Artist Used AI To Create 10 Unbreakable Costumes: They Look Hilarious

Imagine suiting up every day in what can only be described as a cross between a spacesuit and a superhero ensemble. Your entire body is swathed in layers of fabric, encased in a cocoon that promises protection from any kind of threat. Be it exposure to germs, risk of falling, and even fires—this unbreakable costume can protect you from anything.

Well, you don’t have to imagine because AI did it for you. 

Creative photographer and AI artist, Adas Vasiliauskas used AI to imagine the whackiest, zaniest costumes that look straight out of a sci-fi movie.

Adas conducted an experiment using artificial intelligence to generate the safest costume in the world. He created a delightful fusion of technology and humor and the results were a hilarious blend of unexpected, quirky images.

These 10 outlandish getups are a sight to behold. Sure, they might shield you from a stray sneeze or a stumble down the stairs, but are they practical? Well, you be the judge! 

The project was initiated by Surfshark, a cybersecurity company to understand how practical it would be to stay safe from any and every danger, whether online or offline.

Scroll down below for Adas’ take on the safest costumes in the world. Tell us which designs you wouldn’t mind wearing every day—whether you’re stepping out to buy groceries,  holding team meetings, or making a purchase online.

We encourage you to upvote your favorite ones and tell us why you love them in the comments.

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Artist Used AI To Create 10 Unbreakable Costumes: They Look Hilarious

#1 The Trippy Bead Blast

This psychedelic ensemble is covered from head to toe in countless small beads, and adorned with plastic balls (or are they balloons?) in mesmerizing rainbow hues.

It’s a surefire conversation starter. I mean, who wouldn’t want to strike up a chat with the person rocking a onesie that looks like it was designed by a tripping unicorn?

It looks cozy. But good luck trying to navigate a crowded space without leaving a trail of multicolored beads in your wake.

Artist Used AI To Create 10 Unbreakable Costumes: They Look Hilarious

#2 The Punk Rock

Imagine going to work in a costume bedazzled with large purple sequins and golden spikes. It might be practical if you were auditioning for the lead singer of a punk rock band (assuming you can see through those cardboard lenses). But would you wear it every day?

To top it all off, it comes with a green cast that covers your face except for small openings for the nose and mouth. That’s one way to avoid a conversation with colleagues!

Now, let’s weigh the pros and cons, shall we? On the bright side, you’re practically guaranteed to turn heads—whether those heads are spinning in admiration or utter confusion we’ll never know. On the downside though, getting any actual work done while wearing this seems quite unlikely.

Artist Used AI To Create 10 Unbreakable Costumes: They Look Hilarious

#3 The Corn Kernel

This bright yellow ensemble with playful dimples will remind you of your favorite pop-it game. The suit is designed to fully encase your body in a vibrant red shell complete with a handy-dandy plastic screen for peak visibility. It also comes with red gloves and boots, so not even an inch is exposed to germs.

What could be the perk of donning this a-maize-ing getup? We think it’s a guaranteed conversation starter. Plus, despite its larger-than-life appearance, this costume looks cozy.

However, mobility might be a bit tricky. Navigating through crowded spaces or squeezing into tight spots could prove to be a bit of a challenge.

Surfshark made this costume to test its practicality. Watch the hilarious video here.

Artist Used AI To Create 10 Unbreakable Costumes: They Look Hilarious

#4 The Hamster Ball

This costume looks like something a space explorer might wear to breathe safely in an alien territory. But to wear it every day on planet Earth? We do see some benefits—no one can invade your personal space when you are inside a hamster ball all day. You can even pretend to lose your balance and roll away from difficult conversations. Plus, germaphobes will love the added safety of the bubble.

But all this will work, only if you can figure out a crucial aspect—how to get out of the door every morning wearing the hamster ball.

Artist Used AI To Create 10 Unbreakable Costumes: They Look Hilarious

#5 The Bubble Maker

This bubbly creation looks quite entertaining. You could go around blowing bubbles and spreading happiness everywhere. Plus, thankfully it’s not a spacesuit—it looks like a lightweight raincoat that might be a breeze to wear. Of all the costumes on our list, this one ranks the highest on practicality.

Another win—the plastic dome on the head has a small opening to let fresh air in. We might consider wearing “The Bubble Man” on Halloween. Would you?

These AI creations draw an intelligent parallel to the fact that while staying safe is necessary, it is also important to be practical. Especially, when it comes to staying safe online, you should find a solution that strikes a balance between security and usability.

The online world can be a scary place. From spyware and phishing scams to identity theft and cyber attacks, you need to stay safe while navigating the internet. 

According to Surfshark’s study, over 300 million accounts were breached globally in 2023. And the sad part is that most of these breaches are so sophisticated that you might not even be aware that your data is leaking.

However, there are several steps you can take to keep yourself safe online. Don’t worry, we are not talking about wearing these whacky costumes (although they might be handy if you want to hide your facial identity). 

Follow these cybersecurity tips by Surfshark to surf safely:

Artist Used AI To Create 10 Unbreakable Costumes: They Look Hilarious

#6 The Electrifying Scrap Metal Costume

This high-voltage ensemble will make you look like you just stepped out of a post-apocalyptic techno-thriller. The getup has a metal mask that looks like it was welded together with scrap metal.

The shimmering metallic hoodie adds a touch of futuristic flair. It even has a set of wires connected at the back of the head, for when you might need to (re)charge. However, there’s a (not so) slight risk of electrocution with this costume.

And, we’re still trying to figure out how you’ll have a conversation or sip a drink from behind that tin can.

Artist Used AI To Create 10 Unbreakable Costumes: They Look Hilarious

#7 The Intergalactic Bubble Wrap

If this orange spacesuit wasn’t enough to keep you safe, it comes equipped with additional plastic domes for your head, elbows, knees, and er… you're behind. There are also tubes poking out from odd corners – are they for ventilation, communication...we are not sure.

It looks practically indestructible. With plastic domes covering every inch of your body, you’ll be ready to face any unexpected tumbles. Plus, there’s an oxygen tank at the back, because let’s face it, that’s the only way you’ll be able to breathe in this suit.

Artist Used AI To Create 10 Unbreakable Costumes: They Look Hilarious

#8 The Wire Mesh

This concoction is part space suit, part disco ball, and an all-around spectacle! Picture yourself donning this ensemble, complete with wire mesh headgear and antennas sprouting all over. We can only describe it as a close encounter of the third kind that meets a rave party on Mars!

On the bright side, it’s impossible to ignore. I mean, you can practically light up the room with what appear to be tiny bulbs on the torso. If you can get over the fact that it looks like a sci-fi straightjacket, then you may be able to rock this look daily.

We do have one question—how would you scratch an itch in this costume?

Artist Used AI To Create 10 Unbreakable Costumes: They Look Hilarious

#9 The Mandalorian

With this Star Wars rip-off, you might be mistaken for a Mandalorian, living in a galaxy far, far away. Plus, with the armor providing ample protection, you’ll feel invincible as you navigate through crowds.

But it comes with the slight inconvenience of not being able to breathe. With your face covered in a mesh of computer keys, there’s not an inch of space for oxygen to sneak in.

Still, you should keep this costume handy in your closet. Not for safety, of course, but if you ever get a call to join the Mandalorian army. Perhaps they’ll teach you how to breathe under that armor.

Artist Used AI To Create 10 Unbreakable Costumes: They Look Hilarious

#10 The Bot

Behold the ultimate fashion statement if you are looking to blend in at a data processing center. This futuristic getup has a helmet that looks like a motherboard fitted with microchips.

To give it some credit, it’s undeniably cool. I mean, who wouldn’t want to strut around looking like they’re about to hack into the mainframe or communicate with extraterrestrials? Plus, the dark brown color will make you look sharp whether you’re crunching numbers or saving the world from an apocalypse.

But on the downside, you might find yourself bumping into walls or tripping over your own two feet more often than you’d like if you go about wearing that helmet all day.

So, there you have it—AI-designed costumes that promise to keep you safe from any accidents. Would you dare to wear these at your workplace? Or how about while stepping out for dinner?

Germaphobes might love a few of these on our list. And let’s be honest, we too love some aspects of each of them. Whether you’re an introvert who would love to hide behind the masks, or an extrovert looking to attract attention—the costumes work both ways.

There’s still a troubling bit about how to breathe in them that you will need to figure out!

Oh well, at least staying safe online is simpler (and more practical). Check out how Surfshark makes your online security easy.

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