10 future developments from Google

10 future developments from Google

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As you know, Google is not only a search engine: the company is one of the world leaders in the creation of gadgets, Internet services and much more. The most interesting developments are being carried out by the secret Google X team, and among their projects are airships that spread wireless Internet and the development of next-generation drugs, but this is just the tip of the iceberg: here are 10 ideas that the Internet giant is trying to bring to life.

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10 future developments from Google

10 future developments from Google

1. A driverless car will make traffic safer

Google X specialists have been working on the Driverless Car Program project for several years.

Negotiations are now underway with the authorities to allow tests of self-driving cars on public roads - so far only the states of California and Nevada have agreed to this.

A fleet of ten cars with test systems has allowed to run more than 480 thousand km (as of August 2012), and of course, testing continues. True, it is not yet clear when such systems will appear on the free market.

10 future developments from Google

2. Google Glass will change the way you think about gadgets

Wearing these glasses, you can forget about the screens of smartphones and computers - the necessary information will always be available with just one eye movement.

One look up - and you have a calendar, email, social networks, weather, in general, whatever you want.

Google Glass makes revolutionary technology available to a wide range of people: so far only a few lucky ones, mostly developers and journalists, have been able to use working prototype glasses, but consumers will have such an opportunity next year.

10 future developments from Google

3. "Smart home" according to Google

The technology, called Android@Home, will allow you to fully automate all life support systems by connecting to the Internet: for example, while you are not at home, the refrigerator will be able to order the necessary products by itself, and the coffee maker will prepare coffee exactly at your arrival.

Android@Home will tie all the electrical appliances in a home, from microwaves to light bulbs, to a single control system, but Google hasn't revealed the full scope of the forward-thinking development just yet.

10 future developments from Google

4. Space elevator

In 2011, the Google X team included the Space Elevator idea on the so-called “What if…” list, according to Time magazine. I must say that the very concept of this method of delivering people and goods into orbit was put forward by K. E. Tsiolkovsky in 1895.

Do not expect Google to implement this idea as soon as possible - the development of an "elevator to orbit" requires the solution of many technical problems, and it is increasingly being said that it is impossible to bring this idea to life. However, it is likely that Google is covering its tracks in this way in order to keep the development process secret.

10 future developments from Google

5. Watch-smartphone on the Android platform

Recently it became known that Google is preparing a direct competitor to Apple's iWatch - a wristwatch combined with a smartphone: of course, Google's SmartWatch smartphone will use the Android operating system.

This next “must have” novelty for gadget lovers will be available at the beginning of next year.

10 future developments from Google

6. Google will take care of your health

The Internet giant owns a stake in Adimab, a company developing a diagnostic and treatment system for various diseases that would combine many technologies and methods to combat ailments. The revolutionary idea is the invention of miniature sensors that search for and optimize the antibodies produced by the body - to start treatment, you just need to swallow such a sensor.

Another development of Google in the field of healthcare is being carried out by a subsidiary of iPierian, which is creating technology "cellular reprogramming" (cellular reprogramming), which will allow you to fight diseases by modifying cells.

10 future developments from Google

7. Internet airships will cover the entire planet with wireless communication

Google's ambitions as an Internet provider have reached unprecedented heights - the company is developing airships that will provide wireless communications for the entire planet, including hard-to-reach regions in Africa and other corners of the Earth.

If the project is implemented, about 1 billion more people will get into the World Wide Web - mostly residents of the Third World countries.

10 future developments from Google

8. Android game console

The popularity of the Android platform is growing all over the world, and Google is committed to using its capabilities to the maximum.

The Wall Street Journal talked about the development of a game console from Google, which is designed to become a "killer" of similar Apple technology - Apple TV: a game console from Google will allow you to run any Android games directly on your home TV.

10 future developments from Google

9. The path of development of Google smartphones will be determined by Motorola

Google's purchase of Motorola Mobility (the deal amounted to $12.5 billion) allowed the first to become the owner of 24.5 thousand patents and developments.

Under the wing of the Internet giant, Motorola will release an Android-based Moto X smartphone with all the modern features and specifications, and, of course, some of the fashionable "chips" that competitors do not yet have - the release day is very close.

10 future developments from Google

10. Eco-friendly energy sources

Makani Power is a developer of advanced technologies in the field of wind and solar energy: Google has previously invested heavily in the company, and recently acquired it entirely and included it in projects that Google X is engaged in.

The most famous development of Makani Power is wind turbines, soaring at an altitude of almost 300 m to 650 m and allowing you to generate electricity literally from thin air.

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