Overview of KIA Quoris

Overview of KIA Quoris

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Surely everyone agrees that KIA is a truly popular brand that combines all the qualities of a reliable and inexpensive car. And when you hear "KIA Quoris - executive class car" - it sounds a little unusual. Can KIA compete with other brands in this class? Let's get a look.

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Overview of KIA Quoris

Overview of KIA Quoris 1. For starters, appearance. Quoris length - 5090 mm. If we compare it with the latest BMW 7 (5079 mm), then in principle it is comparable. Their bases are also about the same. Let's check what's next.

Overview of KIA Quoris 2. The car is built on the Hyundai Equus platform and is equipped with rear-wheel drive, an eight-speed automatic of its own design, and a 3.8-liter V6 engine. This gives the car excellent speed characteristics and rather big gas mileage.

Overview of KIA Quoris 3. Of course, it's hard to deny that the design of Quoris is borrowed from the "seven" BMW, but it seems to me that the Koreans were able to add swiftness and more courage to the image.

Overview of KIA Quoris 4.

Overview of KIA Quoris 5. Full LED headlights - a tribute to modern technology.

Overview of KIA Quoris 6. In the cabin, the harmony of calm lines and tones - the interior is made in a classic style.

Overview of KIA Quoris 7. Quality leather and excellent plastic are everywhere to the touch.

Overview of KIA Quoris 8. Maximum comfort is provided for rear passengers.

Overview of KIA Quoris 9. The front seat can be moved all the way forward, there are even special buttons for the driver.

Overview of KIA Quoris 10. Behind - a lot of legroom, but the low ceiling sets up a reclining ride.

Overview of KIA Quoris 11. The driver is also not deprived of attention. Comfortable and informative steering wheel, three-zone climate control.

Overview of KIA Quoris 12. Multimedia system with navigation, but no TV.

Overview of KIA Quoris 13. The ceiling is covered with suede - as in the best world samples.

Overview of KIA Quoris 14. Many options are available in the basic configuration: LED headlights, ventilated seats that can be adjusted with varying degrees of complexity (including the rear ones), door closers.

Overview of KIA Quoris 15. Digital screen instead of instruments and projection of their readings on the windshield, active cruise control.

Overview of KIA Quoris 16. Even in the car there is an analogue of the "Mercedes" Pre-Safe system, which tightens the belts and moves the seat back in the event of a collision.

Overview of KIA Quoris 17. The most expensive KIA car turned out to be bright and quite technologically advanced.

Overview of KIA Quoris 18. Special cameras are installed in front and behind, which make it easy to park the car.

Overview of KIA Quoris 19. Two exhaust pipes hint at the "serious" nature of the engine under the hood.

Overview of KIA Quoris 20. Huge trunk. It would seem that all the attributes of a representative class are on the face.

Overview of KIA Quoris

21. But there is one essential detail that distinguishes Quoris from the Germans. The Korean sedan cannot be "configured for itself" - there are only two trim levels available, so the buyer can choose from "good" or "very good".

Overview of KIA Quoris 22. However, this poverty of choice is compensated by the price - from this point of view, the Koreans are beyond any competition.

Overview of KIA Quoris 23. On the road, Quoris is noticeable and eye-catching, moving smoothly between lanes.

Overview of KIA Quoris 24. The new Quoris is a serious application of the Koreans in the executive car segment.

Overview of KIA Quoris 25. Plans for the Koreans to reach two thousand annual sales after 2013. Well, let's wish you good luck!

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