“Guaranteed Job For Life”: 15 Jobs People Are 99.9% Sure AI Won’t Steal

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Whether you’re a techno-optimist, realist, or pessimist, you can’t deny that the rise of artificial intelligence is shaking things up. The job industry is going through some major shifts. And, likely, this will only accelerate in the future. The International Monetary Fund warns that AI is going to affect nearly 40% of all jobs worldwide.

Naturally, some folks are slightly worried about the future of their careers. Meanwhile, others are barely breaking a sweat. The r/AskReddit community recently chatted about the jobs that they think are nearly entirely safe from AI making them obsolete. Scroll down to hear their thoughts. (You might also want to keep this in mind for a plan B if your white-collar or creative job goes sideways.)

Bored Panda wanted to learn more about which professions are safer and more vulnerable, as well as how employees can adapt to the spread of AI. So, we reached out to marketing psychology speaker Matt Johnson, Ph., and personal finance expert Sam Dogen from ‘Financial Samurai’ for comment.


“Guaranteed Job For Life”: 15 Jobs People Are 99.9% Sure AI Won’t Steal




I would do ungodly, unforgivable things for an AI rig that will do my patients’ bowel programs.

According to marketing psychology speaker Johnson, who is the host of the branding and human nature blogs, even though AI is “poised to transform a significant portion of the workforce, not everyone needs to panic.”

“It's clear that certain jobs are less susceptible to immediate disruption. Roles requiring high levels of creativity, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence, such as artists, therapists, and strategic decision-makers, are less likely to be automated. Jobs that involve complex problem-solving in unpredictable environments, like scientists or emergency responders, also remain relatively safe,” he explained to Bored Panda via email.

Johnson noted that other positions that are less likely to be automated include nurses, social workers, and educators, who require a high degree of human interaction and empathy in their day-to-day jobs.

Meanwhile, skilled tradespeople and technicians, whose roles demand high levels of manual dexterity and adaptability, are also safer from becoming obsolete. “While AI will undoubtedly impact the job market, these roles are expected to remain in demand due to their uniquely human qualities and the complexity of the tasks involved,” Johnson said.

“Guaranteed Job For Life”: 15 Jobs People Are 99.9% Sure AI Won’t Steal


Trade jobs (plumbing, electricians, painters, etc).


Ye. I'm a plumber in Ontario. At this point, I can quit my job right now via text and have a new one lined up for Monday. No AI or modular homes are taking any work from me.

“Guaranteed Job For Life”: 15 Jobs People Are 99.9% Sure AI Won’t Steal


Teacher, especially for younger kids. Parents want their kids to learn from a human because there are important social aspects they must learn.


Teacher! Sorry but if COVID has taught us anything it’s the need for a real person standing in front of these kids. As a teacher for the last 22 years, i can tell you that these kids are damaged by remote learning. Turns out that much of my job is getting kids to be present in the moment. Not distracted by the window or the kid next to them, not the phones but the material in front of them. Phones (and the AI in it) are making it harder but they need human beings to guide them and train them to gain intellectual endurance. AI will never replace us.

Personal finance expert Dogen, the creator of the ‘Financial Samurai' blog and the author of the bestseller ‘How To Engineer Your Layoff,’ has a similar point of view.

“Artificial intelligence serves as a powerful tool, enhancing productivity while simultaneously posing a threat to certain jobs in the future. The key for all workers lies in understanding how to effectively utilize AI to boost job performance, akin to learning to use a scientific calculator for solving math equations when it was first introduced. Failure to grasp AI's potential leaves individuals at a disadvantage,” Dogen told Bored Panda.

“Jobs least susceptible to disruption by AI are those involving substantial manual labor. Professions like plumbing, electrical work, roofing, landscaping, and nursing necessitate hands-on tasks that AI can assist in improving but struggles to replace entirely,” he said.

“Guaranteed Job For Life”: 15 Jobs People Are 99.9% Sure AI Won’t Steal


Artists who draw hands.

“Guaranteed Job For Life”: 15 Jobs People Are 99.9% Sure AI Won’t Steal


Engineers. Even when we have AI robot workers, someone will still need to fix the robots.

“Guaranteed Job For Life”: 15 Jobs People Are 99.9% Sure AI Won’t Steal


Wiping old peoples' butts in nursing homes. Guaranteed job for life. 

“Conversely, jobs most vulnerable to AI disruption are those that can be easily automated without extensive manual labor. Roles such as data entry, data analysis, telemarketing, bookkeeping, cashiering, writing, and even aspects of investing fall into this category, as they involve tasks that AI can readily undertake. Individuals must adapt and enhance their skills to remain competitive in a job market influenced by AI," Dogen said.

According to marketing psychology speaker Johnson, there are things that all employees can do to become less replaceable by AI. “Employees can focus on developing skills that complement AI rather than compete with it. Put simply—your job probably won't be replaced by AI itself; your job will be replaced by someone using AI,” he stressed.

“To cultivate a better partnership with AI, employees will want to think about honing their skills in areas like data analysis, programming, and machine learning, which can enhance their ability to work alongside AI systems. Additionally, cultivating soft skills, such as creativity, emotional intelligence, and complex problem-solving, can make individuals more valuable in roles that require human interaction and nuanced decision-making,” Johnson shared.

“Guaranteed Job For Life”: 15 Jobs People Are 99.9% Sure AI Won’t Steal


I'm an aircraft mechanic, I don't see AI crawling its nonexistent a*s into the belly of an airplane anytime soon.

“Guaranteed Job For Life”: 15 Jobs People Are 99.9% Sure AI Won’t Steal


First responders.

I saw a fire break out once, near my office. It was an old factory where some junkies sometimes gather, so it naturally went up one day. There is a big heavy gate at the entrance of the yard with heavy steel bars and barbed wire. People from around the yard tried to open it before the firefighters came, so they had an easier job, but no one could open it, and there was a metalworking factory near it. Angle grinders, saws, nothing could cut it. The junkies used a small hole to get in.


The firefighters came, took out some contraptions, and took the fire out through one of the windows of the factory. Using the Bernoulli principle. They never entered the yard. The fire raged 20 minutes and was done in 5 minutes after they came. I can't see a situation where AI is so responsive to really complex situations. Maybe some future AGI, but then we will achieve post-scarcity.

“Guaranteed Job For Life”: 15 Jobs People Are 99.9% Sure AI Won’t Steal


I'm biased but being a therapist. It'd be easy to make an AI that does it poorly and unethically. But to make even an alright therapist it would be insanely hard...

In the meantime, Johnson shared some thoughts on how employees can address their fear of becoming obsolete. He said that it’s vital to stay informed about emerging technologies and industry trends. On top of that, employees ought to actively seek opportunities for continuous learning and upskilling.

“Building a strong professional network and staying adaptable to change can also help individuals navigate the evolving job market with confidence. By embracing lifelong learning and focusing on skills that complement AI, employees can position themselves for long-term career success in this age of generative AI,” he told us.

Personal finance expert Dogen, from Financial Samurai, shared with Bored Panda that the most effective strategy to safeguard your job from AI is to cultivate a personal brand. “For white-collar professionals, this involves building a brand centered on qualities such as dependability, hard work, kindness, collaboration, and intelligence. A robust ‘work brand’ encompassing these attributes ensures ongoing employability,” he said.

Creatives also need to prioritize brand-building so that they become distinct and stand out from a crowd of competitors.

“Guaranteed Job For Life”: 15 Jobs People Are 99.9% Sure AI Won’t Steal


I’m an occupational therapist in an inpatient rehabilitation hospital helping people regain independence with their daily activities. Hard to see AI taking my place at any time in the near or even mid-future.

“Guaranteed Job For Life”: 15 Jobs People Are 99.9% Sure AI Won’t Steal



Because politicians know they are vastly overpaid, and won't want to lose that.

“Guaranteed Job For Life”: 15 Jobs People Are 99.9% Sure AI Won’t Steal


Professional athlete.

“A memorable brand should evoke a specific image or feeling, providing those who cultivate strong brands with enhanced opportunities and the ability to command premium prices. Consider the pricing contrast between Louis Vuitton, charging $2,000 for a handbag, and Old Navy, which might only command $80 for a similar production cost,” Dogen said.

“Creating a personal website is a pivotal aspect of brand-building, allowing individuals to control their image. While maintaining social media profiles on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook is essential, your website offers the ideal space to authentically share your story and showcase who you are,” the expert suggested investing some time and energy into this.

“Finally, the best way to protect yourself from artificial intelligence is to invest in artificial intelligence companies. Everyone can invest in publicly traded companies with AI exposure, such as Microsoft, NVIDIA, Google, and more,” he shared his thoughts.

“In addition, everyone can now invest in private AI companies through open-ended venture capital funds investing in AI. Of course, there are no guarantees that these AI investments will make a positive return, given they are all risk assets. However, if AI does indeed revolutionize the world, investing in AI companies today could pay off in the future.”

“Guaranteed Job For Life”: 15 Jobs People Are 99.9% Sure AI Won’t Steal


Comedians. AI can't write funny things.

“Guaranteed Job For Life”: 15 Jobs People Are 99.9% Sure AI Won’t Steal


I install elevators for a living. We are so, so far away from building any machine that has all the physical abilities to get it done, and just as far from making AI that has the wits it takes to figure out how to even do it.

Construction on sites in general, involves a lot of "figuring it out" and "working with what you have".

“Guaranteed Job For Life”: 15 Jobs People Are 99.9% Sure AI Won’t Steal


Community work/ social work. The more human you are in this field, the better. No one would tolerate or even bother engaging with an AI.

A report from Goldman Sachs from back in March 2023 projected that content-generating AI could do a quarter of all the work currently done by people. In the European Union and the United States alone, around 300 jobs could be lost to automation.

“If generative AI delivers on its promised capabilities, the labor market could face significant disruption. Using data on occupational tasks in both the US and Europe, we find that roughly two-thirds of current jobs are exposed to some degree of AI automation, and that generative AI could substitute up to one-fourth of current work,” the report states.

According to Business Insider, some of the jobs that are the most vulnerable to AI include tech jobs (from coders to software engineers) and media jobs (from content creation and journalism to advertising).

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