Eat fat and lose weight: the whole truth about the keto diet

Not so long ago, the Dukan diet, vegetarianism and PP were replaced by a completely new ketogenic diet, unlike other food systems. Its essence is to increase fats and reduce proteins in the diet. Isn't it unexpected?

Let's figure out how it works and whether it works at all, and also find out the whole truth about the benefits and harms of this diet.

Eat fat and lose weight: the whole truth about the keto diet

Initially, the keto diet was used to treat epilepsy in children. Due to the low content of carbohydrates in the diet, the body was forced to use fat as the main source of energy. When the liver converts fat into fatty acids, ketosis occurs – an increase in the level of ketone bodies in the blood. Ketone bodies enter the brain instead of glucose, and this in turn leads to a decrease in the frequency of epileptic seizures.

But over time, the diet attracted the attention of adherents of a healthy lifestyle. Now the ketogenic nutrition system is most often used for weight loss. And this has its own meaning.

Eat fat and lose weight: the whole truth about the keto diet

On the keto diet, about 70-80% of the daily caloric content is made up of fats. Carbohydrates are greatly reduced at the same time. As mentioned above, this is necessary in order for ketones to become the main source of energy. You can only afford 20-30 grams of carbohydrates per day. It sounds threatening, especially for those people who count KBZHU and know how little it is.

However, think about it: 30 grams of carbohydrates is more than a kilogram of spinach, a kilogram of tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers, almost 3 cups of strawberries or 4 packages of low-fat yogurt. Of course, no one asks you to eat a kilogram of spinach at a time, but you will have to give up such high-carbohydrate products as cereals, bread, pasta, potatoes.

Eat fat and lose weight: the whole truth about the keto diet

"What is there?" – you may ask. Everything is very simple here. Give preference to whole natural products – fish, meat, poultry. Do not be afraid to generously flavor salads with olive or coconut oil. Eat foods rich in fats – nuts, eggs, avocado, cheese, seeds.

Unlike PP, the keto diet does not require meals on a schedule. You can and should eat only when the body requires it. You do not need to eat 5-6 times a day in small portions and immediately after lunch dream about dinner. It is better to eat 1-2 times, but do it consciously and with an appetite.

Eat fat and lose weight: the whole truth about the keto diet

Many people believe that the keto diet is dangerous for the body. As a confirmation of this theory, adherents of healthy lifestyle cite the fact that the brain needs "recharging", and it can only get it with the help of carbohydrates. However, they forgot that most organs, including the brain, work perfectly on fats, and the body can synthesize the necessary amount of glucose for a person on its own.

In the process of evolution, our body has developed two types of fuel for the brain – glucose and ketones. Just imagine how people would have existed earlier if their life activity depended on"snickers"?

Eat fat and lose weight: the whole truth about the keto diet

Another common misconception about proper nutrition is that you need to eat often and a little bit to lose weight. Allegedly, by starving, you slow down the metabolism and force the body to store fat reserves, thus depriving yourself of the opportunity to get rid of it as soon as possible.

In fact, fasting does not affect the metabolic rate in any way. On the contrary, it promotes the utilization of excess fat reserves and is an excellent reboot for the body, since during the period of hunger it gets rid of cellular debris and is renewed.

Many peoples practice fasting as a way to improve their physical and mental health. But we are not encouraging you to give up food at all. On the contrary, eat when you want and what you want, give preference to natural products, exclude sweets, alcohol and fast food, which will not bring you any benefit, and soon you will feel pleasant changes.

What do you think about diets? What kind of eating style do you follow?

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