8 things you shouldn't do for your man

8 things you shouldn't do for your man

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Women in love are capable of many things. Sometimes, too much.

Some women are ready to sacrifice their own happiness for the sake of a loved one. But love, which is an unhealthy addiction, ceases to be love.

If you want your relationship to last for many years and bring you both happiness and satisfaction, avoid certain behaviors.


8 things you shouldn't do for your man

 Any relationship requires compromise and concessions, but there are things that you should not do for your man.

Here are a few things you shouldn't do for your man.

1. Don't try to solve all his problems

It is natural for people to try to help each other when they are together. There is nothing wrong with sharing your knowledge and experience with each other. He helps you and you help him. However, many women fall into a certain trap and try to solve all the problems of their partner at all costs. Thus, they deprive him of his chance for independence and further overload themselves.

Women also often feel responsible for things beyond their control, such as a partner's relationship with his mother or his professional failures. Some things are exclusively his problems, and only he can solve them.

2. Don't change your appearance

Women can do a lot to please a man and keep him. Often, contrary to themselves, they decide on cardinal metamorphoses. They go on a strict diet, cut their hair, or enlarge their breasts. They feel bad about their new appearance, but they believe that by doing so they will strengthen the relationship. This is wrong.

Often the man leaves and they are left with the consequences of this unfortunate metamorphosis. This does not mean, of course, that you cannot change the hairstyle that your partner suggests. But first, think carefully about whether you really want this. Change is not bad. Like the proposals of a beloved man, they can be very valuable. But never do anything against yourself and only for him.

8 things you shouldn't do for your man

3. Do not put yourself below a man

Men and women are different, but this does not mean that someone is worse. There are things he's better at, but there are things you excel at. Remember that you are equal partners and never put yourself below.

4. Don't overdo buying expensive gifts.

Constantly giving very expensive gifts to your loved one, you can make him get used to it, stop appreciating them, and just stop enjoying the little things. In addition, often a man finds himself in such a situation that he cannot repay you in kind and give you the same expensive gift. Remember that expensive gifts are not evidence of love.

5. Don't pretend to be dumber than you really are.

Some women tend to hide their intelligence and pretend to be dumber than they really are. They think smart women scare men away. Of course, tastes are different, but do you really want to pretend to be stupid all your life? Intelligence is sexy and seductive. A smart man appreciates the intellect of his woman. Being smart and educated is great, and there is no reason to hide it.

6. Don't give up on your career

Women often give up their careers after starting a family and devote themselves to housework and children. And there's nothing wrong with that if you really want it. But, if you have always loved your work, it brought you joy and satisfaction, do not leave it for the sake of a man. You have worked hard all your life to achieve your position. Do not take away these merits from yourself.

No one is asking men to give up their careers for women. If you do this, your whole life will be full of regrets. And that doesn't bode well for a successful relationship.

8 things you shouldn't do for your man

7. Don't give up on your dreams

Each of us has some goals, dreams, and ambitions. What he aspires to in life. Never give up your dreams for a man. Don't give up on yourself and what you love. Don't let anyone deprive you of your desires. In life, there is a place for love and for achieving goals. If you give up your dreams, give up your passion, you will miss a lot. You will be unhappy, and this will negatively affect your relationship.

8. Don't turn your back on your family for your man.

If he refuses to spend time with your parents, don't force him to. It's useless. But at the same time, you can and should visit them alone. A man should not be the reason that you lose touch with your family. These are the closest and most important people in your life.

Remember that a healthy relationship is a relationship between two separate people, each of whom is entitled to their own decisions, beliefs, privacy, and spending time without their other half. In a healthy relationship, partners accept each other and don't try to fit in.

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