The magnificent seven: the hottest Spanish actors

The magnificent seven: the hottest Spanish actors

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On the eve of the birthday, Javier Bardem, which coincides with the calendar of spring, we offer you a selection of the most striking Spanish actors who win not only his talent, but and crazy charisma.

Spain, without a doubt, is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. With such a rich culture and traditions, it is not surprising that today, Spain is a training ground for great talent. In particular, this Sunny European country glorify actors who are gaining recognition not only at home but also in far-off Hollywood.

The magnificent seven: the hottest Spanish actorsSome of them have come a long way from participation in local films before receiving awards Goya (Spanish equivalent of the Oscars), and even awards and Academy. Remember the hottest Spanish actors, to whom worships modern cinema.

The magnificent seven: the hottest Spanish actors

Javier Bardem, one of the most famous Spanish actors, has a very rich filmography. His film debut was when the young actor was only 6 years old. Javier starred in the film "El Picaro", after which many began to tour the home in the composition of the troupe.

The first sentence of the masters of Spanish cinema has not kept itself waiting long — in 22 years, Bardem starred in Pedro almodóvar High heels, and a year later appeared in the drama "Ham, ham" bihasa of the moon, which won the Golden lion at the Venice film festival. Since then, the Spaniard has acted in more than 50 films, including many successful Hollywood films.

Talent Javier Bardem is so great that he can transform into any character from emotional Spanish artist in "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" to the antagonist of the James bond "007: Coordinates Skayfoll". He scored numerous prestigious international awards. Also Javier Bardem became the first Spanish actor who received an Oscar for best actor ("the Old men"). In 2010, he married Penelope Cruz, today, the happy couple has two children.

The magnificent seven: the hottest Spanish actors

This Spanish handsome in demand not only in his native Spain, but also in Hollywood. From childhood he was fond of tennis and wanted to devote her life to sports, but due to a serious injury he had to revise their plans. Miguel tried modeling, but the world of cinema turned out to be closer to him. In the early 2000s, he participated in theater productions and starred in small roles at the local Directors.

By the way, some time ago, the actor met with his compatriots Belen Lopez and Blanca Suarez — but today the heart of the 37-year-old Miguel freely.

The magnificent seven: the hottest Spanish actors

If you watched "Three meters above the sky", then they know who is Mario Casas. The role of an adorable bully, ACE, who falls in love with a nice girl from a rich family, praised the actor in the whole world. But, unfortunately, the most successful role in his career, Mario has played a bad joke with him that the Spaniard still has a lot of work, proving that he is capable of more serious acting.

After "Three meters above the sky" Casas starred in the tragicomedy of the underground Director Paco Cabezas "Neon flesh", which received wide attention not only because of his acute social issues, but also the amazing divergence of opinions of critics (some called the film a "masterpiece", while others have branded him a "bad taste").

Also, the actor appeared in the mystical series "the Witches of Zugarramurdi" based on the Spanish legends and superstitions, and the picture of his famous compatriot Antonio Banderas "33" tells the story of the 33 Chilean miners for 69 days trapped underground. Shooting of this film, based on true events occurred in Colombia and Chile, so the film crew could fully feel the horror I experienced the real heroes of this terrible story.

Today, the 33-year-old Mario Casas mainly starred in the Spanish film, however, it is possible that very soon he will appear in Hollywood projects.

The magnificent seven: the hottest Spanish actors

This Spaniard is not only talented, but also very hardworking in his filmography in two times more work than Javier Bardem. It is curious that Antonio Banderas became an actor by chance. In his childhood he was a promising player, but at age 14 he received a serious leg fracture, which to his sports career had to put a cross. Approximately at the same time, a young Banderas got to the famous play "Hair", which went to a local theater.This production made such a strong impression on the young man that he decided to try his hand at acting craft. His debut on the stage of the School of Dramatic art. Antonio took part in the play by Bertolt Brecht, which was banned in Spain in those years. The night after the premiere aspiring actor spent at the police station. But this did not diminish the ardor of Banderas — he was obviously of the opinion that art should stand above politics and censorship, so I continued to play with the resonance performance.

He soon moved to Madrid, where he met with Pedro Almodovara. Spanish Director appreciated the talent of Banderas and offered him a role in the movie "Labyrinth of passion". This work marked the beginning of a long and fruitful cooperation. Subsequently, the actor has worked with Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez and Neil Jordan, but he still continues to act in Almadovar. Their most recent collaboration "Pain and glory", released in 2019, received two nominations for "Oscar"

The magnificent seven: the hottest Spanish actors

It is called "the Spanish Tom cruise". However, his Hollywood prototype can boast such a diverse list of talent, as Jordi Molla. The Spaniard was not just a movie, but also tries his hand at directing and screenwriting skills, writes of the painting. By the way, in recent Jordi Molla particularly successful. His artistic work has been exhibited in galleries in Madrid and Barcelona.

However, of course, their main profession Moglia believes acting. He has already starred in more than 80 films, including the drama "Cocaine", where his partners on the set became johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz, the action film "Colombiana" and the science fiction Thriller "Riddick". Curiously, his acting debut on the big screen came in 1992 — then Jordi Molla appeared in the drama "Ham, ham" bihasa of the moon.

The magnificent seven: the hottest Spanish actors

Alex Gonzalez was born on August 13, 1980 in Madrid. His first episodic role in the series he performed when he was only 4 years old. So already as a child, Alex realized that he wanted to connect his life with the world of cinema. Closer to the senior class, he began to dream of enrolling in acting school Aaron Robert, but cost a lot of money, so aspiring actor bent on not applicable to accumulate the necessary amount.

He took whatever jobs I could find was carrying food in a cafe, repaired electrician in the homes of neighbors. In 1999, Alex accidentally met the famous Spanish clown Nestor Cmiso. Not only was he able to make friends with a famous artist, but also to negotiate for private acting lessons.For two years, Cmiso helped Gonzalez to learn the basics of the profession, then an aspiring actor easily entered the drama school of International studios, which was led by the legendary Juan Carlo Cores. Since the early 2000s, gonzález began to appear in small roles on local television and in 2005 released film "Second round" in which the actor played a Central role.

After a few years, Gonzalez began to receive proposals from the Spanish filmmakers, but also the masters of Hollywood. In 2011, he appeared in the action adventure "X-Men: First class", after which woke up famous. Personal life 30-year-old actor is no less intense than his acting career.

He attributed novels with the brightest stars of Spanish cinema, and sister of Penelope Cruz, he almost went down the aisle. Today gonzález Dating another colleague at the actor's workshop — Adriana Ugarte. And apparently, the young people all serious.

The magnificent seven: the hottest Spanish actors

This Spanish actor of Romani origin from childhood cherished dream of becoming an aeronautical engineer, but the first time up on stage at the age of 13, I realized that the art world attracted him much more. He made his debut in the play by the legendary William Shakespeare. After high school, won the Oscar a few episodic roles in the series, and in 2003 he appeared in the drama "November" by the Spanish Director of Acero Manyas.

In the center of the plot of this film was the work of the group of the same name that developed the idea of street theatre. Oscar got the role of one of the leaders of this crazy idea. But the real heyday of the Spanish actor's career came in the late 2000s. Jaenada Then appeared in the movie "Che: Part two" by Steven Soderbergh, "the limits of control" by Jim Jarmusch and "the Valdemar Legacy" Jose Luis Aleman.

And in 2011, the Spaniard was lucky to become a part of the production team of the popular movie franchise "pirates of the Caribbean". Currently, the actor continues to conquer Hollywood Olympus and the hearts of the audience across the globe.

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