As the computer does harm to our skin and can avoid

As the computer does harm to our skin and can avoid

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Those who work with computer must know that their vision is seriously negative effects. But that suffers also the skin, guess the few. How does this impact and is it possible to reduce the harm to a minimum?

As the computer does harm to our skin and can avoid

During the quarantine, the computer takes in our lives much more time than usual. It is for us in work and leisure, and the main tool for communication with the outside world. This means that the time you spend near him, increased at least three times and with it greatly increased health risks.

Our skin is the primary defense of the body and one of the important indicators of health. It is exposed to several negative influences, which journalists were told by the doctor-cosmetician, nutritionist, PhD, lead author of the clinic Marina Rebus.

Human skin works in two main areas — protects from external influences on the body and at the same time accurately reflects his inner state. Perhaps it will surprise you, but the computers present to the skin a negligible threat.

As the computer does harm to our skin and can avoid

Modern equipment, LCD screens, has numerous degrees of protection, and has on people uncritically the degree of ionizing radiation. It is less than natural background radiation and from this side of the threat does not exist.

Slightly greater the danger of a permanent electrostatic field. Because of him, the smallest particles of dust flying in the air, can bombard our skin and eyes. But this is only theoretically, because in practice, the threat exists only at a distance of 50 cm As a rule, we are located 60 cm from the display even further, so no risk.

So what is the real harm to the skin associated with computer work? Is the danger of electronic technology is exaggerated, and the doctors just scare us? No, that's right — the computer does not make our skin better, but it works here no radiation and static electricity, and most other factors.

It provides you many hours of stationary computer work, which causes lack of exercise. Sitting in one position affects the muscles, causing them to spasm. Most affected are the cervical area where we often experience pain during prolonged sedentary work.

As the computer does harm to our skin and can avoid

But this stress affects us on the inside. In parallel, due to stress, the adrenal glands produce cortisol, and this draws in the process and the nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular system. In the body, a serious imbalance, reflected in and on the skin.

A computer connected to the Internet is an effective channel of communication with the outside world. Interested in the events we involuntarily focus our attention on the negative and this leads to an increase in internal anxiety. Stress exacerbates the situation with a deficit of minerals and vitamins like iron, vitamin C, magnesium, selenium.

As the computer does harm to our skin and can avoid

A combination of lack of vital substances with stress interferes with the normal production of collagen. Because of this, we get the symptoms of early aging — the weakening of the skin and the appearance of early wrinkles. Both stress affect us, dealing a blow to the adrenal glands and increasing the production of cortisol. This hormone affects the activity of estrogen, testosterone and thyroid hormones, therefore, there is a General hormonal imbalance.

It is also worth noting that the constant state of stress reduces the immunity of the skin. We are nervous, and then stress ate cakes or sweets, causing rashes and reducing the protective function of the skin barrier. Then it's easy to fall prey to viral and bacterial infections.

The blue light of the monitors, which is often mentioned as one of the negative factors of working with computers, acts on the skin not directly, but uses a complex internal mechanisms. From the damaging effects of short waves of blue light our eyes effectively protect the natural mechanisms.

But the blue light manages to fool our body, imitating the blue sky and thereby giving a subconscious signal to Wake even the dead of night. Blue light knocks us with a natural biological rhythm that involves sleeping and waking to necessary for human relationships.

As the computer does harm to our skin and can avoid

The violation of one of the most important for the human cycles leading to reduced immunity. When we sleep, our body produces melatonin and other neurotransmitters, helps cleaning the immune system cells and preparing them to fight off infections both within and outside.

Blue light disrupts this important balance, making the body defenseless against diseases. Suffering in this case, not only the appearance of the skin, which loses its healthy color and elasticity, but its protective properties. Weaknesses instantly become targets for all sorts of microorganisms.

To minimize the harm from long hours of computer use, first need to observe the rules of hygiene. Ophthalmologists recommend that every 20 minutes to perform the 20-second workout for the eyes and take a few minutes active rest.

It can be Jogging on a treadmill, performing yoga exercises or just exercises. Will fit any type of activity, helping to avoid the appearance in the body of stagnation and increases the muscle tone and the whole organism.

As the computer does harm to our skin and can avoid

Do not forget about other important factors such as self-regulation. Everything is good in moderation and if you did your job, you'd better get up from the computer and do other important things. Do not make fun of his nervous system, traveling to sites with negative news — pay better time to self-development or your family.

As we have said, the violation of the biological rhythm of "sleep-wakefulness" one of the most dangerous moments in working with the computer. Don't let the blue light of the display to screw up your circadian rhythm for half an hour before sleep turn off the computer and set it aside smartphones and tablets.

Of course, do not ignore skin care. If you are working with computers, she also needs your attention, as if you were at work. Use the cleansing and scrubbing tools, moisturizing products and a vitamin mask. SPF factors you do not need exactly, as this is not the type of radiation in which they can help.

As the computer does harm to our skin and can avoid

And finally need to remind you that during the quarantine a large role in supporting the body and skin including playing three substances: vitamins C, E and resveratrol. The trio will be able to minimize the aggressive effect on your skin from external factors. Oh, and don't forget about your back, or even the healthy skin you will not be happy.

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