5 alternative ways to brew coffee

5 alternative ways to brew coffee

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In the 21st century, coffee has turned from a utilitarian drink into something much more. A modern resident of a megalopolis treats the choice of coffee and the methods of brewing it with special trepidation and scrupulousness — and there have been enough such methods over the centuries. Everyone knows about the classic ones, such as a coffee machine, a turk, a French press and brewing in a cup. But not everyone has heard about alternatives.

5 alternative ways to brew coffee

For the most part, alternative methods are aimed at maximizing the taste of coffee beans. It is curious that each of them is able to "sing" its natural characteristics in its own way: density, aroma, sweetness, bitterness, sour or spicy notes. So let's get started.

5 alternative ways to brew coffee

The main advantage of using kemex is the ability to prepare 3-4 cups at a time, especially since the process is quite simple and does not require additional skills and tools. Install a paper filter in the upper part of the device and moisten it a little with hot water. Pour 30 grams of ground coffee into the center — it is very important to use medium-ground grains here. Slowly, in a thin trickle, pour 500 ml of hot water, trying to get the trickle into the center of the filter. After all the water has drained, a drink will remain in the lower part, which has a soft caramel flavor, a deep aroma and a moderate strength.

Grinding: MediumRoasting: mediumFortress: lowBrewing time: 4 minutes

5 alternative ways to brew coffee

Aeropress is more like a scientific project, not a coffee maker. But at the same time, this is one of the best ways to brew coffee. Firstly, it is lightweight, convenient and mobile. Secondly, with proper use and correctly selected grains, in a matter of minutes your cup will have the best coffee, which will create competition for any drink prepared by a professional.

The way to work with it is very simple: you will need 15 grams of coffee and 250 ml of hot water. Moisten the filter with water and install it in the aeropress. Install the device on the cup and pour ground coffee into the flask of the aeropress on top, fill with hot water. Then stir thoroughly but quickly and close with a plunger. The coffee should be infused for at least one minute, depending on the desired strength of the drink. After this time, remove the piston, re-stir, re-insert the piston and gently push it all the way down.

Your cup has a rich, very aromatic coffee, which has a pronounced taste and moderate strength, and is also an excellent basis for any coffee drink.

Grinding: coarseRoasting: mediumFortress: mediumBrewing time: 3 minutes 30 seconds

5 alternative ways to brew coffee

Purover is one of the variants of the drip method of brewing coffee. The technology of making coffee using this method is a kind of ritual, so at first glance the process may seem complicated.

We will need 250 ml of water heated to 94 ° C and 15 grams of medium-ground coffee. Install a paper filter, pour boiling water over it, drain the water. Now it is a very important process of soaking coffee — it is necessary to moisten all the coffee evenly with a small volume of water, about 50 ml. When all the liquid is absorbed, you can start the brewing process. For a minute, pour in a thin stream of water, starting from the center and moving in a circle to the edges. Let it brew and shake gently for additional oxygen saturation of the coffee.

The result is a fragrant drink with a rich taste, expressive acidity and a light aftertaste.

Grinding: MediumRoasting: mediumFortress: mediumBrewing time: 4 minutes 30 seconds

At first glance, it is difficult to understand why this unusual device is needed, but if you figure it out and make friends with it, then you have a special way of making coffee — with its own history. Of course, you will not use a siphon for daily coffee drinking, but you will be able to surprise guests or present a unique gift by telling about its use.

So, let's get started. Insert the filter into the upper part, and use the chain to stretch the spring and secure it. Pour 360 ml of hot water into the lower flask, install the upper part on it. Place a burner under the structure, the water should "move from the first to the second floor." Stir 20 grams of ground coffee with water and let it brew for a little more than a minute. Remove the burner from under the flask - the coffee will gradually "descend". The output is the purest drink, and the coffee aroma will be felt by everyone around.

Grinding: MediumRoasting: mediumFortress: highBrewing time: 1 minute 30 seconds

5 alternative ways to brew coffee

Do you like bitter, strong coffee and want to put a minimum of effort and time to make it? Then a geyser coffee maker is a great option. There are countless of them, but the principle of use is the same for everyone. Remove the top and filter. In the lower container, pour cold water up to the limit mark. Pour the ground grains into the strainer so that it is completely filled and lightly tamp. Assemble the structure and put it on a small fire. When you see steam or hear a special sound signal about readiness, remove from the stove and let it brew. Your strong, tart coffee cats.

By the way, the taste of the finished product largely depends on the degree of roasting of the grains, so experiment based on your taste preferences.

Grinding: MediumRoasting: medium/darkFortress: highBrewing time: 5 minutes

5 alternative ways to brew coffee

Well, as a bonus, we will tell you a few secrets of choosing and preparing coffee for any of the listed methods:— It is better to use a monosort, not a mixture.— Light Roasting: grain roasted under espresso will give too bitter and sharp taste, for an "alternative" you need to look for a lighter roasting.— It is better to grind and brew coffee not immediately after roasting, but after 4-5 days.— Ground coffee retains its taste for 4-5 days, roasted grain — about a month.— Keep an eye on the uniformity of grinding: use a millstone grinder, and if it is possible to buy coffee often and a little — ask the barista to grind it immediately for a specific brewing method.

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