also themed days when chefs prepare national dishes of Italian, Japanese and Russian cuisine.


vegetable salad - 57 rubles mushroom hodgepodge - 57 rubles chicken with tomatoes - 123 rubles baked potatoes - 57 rubles eclair - 57 rubles cherry compote - 28 rubles

What companies order for lunch

To find out what employees in Moscow companies usually eat, The Village turned to one of the office lunch suppliers and asked about typical orders.

Vladimir Orlov, General Director of the food ordering service Obed.ru: “We work with more than 7,000 companies in Moscow and St. Petersburg. 15% of the total number of orders of employees falls on complex lunches. About 10 thousand “complexes” are ordered from us every day, which consist of two or three items. This includes salad, first and second courses from traditional Russian cuisine. 53% of orders are for individual dishes, such as borscht, fish soup, Russian salad, vinaigrette, cabbage soup, pancakes, etc. We call them "understandable". For comparison: according to our statistics, on average, a person orders 15 pizzas per year, while borscht and Russian salad order 136 and 165 plates, respectively. The remaining 32% experiment and try to diversify their diet with “incomprehensible” foods. These are dishes with such names as Teschiny Tears, where the main ingredient is pickled tomatoes and garlic, or, for example, Govorun salad made from beef, fried mushrooms and bell peppers. But in the Eugene salad, the main component is Chinese cabbage.

According to our observations, set meals are preferred by sales and customer service professionals. Due to limited time to choose from and the lunch itself. Creative workers, such as designers, PR managers, marketers, are more likely to take separate dishes: they order sushi, Chinese food, and sometimes hamburgers and kebabs. IT employees also love dishes from Chinese chefs; from Russian cuisine, they often ask to bring pies and pies to the office. True, set meals are also present in their diet. Top managers order expensive meals. That is, it can be cabbage soup, but from the Cafe Pushkin restaurant. The percentage of orders for complex solutions from the "tops" is close to zero.

There are no special preferences for the days of the week for office workers. However, we notice that our clients periodically arrange themed days among colleagues: Italian, Mexican, Chinese. Such stories occur at the end of the week - mostly Fridays, less often - Thursdays. And for birthdays, employees are “affixed” with pizza or pies.

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