Features of the primitive sex, or Who slept with whom in the stone age

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In terms of history, monogamous marriage is a relatively new. In it, the necessity arose in connection with the development of agriculture, trade and industry — the man needed heirs to pass on the acquired property. In the stone age, when all were engaged in hunting and gathering, the sexual life was much more rich and diverse. (Caution! Adult content).

Features of the primitive sex, or Who slept with whom in the stone age

The stone age began 3 million years ago after the person has ceased to be a part of the animal world. It ended with the emergence of technologies for processing of metal, that is only 5-6 thousand years ago. How were gender relations in people of the stone age, scientists argue for a very long time.

Many anthropologists believe that people just ceased to be the animals, has retained all the habits of primates and was following his hormones and instincts. American Professor Helen Fisher, in a press interview, stated that primitive women were particularly not burden themselves with the principles and secluded himself in the bushes and caves with different partners, when there was a desire and opportunity. Maybe sex was in their lives a very important place.

Totally agree with that archaeologist from Britain, Timothy Taylor. He suggested that the penis in men the beginning of the stone age was not too impressive, but its increase has occurred because of the addiction to sex, which people began to do not for procreation but for pleasure.

Features of the primitive sex, or Who slept with whom in the stone age

But it's the personal opinions of individual experts. With regard to official science, it is more restrained in his judgment and is based strictly on facts, observations and artefacts. For 3 million years man has changed in appearance and intellectually, which led to the complication of social relationships, including sexual.

At the dawn of the stone age, when man was a thinking being, but still remained part of the herd, in the relations predominated promiscuity. To put it simply — sexual relations between family members was rampant and extremely messy. All this was accompanied by competition between males of the same herd, in which around strong males gathered harems.

So the weaker men were forced to make do with Masturbation or homosexuality. Generally, a same-sex relationship in those days was not unusual — the stronger males raped the weak, and sometimes thus there is the initiation of boys into adulthood.

Features of the primitive sex, or Who slept with whom in the stone age

At about this time he came to "the oldest profession" and the tradition to present women with gifts. Primitive society of the stone age was something like the most utopian version of communism, where everything was shared — housing, food, tools, women and consequently children.

The survival of the tribe at that time depended solely on men to get food and defend against enemies and predators. To get their portion of petting, the men visited the cave where dwelt the women and children and chose the one that will give a night of love.

Fiancee the next morning received the choicest piece of meat for themselves and their offspring, warm skin or other important material benefits. Women primping to please the male, as it happens in our days. Of course, Arsenal seductress was not so great — it consisted of jewelry made from shells and juice of plants and berries, replacing the cosmetics.

Features of the primitive sex, or Who slept with whom in the stone age

To go to the ladies with empty hands is already considered bad manners, the primitive philanderers knew that a well-fed girl will be more pliable and softer. So went to visit with a small edible gift. Guys, today inviting girls to a restaurant and expect to continue, doing about the same.

With the onset of the middle Paleolithic, which began 300 thousand, and over 35 thousand years ago, the relationship between men and women has changed. Man acquired its modern look, and the primitive herd turned into a race. People began to live in communities in which there were from 20 to 140 members. All were United by kinship, and ran the entire most likely female.

Promiscuity was prohibited, and he was replaced by exogamy. People stopped to look for sexual partners in the environment — "wife" or "husband" now we had to find outside the kind to avoid incest. Because of this relationship between living close childbirth were strengthened — they exchanged women and men, so it was advantageous not to quarrel, and to maintain good neighborly relations.

Features of the primitive sex, or Who slept with whom in the stone age

Later of the clans formed tribes, and Nations. Reasons to spend time in search of a partner outside of the kind was done. First and foremost, people have noticed that relationships with close relatives, often children are born with poor health or severe physical and mental disabilities.

Another important point was that the man became more advanced emotionally and know the feeling as jealousy. Well, the third also plays an important role factor was the desire of the ancient people to establish links with neighbors and to enlist their support in the event of hard times.

Men engaged in hunting, overcame considerable distances and met with other genera. The elders were often invited guests to enter into an intimate relationship with the women of the camp to "freshen the gene pool". This custom has more recently been in Vogue among certain peoples of the far North and Tibet, that is where the family live in isolation and have difficulty finding partners.

One day, while making excavations near the Czech town of Dolni Vestonice, archaeologists have found a very unusual burial. In the grave lay three skeletons — two male and one female. In the crotch of one of the men was studded with the count, and the other silicon knife. At the time of death of all three was not so many years — 17 to 23. The bodies were sprinkled with red ochre because of what scientists once dubbed the find "red Trinity".

Features of the primitive sex, or Who slept with whom in the stone age

In the middle lay a woman, and the guys were on either side of her. The hand of the dead body is located to the left, at the burial put on a woman's pubis, and the body lay on its side like a dead man lustfully looked at her. With the man on the right, a woman was hand woven as if those who buried the body, wanted to emphasize their close relationship.

Pubic women and the head of a man on the left was filled most of the ochre. In addition, the skull of the deceased was stuck in the wolf's teeth. A detailed study of three of the bodies showed that they died almost simultaneously and violent death, and the funeral took place no later than an hour after the murder.

More than 60 years, scientists are struggling with the deciphering of the secret "red Trinity" and have offered many different versions of what happened. Plausible but only one of them — the trio violated a ban on close relations, for which he was to punish the tribesmen.

Features of the primitive sex, or Who slept with whom in the stone age

In this burial clearly seen in the rites, or even histrionics. Punish the violators of the taboo so that it became clear that similar cases will not get away anyone.

Life in the family, where they act on the principle "all around General", suppressed in the human personality. The needs of the community was above the interests of its single member. In order to continue the race, often resorted to the practice of marriage gatherings between two or more neighboring clans.

Members of such gatherings were going on a "marriage glades," where have sex with each other, perhaps even group. The role of the clearing could perform the cave, which was discovered by archaeologists in Bavaria. This five-meter space in the rock, with walls decorated with drawings of an erotic nature, was perfect for such events. As the entourage of the wall of the cave is decorated like phalluses natural formations.

Features of the primitive sex, or Who slept with whom in the stone age

One of the researchers of the cave, a German scientist Bernhard Huck, believes that this extraordinary place people attached special importance. It is possible that there has been a magical rituals associated with the cult of fertility. Bavarian cave is not unique in its kind, similar places found in Spain and France.

Echoes of the meetings in the "marriage glades" can be found in the culture of many peoples of our planet. The Slavs it is the feast on Shrove Tuesday, Midsummer and Christmas carols. In these days of strict manners were softened and removed many restrictions. Using this, boys and girls received their first sexual experience and found a couple for future relationship.Had a similar custom, and the Eskimos of Greenland, however, adjusted to the climate it was particularly harsh. Several times a year men and women from different clans were sent away from the camps in the tundra, put the tent and engaged them in group sex in complete darkness. All children who are conceived in the course of such meetings were deemed legitimate.

Features of the primitive sex, or Who slept with whom in the stone age

These activities were very important for the population of the island, which has always been very small. The immigrants from Europe who settled on the island, practiced such meeting, and until the early 20th century.

Do not deprive ourselves, our ancestors and such joy as Masturbation. In the course of excavations near the German city of Ulm, archaeologists have discovered a masterfully crafted from stone dildos. Radiocarbon analysis of the devices showed that they were created 28 million years ago.

Experts say that it is unlikely they were used for ritual purposes, because the cult of fertility in those times staunchly associated with female, not male genitalia. Talking to journalists edition of The Times, the archaeologist Timothy Taylor stated that similar findings done in different parts of the world.

Features of the primitive sex, or Who slept with whom in the stone age

Dildo age of 28 thousand years

This suggests that primitive people were eager to use sexual devices and likely practiced fetishism. That in people's lives played a large role in the subjects of sexual orientation says that the world discovered more than 200 figurines "Venus" — statuettes of women with exaggerated sexual characteristics.

The oldest of these figures made the ring master 35 thousand years ago. It is believed that from that moment began the era of matriarchy. And later appears agriculture and everything becomes difficult and eventually complicated even more.

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