How to lose weight in a month: 5 tips that actually work

The summer is soon, so it's time to prepare your body for short-shorts, dresses and outdoor t-shirts.

Do not rush to despair, to lose weight, do not have to go to the gym and diet. We have prepared for you a few effective tips, following which you can easily get rid of the annoying excess weight.

And it is only a month!

How to lose weight in a month: 5 tips that actually work

First, let's see how many pounds you can lose weight in a month, causing harm to their health.

The results of weight loss for each individual will, as they depend on the way of life that leads people from the time that he "eats" the extra pounds, what power is held and so on. The greater the weight, the easier it is to lose weight. But be prepared for the fact that in the first weeks of the body will receive the excess fluid (2 to 5 kg) and then fat.

Healthy weight loss is considered 1 — 1.5 kg per week or not more than 200 g per day. So in a month you can lose about 4-6 kg, if you observe the following rules.


Drink per day at least 1,5−2 liters of water (coffee, tea, various drinks do not count). Get in the habit to start your morning with a glass of clean water. Then during the day, drink 6-8 glasses. Not to forget about it, you can set a reminder on your phone all the time or to carry a bottle of water.

Proper nutrition

How to lose weight in a month: 5 tips that actually work

Needless to say, that without a proper balanced diet is impossible to achieve any results in losing weight? Even if you go to the gym... 70% of success depend on the diet.

Therefore, we strongly recommend you to delete from it all bakery and confectionery products, fast food, sweets, fried and fatty foods. Replace it with the fruit baked and cooked dishes, vegetable salads. In rare cases, it is allowed to eat a piece of dark chocolate. But only a piece! And it should not become a habit.

Regular meals

How to lose weight in a month: 5 tips that actually work

Your breakfasts, Lunches and dinners have to be about at the same time. Also do not forget about the snacks! Yes, to lose weight, you need to eat a lot! Great options for a snack: unsweetened yogurt, diabetic bread, dried fruit, protein bars, low-fat cheese.For Breakfast give your preference to cereals, cottage cheese or eggs. Lunch — vegetable salads, soups, lean meat. Dinner with a "light" meal, so can consist of the vegetables or dairy products.

In no case do not starve! So the body will "save fat reserves", the metabolism will slow down, and with it, respectively, and the process of weight loss.

Physical activity

How to lose weight in a month: 5 tips that actually work

No one is forcing you to go to the gym and lift the 100-pound barbell, but to show at least minimal physical activity, if you want to lose weight, you need. In addition to weight reduction is a positive influence on your overall well-being.

At least 20-30 minutes a day, devote movement. No matter what it is — morning exercises or evening walk in the fresh air.

Do not get hung up!

How to lose weight in a month: 5 tips that actually work

Forget about the fact that you lose weight! Stop trying every day to get on the scales and upset over every extra gram.

Give yourself installation, which switched to a healthy lifestyle and stick to it all the time. Enjoy the process, and soon you will see the first results!

To evaluate your progress, take a few photos before weight loss, and measure and record its main parameters.

And you have already prepared your body for summer?

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