The secret of the Debukari service, or Why the Japanese rent fat people

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Japan is a country where you can meet the most unusual requests. We have already written about how in the Land of the Rising Sun they rent grumpy old men, and recently there was information about a new service called" Debucari " (Debucari). He offers individuals and companies to rent a fat man for 2,000 yen (1,300 rubles) per hour. But does anyone really need it? It turns out that even as!

The secret of the Debukari service, or Why the Japanese rent fat people

The idea of renting out fat people came to a Japanese entrepreneur known as Mr. Bliss. This man founded the clothing brand for overweight people Qzilla, as well as the eponymous employment agency that works only with " big " people. By the way, the first 45 clients of this company found work almost immediately.

The secret of the Debukari service, or Why the Japanese rent fat people

In April 2021, Qzilla announced the launch of Debukari, a fat man rental service. This may seem strange, but it's gone and there is no end of those who want to use this service. Why do the Japanese rent them? Let's start with the fact that Japan is a country of thin people and fat people are very rare there. Therefore, everything related to excess weight is not very developed in this country.

Most often, overweight people are rented for filming in advertising. Here, if you throw a cry, hundreds of people will come to the casting, but the Japanese are arranged somewhat differently – they are secretive, reserved and are not used to flaunting themselves. Therefore, it is easier to rent a fat man by selecting from the catalog than to search for an ad.

The secret of the Debukari service, or Why the Japanese rent fat people

It is not uncommon to hire overweight people to try on their clothes. This may be necessary if you want to surprise a buxom friend or a person who is not allowed to go shopping by illness or modesty. There are more unusual reasons to rent an overweight person. Some people need a companion, against which they will seem miniature, or just a big man who inspires respect with his size.

To work in the service "Debukari" you need to weigh at least 100 kg. But only an impressive figure on the scale is not enough to get a job. Applicants are required to have a positive attitude to their weight and goodwill. People of any age and gender, starting from 18 years old, are suitable for work.

Mr. Bliss, the founder of the company, claims that he does not receive a single yen from his employees. All the money received for rent, the fat people take for themselves. The profit of the entrepreneur from "Debukari" is minimal – the company takes symbolic commissions from corporate clients and "wholesale" customers. So, we can say that Bliss simply helps people with excess weight to realize themselves and feel that they are interesting, beautiful and in demand.

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