The basics of Gypsy hypnosis, or As accidentally "Golden handshake"

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About the special psychic powers of the Roma people were known by our ancestors. Gypsies have long been famous for its ability to lure money from the merchant, the farmer to sell a sick horse under the guise of frisky horses or clean out the pockets of the onlookers at the fair. Over the centuries, nothing has changed — nomadic people was not honest, and we have not learned vigilance. The Gipsy hypnosis which probably heard everything, is still considered the main weapon of the Roma in the fight for our money.

The basics of Gypsy hypnosis, or As accidentally "Golden handshake"

Those Gypsies that have chosen the path of fraud, you can without exaggeration be called by psychologists without a diploma. Not every Professor of psychology will be able to manipulate the human mind, as simple as the Gypsy woman in colorful skirt. Picking up where a lot of people, stations, markets, public transport, Gypsies kept a sharp look out for prey, and evaluating culling of tens and hundreds of people.

Experienced Gypsy "at work"

They immediately notice the person dejected everyday concerns, and he becomes their "client". Crushed family problems, troubles at work and financial difficulties, victims of the Roma easy-going, willing to talk about their problems and rarely refuse an offer to look into the future.

Gypsy easily manipulate people using their knowledge of psychology and an incredible observation. Is there a way to escape from the effect of Gypsy hypnosis and to avoid the loss of money and valuables?

Victims of the Roma, and the extortion of money on the streets doing what women tell you that during a conversation con artists have all seen, heard and felt, but did what they said the Gypsy. They were detached from reality and fell into the fantasy world created by a Gypsy woman, she implicitly believed and lost critical thinking. All of this continues for long, just a few minutes, but this is enough to Rob the unfortunate passer-by.

The basics of Gypsy hypnosis, or As accidentally "Golden handshake"

It is believed that the gift of hypnosis have not all Gypsy women. The favorites get their abilities from their ancestors in the female line, and the rest are doomed to be the participants, distracting and help the main crook safe "to leave the scene" with the extraction. It is not so, the situation is much simpler and more prosaic.

The actions of the Gypsy hypnotists is no mystery and science have long been familiar with their methodology. This practice of hypnosis is rooted in ancient Indian culture and studied American scientist Erickson. She even called Ericksonian hypnosis, but Gypsies, most likely, do not know about.

Ericksonian hypnosis is widely used by therapists around the world who by asking questions, seeking from the person they need answers and gradual immersion in a trance. In this moment begins to work actively, the right hemisphere of the brain, which is called "creative," and the left is responsible for logic and judgment, works in "background".

The basics of Gypsy hypnosis, or As accidentally "Golden handshake"

Therefore, we can confidently say that no psychic abilities or magical skills Gypsy't have, and "throw" their victims for money almost scientific method. For work on the streets of experienced Gypsy prepare their successors, choosing the most brisk and intelligent girls.

You may have noticed that Roma are always surrounded by a bunch of noisy and samorzadny children? Usually among them are girl passed "basic training". Fraudsters are taking the kids with me to those observed and mastered a difficult profession, but also develop communication skills and was not afraid.

Involving a passerby in a web of his hypnotic spell, Gypsy to use a lot of tricks. One of them is speech without stopping with a special, wavy intonation. Such a speech irritate the psyche and desorientiert person, not allowing him to focus on any thoughts and make the right decision.

The basics of Gypsy hypnosis, or As accidentally "Golden handshake"

Gypsy intricate rearrange the words in sentences, distort accents and include in it a stranger to the victim of the words of the Romani language. So the person spends even more time to our processing your information and its continuous flow completely disorientated.

This Gypsy comes very close, staring eyes and holds the hand or touches his shoulder. So it breaks down barriers between themselves and a stranger, subconsciously become "their", not dangerous. Women immediately eliminate communication gap, moving and generously bestows companion pet-diminutive nickname, "honey", "sweetheart" "girl" "boy" and "expensive".

One of the most effective ways to protect against Roma can be called the mask of calm well-being in the face. To have not happened, don't look in crowded places downcast, confused or puzzled. Needless to portray excessive happiness or daydreaming — they also attract a Gypsy, promising them easy prey.

The basics of Gypsy hypnosis, or As accidentally "Golden handshake"

But if Gypsy is still approached you to operate simply and decisively. Keep going where you were going, avoiding to slow down or stop. In any case it is impossible to answer questions. Harmless "time" or "give me a cigarette" is just a means to get closer, engage potential victim in conversation, from which it will come with empty pockets. These issues — one of the ways to verify a person's resistance to hypnosis and it is better not to tempt fate.

The basics of Gypsy hypnosis, or As accidentally "Golden handshake"

If the conversation could not be avoided, then all the questions Gypsy need to answer is "no". Do not be afraid to be rude or ill-mannered person — remember that the sole purpose with which you went to Roma is to Rob you to the bone. Negative responses do not fit friendly for the cheats script and confusing them.

Answering all the questions is "no", regardless of their language, you will be discouraged Gypsy and switch places with her. She expects to see you weak, malleable person, but not arrogant aggressor. If you saw the confusion companion, unable to finish her, interrupting her monologue replicas at random and weird questions.

The basics of Gypsy hypnosis, or As accidentally "Golden handshake"

Is proven as a "talisman" from Gypsy selected Russian math. With abuse Gypsies involves a lot of superstition and the representatives of the people, particularly women, are very afraid of profanity and especially wishes. When selected areal swearing comes from the mouth of a woman, which of such do not expect it destroys the whole scenario Gypsy operations to seize the money.

Sometimes Gypsy not remain in debt and begin to answer the shouting curses. It does not need to be afraid of and you can say the same, choosing a more eerie wishes her and her family. Gypsies curse operate smoothly, they are very impressionable and is afraid for his family, so he will retreat. It is important, repulsing the attack of the Gypsies, not to get the police, as the language in a public place, after all it's a misdemeanor.

The basics of Gypsy hypnosis, or As accidentally "Golden handshake"

It is especially important to protect from Gypsy right hand, as, stroking it, it can affect the brain responsible for judgment and take full control of the situation.

Roma is an amazing people, in addition to the gift of hypnosis and incredible aversion to work with a number of superpowers. For example, representatives of this ancient people are immune to many dangerous diseases, without any vaccinations.

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