Why walk around naked: A Brief History of Nudism

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Nudism appeared a very long time ago — we can say that the current arose together with humanity itself. At the heart of this phenomenon is not a vulgar and somewhat completely perverted desire to admire the nude and show your own (this is rather inherent in exhibitionists), but a completely healthy desire to get closer to nature.

The modern world is slowly beginning to get rid of the remnants of centuries-old morality: people are more and more willing to arrange not only nudist beaches, but also whole naturism tours. Today we will tell you where nudists came from, what good the practice of walking around naked brings, and whether it can lead to the liberation of the mind of all mankind in principle.

Why walk around naked: A Brief History of Nudism

Why walk around naked: A Brief History of Nudism

Ancient Greece

The sacred nature of nudity was noticed in antiquity: it was not for nothing that the Greeks held all sports events completely naked. The very word "gymnos" means "naked", from which the modern word "gymnastics"comes.

In addition, most of the pagan fertility rites were also performed in the nude. In many regions of ancient Greece, there was a practice of spiritual protection against a possible attack: every month, young girls had to walk with a plow around the borders of the village.

Why walk around naked: A Brief History of Nudism


The birth of nudism in India was also associated with mystical reasons. Even the chroniclers of Alexander the Great described the course of the so — called Gymnosophists-naked sages. At the moment, there is still a certain sect of ascetics, which, in fact, is one of the branches of Jainism. Here, nudity is seen as liberation from the mortal world.

Why walk around naked: A Brief History of Nudism


At the beginning of the twentieth century, Puritan Germany surprised the rest of the world. Here was born the culture of the free body, which, as you know, is based on the constant nudism of its adherents. From this moment, we can count the modern history of nudism, the founder of which was a geographer (and a committed anarchist) Elise Reclu. He spoke of nudity as a socially acceptable behavior that could lead the whole world to a new way of thinking.

Why walk around naked: A Brief History of Nudism


At about the same time, the teachings of naturism penetrated into Scandinavia. Here his apologist was Soren Sorensen, who founded the first of its kind nudist club "Sunny Sport of the North"in 1936. From here, the current spread to France, where doctors Gaston and Andre Duville started the publication of the magazine "Live Wisely" and founded the thematic resort "Heliopolis".

Why walk around naked: A Brief History of Nudism

Soviet Union

Our country has not lagged behind the new trends. The main ideologist of the naked lifestyle was Maximilian Voloshin. His books " Glare. Nudity" and " Glare. Masks. Nudity " became a real desktop bible for thousands of Russian and then Soviet tourists. He was also the founder of the main nudist beaches in the Crimea. Oddly enough, this initiative was also welcomed by the Soviet authorities.

Until about the mid-1930s, people staged whole naked processions on the streets of the main cities of the country, including on Moscow avenues. Lenin himself, in one of his works, declared that there is a "healthy proletarian principle" in nudism.

Why walk around naked: A Brief History of Nudism

What are the advantages

First of all, nudism solves almost all the problems associated with the fear of society. Practicing naturism for several months a year in a row, you will certainly stop being shy and public speaking, and meetings in an unfamiliar company.

In addition, nudists, as a rule, begin to treat the environment very carefully. When a person is not wearing clothes, he is more susceptible to the state of nature around him — the same principle applies to ordinary life.

Why walk around naked: A Brief History of Nudism

Cons of naturism

First, do not forget about the adverse effects of ultraviolet radiation. It accelerates the aging process of the skin, especially strongly affecting its most delicate areas. Usually they are hidden by bathing suits — without them, the nudist literally exposes himself to the destructive rays of the sun.

Secondly, we must not forget about the social component of the phenomenon. The display of reproductive organs in most people causes an understandable negative reaction, because such exposure has been taboo since the ancient world.

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