The real story of the "Curse" was scarier than the movie

The real story of the "Curse" was scarier than the movie

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The film is directed by James WAN's the Conjuring became one of the best horror movies of the 21st century. He looks fantastic, he plays on the worst fears of the audience and it's based on a true story. But is it true? There are many films in which they say that they are based on a true story, but usually these claims are nothing more than a publicity stunt.

The real story of the "Curse" was scarier than the movie

The family of the Platform claims that all the 70 years they lived in "salatom" home. They were thrown from their beds in the middle of the night kissed the ghosts, and they pursued the Ghost of a witch named Bathsheba Thayer.

So if the spell really? Aprons are sure, without a shadow of a doubt, that when they lived in a farmhouse in Rhode island, they were persecuted. They even contacted a paranormal researchers ed and Lorraine Warren by, the very same people who made the phrase "the Amityville Ghost" became a household word.

No matter how it was like shown in the movie, but with the family Perron do something very strange happened. And just as it was with the creation of the film "the exorcism of Emily rose," the real story was the basis of one of the best horror films.

The real story of the "Curse" was scarier than the movie

When the Platform moved to a new house, there was another interesting event that had nothing to do with ghosts. This was the advice which they gave the neighbors:

Some time later, after the Platform was given this advice, they encountered first in the paranormal. As is always the case in haunted houses or in the case of long-term paranormal phenomena, events began to develop from relatively innocuous things. The items were not in place, heard strange sounds – but for the old house it was nothing unusual.

During an interview with Cynthia Perron said that there was a lot of little things that no one really paid any attention until it was too late:

Unfortunately, only small domestic trouble did not last long.

Having moved to a "home of their dreams," the Platform almost immediately realized that (in their opinion) they live side by side with a bunch of roommates ghosts. In the beginning of the event the children Aprons felt that the majority of people who visited their room, were friendly, if not more.

The real story of the "Curse" was scarier than the movie

Five children Aprons argue that at the beginning of the ghosts behaved as a nanny. They corrected his bed and kissed my forehead. How they describe serene days with friendly ghosts, like a mixture of the TV series "Leave it to Bieber" and "the boxtrolls".

Cynthia and Andrea Aprons remember the Ghost of a woman that came to visit them – they even remember how it smelled. That said Cynthia:

The story sisters graduated from Andrea:

After the family Aprons learned to live with the good ghosts, life on the farm went on as usual. But this lasted not long, soon their little Paradise began to crawl over the evil forces.

The real story of the "Curse" was scarier than the movie

Girls Apron argue that invisible essence attacked them in the barn and that one night a number of votes began to speak with them about bodies. Andrea said that once her sister Cindy climbed to her in bed, to talk about the bad news, which told her disembodied voice.

While the girls were dealing with something, turning to him about the bodies, began a series of other events which heralded the terror. 5:15 am through the house swept "the smell of rotting flesh", throwing the whole family one by one out of their beds. Andrea claims that around this time the girls entered the Ghost of a man who so badly tortured that she refused to provide any specific details.

Although clashes with the supernatural were all members of the family and for the entire lifetime of the house, it seems that most of them got mother of the family, Carolyn Perron. In an interview with The Providence Journal, she said she realized something was wrong when next to her bed there was a woman in a gray and said to her:

The real story of the "Curse" was scarier than the movie

It is possible that the woman in the gray dress was Bathsheba Thayer. I believe that this witch was to blame for the most part all the trouble. Although it is possible that it was a poltergeist that appeared as a harbinger of future events, or one of the many ghosts who lived in the house. Andrea Perron, the eldest daughter, later said:

Aprons argue that the first attacks Bathsheba Thayer was relatively safe – it seemed that people were pinched, kicked or pushed by some invisible force. Then things escalated.

The real story of the "Curse" was scarier than the movie

Aprons believe that Thayer wanted to expel them, and she found the only way to do that is to torment Carolyn. Aprons say that when a physical attack on the Caroline didn't work, Thayer has possessed the body of Carolyn. Possession of the body of Carolyn Thayer gave the opportunity for harm to both the mother and her family, Carolyn then felt weak and emotionally exhausted.

One of the strangest things about this story is not a witch in a gray that has haunted the family and not the "Ghost sweeper", which is known to be sweeping the kitchen when no one was around. Strangely, in the first place, then, as the Blood fell to the Platform.

The real story of the "Curse" was scarier than the movie

Most articles on the subject assert that the Platforms themselves turned to Warren, but Andrea Perron says Warren asked their mutual friend. Cynthia Perron also confirmed this in an interview.

Shortly after Caroline was allegedly possessed by the spirit of Thayer, Aprons spoke with ed and Lorraine Warren the pair, who worked on the Amityville Ghost. Lorraine says she's from the very first moment felt the presence in the house of the dark forces, this does not need to be an experienced researcher of paranormal phenomena to see that the whole family Aprons by that time was very scared.

The real story of the "Curse" was scarier than the movie

According to the Platform, the Warren was "purged" the house and had a session with Carolyn in the basement. Unfortunately, the session did not go as planned, and only exacerbated the situation.

Over the next ten days, the Blood come regularly to the Platform, but they were unable to "fix". Lorraine has never publicly discussed what happened during the session, but she says everything that happened in the basement, it was very much disturbed.

Andrea Perron confirms the words of Lorraine. He says he snuck into the basement to see with your own eyes, unable to find his mother.

If you remember the film "the Conjuring," there is a moment when the children are playing hide and seek. One participant blindfolded and all the girls at this time run away and hide. In these scenes over the mother mocks ghostly pair of clapping hands, belonging to Bathsheba Thayer.

The real story of the "Curse" was scarier than the movie

This scene in the movie looks terrible, but the reality was even worse. Cynthia Perron says one day, when the girls were playing hide-and-seek at the farm, she hid in a pine box without any locks, latches and without ventilation.

When no one found it, Cynthia decided to find a new shelter. Here is what she said during the interview:

Fortunately, this time the box came her sister Nancy and just opened the lid.

People often ask the same question to the family Aprons: why not just move in? The family lived in his rural farmhouse in Rhode island for nine years – from 1971 to 1980, and during this time they were haunted, both good and evil.

The real story of the "Curse" was scarier than the movie

Unfortunately, the family could not be done due to financial problems. It was the last years of the reign of Nixon and all the years of reign Carter. The economy was in decline, and no matter how good were your friends, no one would be able to shelter two adults and five daughters.

In addition, as noted by Andrea Perron, the value of the home on their 200-acre farm "devalued every day. We would just homeless, if I left the house." In 1980, the family Aprons, finally able to sell the house, and as soon as the documents were signed, they carelessly moved to Georgia.

According to the family of the Platform, they still pursues Bathsheba Thayer. During the filming of the movie "the Conjuring" the whole family was invited to the set. At first they were going to come all, but at the last minute Carolyn got cold and my mind. She says she doesn't want to go, because it shook when I started to delve into the past.

The real story of the "Curse" was scarier than the movie

Andrea Perron says during an interview on a movie set was swept by the "Ghost of the wind" – knocking over the camera, lights and everything around them. All agreed that it was "the curse of Bathsheba".

That evening, when they returned to their hotel, they found out at a time when they were swept by the wind, their mother fell and broke her hip. When the family went to the hospital to visit her, she sat down and said:

There are many tales about ghosts, and they are all unique in their own way. You can remember the events on which the film "Changeling". Then the guy who shot the giant home were attacked by a crowd of ghosts but after he moved in, other people's ghosts were not disturbed.

The real story of the "Curse" was scarier than the movie

However, with the farmhouse in Rhode island it was not so. In the words of Andrea Perron:

However, according to the current owner of the house Rules Sutcliffe, it's not so bad. Sutcliffe says that it is limited to what she can hear people talking in other rooms or steps when she remains alone in the house. Sometimes in the room, there is a strange blue glow.

After the film, the Conjuring Sutcliffe was unhappy with the attention that has become her home, and tried to deny the history of the family of the Platform.

The prototype of the demon of the film "the Conjuring," witch Bathsheba Thayer was born Bathsheba Sherman. Family Aprons claims that the spirit of this woman pursued them for nearly a decade, moved into the mother's body, and even pursued them on the set of the film.

The real story of the "Curse" was scarier than the movie

But was Thayer's witch, or she just became a victim of rumors? The film tells that Thayer brought his child in sacrifice to Satan, then he hung up and became the evil spirit of a farmhouse in Rhode island.

However, it appears that in reality, Bathsheba was just a normal average woman who was married and had four children. Three of them died at an early age, but it was the 19 th century. In 1885 Bathsheba died of a stroke and was buried next to her first husband and three children.

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