10 people who "miraculously" rose from the dead

10 people who "miraculously" rose from the dead

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Sometimes stories slip through the news that someone has miraculously come back to life. Maybe it really was a miracle, or maybe the doctors made the wrong diagnosis. Read these amazing stories and decide for yourself.

10 people who "miraculously" rose from the dead

10 people who "miraculously" rose from the dead

"MaNdlo— is a prostitute from Zimbabwe who "died" in 2013 while working with a client at the local Manor Hotel. Representatives of the authorities arrived, and when the woman's body was already put in the coffin, she miraculously resurrected with a cry: "You want to kill me!" Shocked witnesses fled in horror.

Officials took the incident for a real miracle, because they were sure of Mandlo's death. The woman was escorted home, and the man allegedly responsible for her "death" fled the scene of the crime.

10 people who "miraculously" rose from the dead

In November 2011, 61-year-old Lyudmila Steblitskaya returned to life after doctors pronounced her dead. She rose from the dead after spending three days in the morgue.

The pensioner was taken to the Tomsk Regional Clinical Hospital due to poor health, where she spent several days. On Friday, her daughter Anastasia called and asked the doctors how her mother was feeling. To her horror, she was answered on the phone that her mother had died. Anastasia began preparations for the funeral, and on Monday went to the hospital for her mother's body. But she was told that she still needed to do an autopsy, and asked to wait. And after a while, a frightened doctor approached Anastasia and informed her that her mother "did not die, is breathing and is now lying in her bed alive."

Lyudmila could not remember anything. She only knew that on Friday she was in the hospital, and on Monday she woke up in the morgue, where it was very cold.

10 people who "miraculously" rose from the dead

Hamdi Hafez al-Nubi worked as a waiter in Egypt. While working, he had a heart attack, from which al-Nubi allegedly died. The family washed his body and prepared it for burial — according to Islamic tradition, he had to be buried in the evening. Fortunately, a doctor was called to the house to issue a death certificate for a young man. During the examination of the body, the doctor realized that Hamdi was warm and still breathing. And the family, having learned about the miraculous resurrection of Hamdi, decided not to cancel the funeral and turned it into a Sunday holiday. This happened in 2012, when Hamdi was 28 years old.

10 people who "miraculously" rose from the dead

Brighton Dame Zante from Zimbabwe "died" at 34. His body was wrapped in a blanket and sent to the morgue to prepare for the funeral. The next day, grieving friends and relatives came there to say goodbye to the "deceased".

When friends and relatives gathered at Zante's coffin, a wonderful and at the same time terrible thing happened — Zante's legs began to twitch. His boss Lot Gaka noticed it first, and then the others. Everyone was so horrified that they rushed to run, thinking that an evil spirit had possessed the deceased Zante and now the dead man would pounce on them. And later, when people still coped with fear and shock, Zante was taken to Gweru Hospital, where he was connected to a life support machine. Two days later, the man regained consciousness.

Like Lyudmila Steblitskaya, Zante could not remember anything and only knew that he was connected to a life support machine. He was very grateful to fate for "another chance at life."

10 people who "miraculously" rose from the dead

Last year, a car mechanic from the US state of Ohio, Tony Yahle, came back to life after doctors pronounced him dead. He fell into a state of clinical death, and his heart stopped beating for 45 minutes.

Yahle has a son, Lawrence, who was 18 at the time. When the nurses were preparing Yahweh's body to be taken away from the ward, Lawrence said, "Dad, you're not going to die today." It was a coincidence or a miracle, but Yahle "answered" his son: he began to show signs of life. The doctors who pronounced him dead were very surprised and immediately tried to revive him.

Cardiologist Raja Nazir could not explain what happened: "In all 20 years of my practice, I have never seen us declare death and a person come back to life. Never." Yahle is a parishioner of the Church of Christ in Bellbrook, so he believes in the miraculous nature of resurrection.

10 people who "miraculously" rose from the dead

When Walter Williams miraculously rose from the dead, he was 78 years old. Coroner Dexter Howard of Holmes County, Mississippi, arrived at the request of a hospice nurse and checked Williams' pulse. His heart was not beating, Williams was pronounced dead.

Williams' body was placed in a body bag and taken to Porter and Sons Funeral Home. The next morning, the bureau workers were preparing the body for embalming and suddenly noticed something inexplicable: Williams, who had been lying in the bag for five hours, began to breathe, and his heart began to beat. Of course, they were amazed.

Williams was taken to the hospital and his family was contacted. Dexter Howard, who pronounced Williams dead, said the following about the incident: "The last word belongs to God, not to crowns." Unfortunately, two weeks after his miraculous resurrection, Williams died forever.

10 people who "miraculously" rose from the dead

In 2007, a Venezuelan named Carlos Camejo was involved in an accident. Doctors diagnosed death. The body was sent to the morgue, where pathologists began an autopsy. When they made an incision on his face, blood came out of him, which means that the man was still alive. Realizing this, the doctors immediately sewed up the wound.

Kameho, who was 33 years old at the time, later said that the pain from the incision was so severe that he immediately woke up. His distraught wife, who came to the morgue to identify the body, was overjoyed to learn that her husband was alive and well. The hospital where Kameho was taken refused to comment on the miraculous event, but Kameho has a document about the autopsy and a scar on his face - evidence that doctors declared him dead.

10 people who "miraculously" rose from the dead

In 2013, Jennifer da Silva Gomez gave birth to a baby girl named Yasmina. The doctors decided that she was stillborn. Yasmina's body was supposed to be sent to the morgue, but instead the midwife Ana Claudia Oliveira laid the girl on the altar of the hospital chapel.

Three hours later, Yasmina Gomez came back to life. This was witnessed by Yasmina's grandmother Elsa Silva, who came to the chapel for the body. A family friend who accompanied Elsa later said that Yasmina "jerked her leg and opened her eyes." After that, doctors took over the girl.

Dr. Aurelia Filipak, who signed the child's death certificate, said: "In 20 years of my medical practice, I have never seen anything like this." We've heard that somewhere before, haven't we? Is that what all doctors say?

10 people who "miraculously" rose from the dead

A resident of the Chinese village of Beilu shocked all the neighbors when she rose from the dead after lying in a coffin for six days. The neighbor tried to bring Sufen to her senses, but could not and decided that she had died.

Xiufen's body was placed in an open coffin and left at her house so that relatives and friends could say goodbye to her. But the day before the funeral, the neighbors almost died of horror themselves, because they saw an empty coffin. They began to look for the dead Sufen and found her in the kitchen — an old woman was cooking. She answered the neighbors ' questions: "I slept for so long, but I woke up very hungry and decided to cook myself a meal. I had to push this heavy lid for a long time to get out."

At that time, Li Xiufen was 95 years old.

10 people who "miraculously" rose from the dead

Taslima Rafiq was 52 years old when she got a second chance at life. The mother of four children was taken to the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading, UK after a heart attack. Doctors tried to start her heart for 45 minutes, but could not, and the woman was pronounced dead.

Taslima's death was reported to her relatives, and they came to say goodbye to her. Doctors warned them that the body could make involuntary movements due to the adrenaline injected into it. And that's right: Taslima's body twitched for two whole hours. This gave the relatives hope that she was still alive, and they asked the doctors to examine the body again. The doctor found a weak pulse, but told the family that Taslima was "clinging to life," and her brain had suffered too much due to lack of oxygen, and she would not be able to survive.

But the family continued to pray for a miracle. Taslima's daughter Shabana told her, "Mom, if I did something that made you upset, tell me." And to her surprise Taslima replied: "What could you have done to make me upset?"

The very next morning Taslima felt well and chatted and joked with her family as if nothing had happened.

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