Why Muslim men are forbidden to wear silk and gold

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Islam is the religion of enjoining the believers to adhere strictly to certain rules and rituals. Most of them are described in the hadith describing the life and teachings of the prophet Muhammad. It was there said that silk robes and gold things not attractive, and the corrupt and make it feminine. What is the reason for this attitude to luxury and compliance with these rules today?

Why Muslim men are forbidden to wear silk and gold

Banning of silk and gold, saying hadiths written several revered Muslim theologians. One of the most respected scholars of the middle Ages, Muslim Ibn al-Hajjaj, wrote about this in his collection of hadith "Sahih Muslim" as:

Another hadith tells us about the words of the prophet Muhammad concerning silk robes, which were heard by the second righteous Amir Umar and later transferred to the faithful Muhammad al-Bukhari:

So why did Muhammad spoke negatively about the jewelry and expensive clothing? First and foremost, his words carry a lot of moral, educational significance. Male differs from the female by the fact that Allah has endowed him with strength, courage and valor. If he had to compete in the beauty and sophistication with their wives and sisters?

Why Muslim men are forbidden to wear silk and gold

Secondly, luxury separates a man from spirituality, from God, and in addition weakens the will of the people, making it weak and vulnerable to enemies. In the Quran there are such words:

The ban on silk and gold, had a practical value, as eloquently tells the story of captain Mochulsky. In 1838, during the next Caucasus military campaign of captain Mochulsky along with a squad of friendly highlanders sent in exploration in the remote mountains of Dagestan.

Why Muslim men are forbidden to wear silk and gold

The General staff instructed the officer to gather information about the towns, roads, passes, water and manpower of the enemy, as well as make more detailed maps of the area, is able to facilitate the advance of Russian troops. For responsible tasks Mochulsky turned into a real Highlander — the captain had a beard, has mastered the basic customs and traditions and dressed in Dagestan clothes.

But the murids had not taken any action, fearing to incur the revenge of the blood of the mountaineers who took a suspicious guests in their homes. Guest in the Caucasus — a person shall be inviolable and the owner never his offense will not give in, so they could only follow the movement of a squad deep into Dagestan to wait for the travelers themselves will be given.

Why Muslim men are forbidden to wear silk and gold

Uncover spy Mochulsky barely failed the wise elders of the village avaric Mokok — they noticed that the clothes of one of the guests (it was the captain himself), contrary to Islamic tradition, hemmed with silk threads. After that, it became questionable and deafness guest, which we decided to test the most simple and effective way.

Why Muslim men are forbidden to wear silk and gold

Now the rules concerning gold jewellery and silk fabrics, abide not in the Muslim world. It is well known love some Eastern men massive gold ornaments and special bling to clothing. But this true Muslim is easily distinguished from people, "Ponte". Even with fabulous wealth, he will look in the first place, as a man, and therefore you will not see thick gold chains and defiantly expensive items and outfits.

But in Southeast Asia, gold is a sign held, successful guy. That is why a businessman from Vietnam named Tran Ngoc Phuket has to offer. bears the kilograms of the precious metal.

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