20 incredible technologies expected in the near future

20 incredible technologies expected in the near future

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Humanity is constantly improving, improving life with the help of new technologies. Scientists and developers make incredible discoveries every day. Many of them are so useful and original that they can become our reality in the foreseeable future. 

We offer two dozen technologies of the future that will radically change our society in the coming decades.

20 incredible technologies expected in the near future

20 incredible technologies expected in the near future


Yuri Dmitriev, a designer from Russia, proposed an unexpected, unique concept of a refrigerator. His invention was called "Bio Robot Refrigerator". The device is not much like a well-known refrigerator. It completely lacks shelves, compartments, doors. The container is filled with a non-sticky biopolymer gel that gently holds the products.

The bio-cooler is very economical, because all the electricity consumed is spent only on powering the control panel. The biopolymer gel cools the products due to the light energy that it generates itself. The gel has no smell, it is completely safe. The main advantage of the bio-cooler is its compactness. The device can be hung on the wall or fixed to the ceiling.

20 incredible technologies expected in the near future

Drones for ultra-fast 5G Internet

While in some countries mobile operators are only working on 4G networks, Google has decided to develop a super-fast 5G Internet. The ambitious project was called Project Skybender. The main feature of the project is that the 5G Internet will be transmitted using solar-powered drones. The expected transfer rate is one gigabyte per second.

The service will operate on millimeter waves, because the current mobile communication spectrum is crowded with operators. Google will have to solve the problem of compatibility of shorter waves with a mobile signal. If the engineers successfully cope with the task, then in the near future there will be an incredibly fast Internet connection.

20 incredible technologies expected in the near future

Eternal data storage on 5D disks

British scientists from Southampton have created an experimental 5D disk for recording and storing information. The disk stores data in five dimensions and can store information for billions of years. A small disk holds 360 terabytes of data. It does not demagnetize, does not melt, does not collapse when heated to 1000 degrees. It is expected that in the near future, a 5D disk will become a familiar way of storing data.

During recording, the information is transformed into three layers of nanodots. 5D corresponds to the location and size of the points. Nanodots react to light and change its polarity. To read the disk, a polarizer or a microscope is required that can detect a change in the polarity of the light beam. British scientists recorded the Bible, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Newton's scientific works and a lot of other information on a 5D disk.

20 incredible technologies expected in the near future

Oxygen injections

American scientists from the children's Hospital of Boston have invented microparticles that can supply oxygen to the patient's blood. Injections of unique microparticles will save the life of a person who is unable to breathe. With this method, scientists managed to saturate the human blood with 70 percent oxygen.

The air bubble is enclosed in a capsule of lipids. The size of the oxygen capsules is 2-4 micrometers. Microparticles with capsules are suspended in the liquid. Once in the patient's blood, the capsules transmit oxygen to the red blood cells.

20 incredible technologies expected in the near future

Transport tunnels under water

The unique development belongs to Norwegian scientists. Soon, unusual underwater highways will appear in Norway, located inside large-diameter floating pipes. The depth of the underwater tunnels is 30 meters. The pipes will be attached to huge floating floats.

It is expected that floating bridges will solve the problem of transport communication. Investors have invested $ 25 billion in the project. The planned launch date is 2035. Engineers will have to cope with the influence of external factors in the form of sea currents, strong wind, waves.

20 incredible technologies expected in the near future

Bioluminescent trees

A group of scientists is working on the development of a special breed of bioluminescent trees that will glow in the dark. If the Earth's vegetation had the enzyme of fireflies or jellyfish, the nights would be much lighter. Scientists have already created a small plant that glows at night. Now it's the turn of the trees.

20 incredible technologies expected in the near future

Televisions on a roll

LG Corporation has presented an experimental sample of a TV with a flexible screen that rolls up into a roll. The prototype is based on polymer LED technology. Other electronics manufacturers are also working in this direction. We should expect that the electronics of the future will become incredibly portable and flexible.

20 incredible technologies expected in the near future

A lens for superhuman vision

A doctor from Canada is ready to start clinical trials of bionic lenses that can improve normal vision three times. The new lens is designed to improve the lens of the human eye. To install it, you need to perform an 8-minute operation. The lens is inserted into the eye with a syringe. After 10 seconds, the lens straightens up and takes a position above the natural lens, permanently improving the patient's vision.

20 incredible technologies expected in the near future


Designer Manel Torres from Spain has developed an unusual spray for creating clothes. The spray is applied to any part of the body. After drying, it can be removed, washed and put on again, like ready-made clothes. The spray consists of special fibers and polymers that make the fabric elastic and durable. With this technology, you can create original clothes of unique design.

20 incredible technologies expected in the near future

Portrait of a person by DNA

American student Heather Hagbog has developed a technology that allows you to create a 3D portrait of a person based on his DNA. It is noteworthy that the American woman used DNA samples obtained from chewing gum and cigarette butts in her work. She was entering a DNA sequence into a computer program for a 3D printer. The result was a life-size version of the appearance of a 25-year-old man.

20 incredible technologies expected in the near future

Virtual shopping

The world's first virtual shopping store has opened in South Korea. Passengers of the railway station could make an order with delivery to the specified address by taking a photo of the barcode. The idea belongs to the Homeplus store chain.

The company has installed display cases-screens depicting shelves with life-size goods. Each product is accompanied by a barcode. The buyer can only scan the barcode of the desired product through the mobile application to make a purchase with delivery.

20 incredible technologies expected in the near future

Self-driving cars

Ten self-driving cars will join the fleet of earthlings in 2020. It is expected that this will save the lives of 2,500 people in the next 15 years. Recently, auto corporations have been actively introducing automatic driving technologies. Many companies are developing self-driving vehicles. Recently, Google presented the first prototype of an unmanned car.

20 incredible technologies expected in the near future

Life under the dome

Soon, fantastic cities with protective domes will appear on Earth. In Dubai, the Mall of the World shopping center with a retractable dome is being actively built. The mobile shelter is designed to protect visitors from the stifling heat. The dome controls the internal climate, conditions the air, and delays ultraviolet radiation. The shopping and entertainment complex covers an area of 4.5 km2. A fitness center, hotels, a beauty center, cultural and entertainment squares will be located under one roof.

20 incredible technologies expected in the near future

Artificial flora for carbon dioxide conversion

Scientists around the world have long been looking for the use of CO2, which the earth's atmosphere contains in excess. Recently, a new concept of solar panels has appeared, which use solar energy to convert atmospheric carbon dioxide into fuel.

The new technology does not require precious metals. Batteries are produced on the basis of tungsten, which is favorably characterized by greater conductivity at a lower cost. Solar cells produce synthetic gas suitable for burning or processing into a hydrocarbon fuel.

20 incredible technologies expected in the near future

Protective field of plasma

Boeing developers have invented a new generation of protection, which aroused the interest of the military. According to the patent, any vehicle can be equipped with a plasma field that will absorb the shock wave. To do this, you need to install special laser installations that generate a force field. Creating a plasma, the force field heats and compacts the air. The developers believe that the protective field is able to both absorb and reflect the energy of external influence.

20 incredible technologies expected in the near future

Floating cities

The best minds of mankind are working to solve the problem of global warming. Architect Vincent Kalleba presented the project of a floating ecopolis. The city on the water will become the new home of 50 thousand environmental refugees who were forced to leave home due to rising sea levels. Ecopolis is equipped with renewable energy sources. The floating structure has the shape of a blooming bud with three raised petals. The structure collects fresh water from the atmosphere. Energy systems are powered by the Sun, wind, waves and tides.

20 incredible technologies expected in the near future

3d printing of human organs

The time is not far off when 3D printers will print organs for transplantation directly in hospitals. The technology of volumetric printing is being improved by leaps and bounds. The developers filled the cartridges with a mixture of smart gel and live cells. During printing, the printer recreates the structure of the biological tissue.

After cooling the model, the gel is thoroughly washed out. As a result, only the cells that are connected in the form of an organ or part of the body remain. Scientists will have to solve a number of issues in order to teach the printed organ to perform the functions of a natural prototype. As soon as developers learn to "turn on" artificial organs, people will forget about donation.

20 incredible technologies expected in the near future

Smart cockroaches

A team of scientists has invented bionic insect controls. The development will increase the chance of saving people stuck under the rubble. The cockroaches ' antennae were connected to a small radio receiver. Scientists control insects by means of electrical impulses. With the help of antennae, cockroaches recognize objects and easily penetrate into hard-to-reach places.

20 incredible technologies expected in the near future

Video recording of dreams

Scientists have learned how the brain "sees" the world around it. By observing the activity of the visual centers of the brain, they were able to recode YouTube videos. The new technology needs further improvement. In the future, it will allow you to record dreams, mental images, artistic ideas.

Scientists scanned the brains of their colleagues who watched the videos with a tomograph. The obtained data was transformed into a mathematical model, on the basis of which a "dictionary" of the brain was compiled. The dictionary helped to decipher brain activity. The result was not as colorful as the real video.

20 incredible technologies expected in the near future

Search for extraterrestrial civilizations

China has built a giant radio telescope "FAST", which has no analogues. The size of the reflector is equal to the total area of 30 football fields. The huge mirror consists of 4450 panels. The radio telescope is located in the Chinese province of Guizhou. The diameter of the telescope is half a kilometer, and the perimeter is just over one and a half kilometers. Of course, the giant installation will expand our understanding of the cosmos.

Summing up: longevity in 1000 years

Scientist Aubrey de Grey from the University of Cambridge sees the advantage of the rapid development of technology in the possibility of an almost infinite life. A gerontologist is developing a therapy for eliminating aging cells from the body that have stopped dividing. This will free up the living space for young cells.

The therapy will slow down the aging of 60-year-olds by 30 years. At the age of 90, the therapy can be repeated to rid the body of incapacitated cells again. Thus, the life of an elderly person can be extended almost indefinitely. Dr. Gray plans to implement an experimental therapy in the next 6-8 years, making the elixir of youth a reality.

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