How was the wedding night of the kings in the Middle Ages

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In the Middle Ages, marriage was not as simple as it is now - marriages were often viewed as a commercial transaction, and not as a union of people who liked each other. And certainly, someone who, and the kings certainly could not “marry for love” - we still know this from an old hit. Territorial and political interests - yes, but feelings ... who thought about them ...

Based on this, the first night of the spouses became, rather, a matter of state. Like this? Yes, very easy! True, with their rituals, from which today the hair stands on end.


How was the wedding night of the kings in the Middle Ages

1. About preparation

The princess was prepared for marriage almost from childhood, but her mother or an older relative actually told her “about that very thing” before the wedding. If a girl went to her fiancé as a child (something like that happened), her future husband's family members "enlightened" her.

The optimal time for marriage was calculated by referring to astrologers and soothsayers - especially if they wanted a faster heir. Should I wait? Yes, please - if only the stars favored.

2. About Hygiene

Opinions differed here: for example, Marie de Medici was simply shocked by the fact that her husband (by the way, the king of France) did not even think about washing before their wedding night. In her homeland, ladies before such an event not only took a bath but also rubbed themselves with aromatic oils. Somewhere, the issue of cleanliness was treated superficially, without sharpening. Body and body, smell and smell...

How was the wedding night of the kings in the Middle Ages

3. Henry IV and Marie de Medici


Marriage in medieval Europe was recognized as having taken place only if the young had sexual intercourse. Sometimes this action replaced reclining - the courtiers stood at the bed, and the young lay down dressed together and got up a few minutes later. All of them are husband and wife because they have been in the same bed.

Even real intimacy without prying eyes could not happen - there were relatives in the bedroom. If necessary, they could help with advice, and pour wine on the groom - as they say, for courage. So in England, even ... the archbishop was invited to the lodge of the spouses.

How was the wedding night of the kings in the Middle Ages

4. Evidence

Until the 17th century, a sheet with traces of blood (a consequence of the wedding night) was hung out for general viewing - so, they say, the bride was a virgin. And this also did not bypass the kings ...

Probably, being in the distant past, modern man would go crazy with all this horror. Do you also think or think that "there is something in it"?

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