12 Times Celebrities’ Dark Sides Were Exposed In Leaked Text Messages

12 Times Celebrities’ Dark Sides Were Exposed In Leaked Text Messages

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Keeping receipts in the form of text messages is a popular way to defend yourself against false claims that might be detrimental to your reputation.

However, such receipts can also be used against you, especially those that might expose your deepest and darkest secrets.

One must always be careful when getting too personal while talking to someone via text messages, because this could, once again, be used as a receipt against you.

Celebrities know this all too well, yet seem to never learn their lessons, as such text messages have been exposed against their will on several infamous occasions.

Pictolic takes a look at famous people who have seen their personal lives exposed in leaked text messages.


12 Times Celebrities’ Dark Sides Were Exposed In Leaked Text Messages

#1 Jason Sudeikis’ text insulting Olivia Wilde

The nanny who was caught in the middle of Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde’s break-up exposed text exchanges shedding light on their highly mediatized divorce.

In one text to the nanny, Jason reportedly wrote: “She left, she just left,” to which the nanny, who took care of son Otis, eight, and daughter Daisy, six, asked: “I don’t get it. Before bed?”

The actor answered: “She left them. Wide awake. Sitting in Daisy’s bed.

“After shaming me for going to Kansas and not wearing a mask.”

He continued: “I’m in shock. This is Crazy. She just left them.”

Jason and Olivia’s split had a messy timeline back in 2020, as Olivia Wilde's relationship with Harry Styles soon began just months after their break-up.

Despite the actress claiming differently, the nanny’s text showed that the separation wasn’t a mutual decision.

"He was just out of control crying,” the nanny told the Daily Mail.
“I didn't know what to say. He was just crying and crying and saying he was going to get her back and he loved her. He was so brokenhearted – I felt for him."

The nanny went on to share more text message exchanges between her and Jason in which he described Olivia as a “mess” for dating Harry.

A text from the actor read: “She’s embarrassed. And not living in the real world. And we are a part of that real world.”

12 Times Celebrities’ Dark Sides Were Exposed In Leaked Text Messages

#2 Adam Levine DMs to Sumner Stroh

Last year, Adam Levine was exposed in alleged Instagram direct messages to model Sumner Stroth.

Sumner had initially posted a TikTok alleging that she had had a yearlong affair with the singer.

After their communication ended, NBC News reported that Adam allegedly asked Sumner if he could name his child after her. 

Adam was expecting his third child with model Behati Prinsloo at the time, to whom he has been married since 2014.

A screenshot of the Maroon 5 member was subsequently exposed, where he had allegedly written “I may need to see the booty”.

12 Times Celebrities’ Dark Sides Were Exposed In Leaked Text Messages

#3 Kim Kardashian And Kanye West

Kim Kardashian claimed that her ex-husband, Kanye West, continuously criticized her looks after their divorce.

Ye, as he is now known, allegedly told her she looked like Marge Simpson when she wore a brown leather dress to the 2021 WSJ Magazine Innovator Awards.

Kim also claimed Ye told her he was "so mad" when he saw her wearing a certain orange outfit on another occasion, as he allegedly texted: "I would have gone to jail before I went out in that.”

12 Times Celebrities’ Dark Sides Were Exposed In Leaked Text Messages

#4 Tory Lanez's apology text to Megan Thee Stallion

Last year, ahead of a February 23 pretrial hearing, Megan Thee Stallion posted screenshots of Tory Lanez apologizing to her.

She was reportedly left obliged to call out DJ Akademiks for “spreading false narratives” concerning the July 2020 incident where Tory allegedly shot Megan in the foot.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, the rapper reportedly pressed Tory with screenshots of texts between the two following the shooting.

Damning screenshots showed Tory apologizing for his actions and acknowledging that “I was just too drunk.”

“Lie yo way out of this …” Megan had written in the caption, adding: “If you ain't do shit what were you apologizing for?”

The Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office reportedly charged Tory with felony assault in October 2020.

12 Times Celebrities’ Dark Sides Were Exposed In Leaked Text Messages

#5 Tiger Woods cheating

In 2009, the golf scene saw one of its biggest scandal playouts, as Tiger Woods was caught cheating.

At the time, Tiger was the world’s number 1 golfer, married to Swedish model Elin Nordegren, and the beloved father to two children.

But then, all fell apart when the National Enquirer published a bombshell exposé claiming that Tiger had an extramarital affair with New York City nightclub manager Rachel Uchitel.

During the same year, the at-the-time 24-year-old cocktail waitress Jaimee Grubbs revealed she had had an affair with the golfer for three years.

Jaimee went on to leak a text exchange between herself and Tiger.

“Hey, Sexy I can’t come out this week. Something came up family-wise,” the golfer wrote, to which Jaimee replied: “That’s okay I hope everything is fine … would have liked to see you.”

Tiger went on to answer: “We will make it happen.”

“Are u leaving me cause your wife is still in Newport :( I am lonely now … I like falling asleep in your arms,” another message written to Tiger read.

12 Times Celebrities’ Dark Sides Were Exposed In Leaked Text Messages

#6 Johnny Depp's texts about Amber Heard

Johnny Depp’s shocking text messages about Amber Heard were exposed during their highly mediatized lawsuit.

​​Johnny had written to his longtime friend and neighbor, Isaac Baruch, that he hoped his ex-wife was a "rotting corpse".

As Isaac took to be cross-examined, Amber's lawyer Elaine Bredehoft revealed texts between him and the Pirates Of The Caribbean star from October 2016.

In the text, Johnny said he hoped Amber's "rotting corpse is decomposing in the f-----g trunk of a Honda Civic."

He further wrote of the actress: "That c--- ruined such a f---ing cool life we had for a while." 

When asked if he recalled receiving the messages in question, Isaac said, "Yeah, it was written."

12 Times Celebrities’ Dark Sides Were Exposed In Leaked Text Messages

#7 Armie Hammer's creepy texts to women

Last year, a three-part docuseries from Discovery+ entitled House of Hammer exposed details surrounding the sexual abuse allegations against Armie Hammer.

The docuseries followed women who had exposed The Social Network actor’s creepy text messages sent to them in 2021.

One of Armie’s exes had initially anonymously posted graphic messages in which the actor allegedly texted, “I am 100% a cannibal” and “I want to eat you.” 

Amongst the numerous messages and voice notes allegedly sent by the actor, Variety exposed the following text: “I decide when you eat when you sleep.

Armie reportedly often called his sexual partners “kitten” and in one message allegedly referred to a woman as, “My little slave.”

An unverified text read: “You are mine! You hear me? I own you now. I’ll own you forever.”

12 Times Celebrities’ Dark Sides Were Exposed In Leaked Text Messages

#8 Leah McSweeney leaked texts to Michael Che

Before joining The Real Housewives of New York City in season 12, Leah McSweeney matched with Saturday Night Live comedian Michael Che on a dating app and later went on to slam the star as “D-list” and “arrogant”.

In an episode of her Improper Etiquette podcast in 2017, per Page Six, Leah said: “I met a comedian, I’ve dealt with a few comedians.

“They are the worst, I don’t even know why I entertain this but I have to say … Michael Che is so arrogant and so rude and disrespectful that I cannot even believe that someone … you’re like a D-list celebrity to me, whatever, that’s why I don’t even care that I’m saying his name.”

She continued: “Why are you on a dating app if you hate women?

“You’ve never met me and you’re texting me like I’m a stupid b*tch … texting me and being mad rude. 

“He kept just texting me, going, ‘I’m fat. Does that turn you on?’ 

“And I’m like, ‘you’re fat? I think I’ve seen you and you’re not fat, OK.’”

But once Michael learned about Leah’s rants, he dropped receipts of the actual text exchange that had taken place.

“Hey remember me,” she wrote in November 2016 as she began a conversation about Michael living in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood in New York City. 

She added, “Lots of food options at least.

“[I’m] fat,” he responded.

“I’m laughing out loud. [Are you]?” she asked.

Following the exchange, the Married to the Mob founder tried to reach out to Michael again on two separate occasions, but she was left on read.

Then, in late December 2016, she wrote, “U hate me [because] I’m White. 

“Our conversations [are] everything to me [by the way].

“We have a lot of friends in common and if [any one] of them saw this I would [be] so ashamed.”

The comedian went on to bluntly let Leah know he had no interest in meeting her after she wrote, “Do u ever want to meet up?

“Or [are] we just gonna text each other randomly until eternity?

“Well, I did think it was odd [you] kept saying [you’re] fat.”

Finally, Michael replied: “I [don’t] wanna meet up.

“You text really strange declarations looking for a reaction, and I don’t wanna know what’s the real-life equivalent of that.”

12 Times Celebrities’ Dark Sides Were Exposed In Leaked Text Messages

#9 Jonah Hill exposed text with ex-Sarah Brady

In July, the professional surfer and model Sarah Brady posted a series of alleged text exchanges between her and her ex-boyfriend Jonah Hill, MSNBC reported.

Sarah alleged that Jonah had upheld “emotionally abusive” behavior, as the actor seemingly demanded that the surfer remove Instagram photos of herself in swimsuits, turn down modeling jobs, avoid casual and professional contact with fellow male surfers, and forgo friendships with women he deems “unstable.”

One of these texts allegedly written by Jonah read: “If you need surfing with men, boundaryless inappropriate friendships with men, to model, to post photos of yourself in a bathing suit, to post sexual pictures, friendships with women who are in unstable places and from your wild recent past beyond getting a lunch or coffee or something respectful, I am not the right partner for you.”

Jonah went on to say that his demands were his “boundaries for romantic partnership.”

Another text read, as per NBC News: “You don’t seem to get it.

“But it’s not my place to teach you.

“I’ve made my boundaries clear.

“You refuse to let go of some and you’ve made that clear.

“I hope they make you happy.”

12 Times Celebrities’ Dark Sides Were Exposed In Leaked Text Messages

#10 Paris Hilton’s sidekick hacked revealing birth control use

In the early 2000s, when Y2K icons, such as Paris Hilton, used T-mobile Sidekicks and Blackberries, hacking was commonplace.

In fact, in 2005, an internet rogue reportedly hacked into T-Mobile’s heavily used website to access Paris’ cellphone data, enabling the thief to expose the heiress’s racy phone snaps, celebrity numbers, and notes-to-self.

Paris was reportedly among a handful of celebrities suspected of having had their T-Mobile accounts hacked into by 22-year-old computer whiz Nick Jacobsen.

Subsequently, more than 500 big-name acquaintances, including Luke Wilson, Adrien Brody, Eminem, and tennis stars Andy Roddick and Mark Philippoussis had their numbers and e-mails reportedly posted on websites.

On the websites, Paris’ pictures and texts were exposed, including a snap of herself half-dressed and “saucily sucking face with a girl” sent to a certain recipient “Mark 7”, the New York Post reported.

“I miss you and want you,” Paris wrote along with a message titled “Happy Birthday”.

The same recipient reportedly received messages titled, “My Ass” and “Hello Sexy,” paired with what appear to be naked pictures of the heiress.

Another leaked message read: “Get birth control kill pill” and “Call Maroon 5”.

12 Times Celebrities’ Dark Sides Were Exposed In Leaked Text Messages

#11 Future text to Monique Whitsett

Back in 2018, a certain Shamartess Monique Whitsett took to her Facebook page to post a series of screenshots claiming rapper Future promised to pay for her flight from Texas to California, as per HipHopDx.

Shamartess alleged that the rapper never met up with her once she explained she didn’t want to have sex with him.

In her posts, the woman said she met Future at a Miami studio in March where he was “so cool and nice.” 

Upon telling her he wanted to see her, she booked a flight for $550, which she says Future promised to pay back “1000%.”

Once she allegedly arrived at the agreed-upon Loews Hollywood Hotel, Future reportedly told her to get into some lingerie. 

When she declined the idea of having sex with him and asked if she would see him at all on the trip via text, Future replied, “I’m good luv. Enjoy.”

12 Times Celebrities’ Dark Sides Were Exposed In Leaked Text Messages

#12 Tyga’s leaked text to Blac Chyna while dating Kyle

In 2015, Blac Chyna posted a couple of Tyga’s alleged text messages on Instagram, seemingly showing that the rapper was conflicted about breaking up with her, his son’s mother.

One message read: “Can I just come for a little? Just us 3. Do something or spend a little time.”

As Blac declined the offer, another text from Tyga read: “Call me when u can.

“I want to be with u. I want to be positive. I want to be a family again.

“Want to start this friendship? Relationship.”

At the time Tyga was dating Kylie Jenner.

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