"This epidemic is just ahead": an interview with Dr. Myasnikov with Ksenia Sobchak

Today on channel Ksenia Sobchak has published an interview with Alexander Leonidovich Myasnikov — the chief doctor of the clinical hospital of Radkevich and the speaker of the Information center to monitor the situation with coronavirus in Moscow. The interview covered themes of friendship and morality, but most of the interviewees talked about the "sore" at the present time — the coronavirus.

The doctor has told us what actually deaths from the coronavirus in Russia and shared his opinion on how events will develop in the future.

You should start with the fact that the interview with Sobchak butchers agreed only under one condition — that parallel what is happening will be to fix the camera VGTRK. Xenia admitted that this is the first such request for her journalistic career. To the question: "What are you afraid of?" The butchers said the following:

Then Ksenia and her guest talked about friendship. Like many other leading interested in what connects Dr. Myasnikov and propagandist Vladimir Solovyov.

Butchers said that this man has committed a crime, "defending his honor and dignity." Three young men insulted him for his appearance — in the end he killed one and the other two had gone. But the court said he would repeat it again, and something Dr. butcher shares this opinion. The leading question: "Can you kill for an insult?" the man responded with the following:

Further, the interlocutors moved on to the many exciting theme — coronavirus. Ksenia Sobchak wondered, does the doctor acceptable "white lie" in the field of medicine: whether it is possible that doctors underestimate the statistics of deaths from the coronavirus in order to calm the inhabitants? But this was followed by a very unexpected answer:

The doctor explained his words by the fact that the disease lasts on average for two weeks, and these hypothetical 300 thousand patients, noted in the statistics was found with the virus in the past four months. At present, only hurt those who became infected two weeks ago, and they are much smaller.

Ksenia, apparently, of the opinion that the statistics still understate. In proof of his words leading presented indicators of infection by days of the Kaluga region.

Sobchak also shared a recording of a friend of Facebook, who spoke about his father's death, allegedly from a "chronic disease". In fact, the man died after contracted COVID-19, but this is the death certificate for reason not specified. To give a detailed answer to this question, Dr. Myasnikov even invited a pathologist from the hospital. All of their arguments fit into one comprehensive phrase — killing bullet, not the gun.

As you know, COVID-19 — it's a gun, a chronic disease from which people died — a bullet. Therefore, it is and put it in evidence, but doctors say that information about the disease, the coronavirus is also not going away. Moreover, in Russia, according to doctors, the statistics is most reliable, because all deceased patients with suspected COVID the showdown. And only it can show what actually died man.

Butchers also said that this epidemic just ahead.

On the question of whether to finish the quarantine on may 31, the doctor said the following:

From the perspective of a doctor butchers agree with the decision to get out of quarantine, but, according to him, the quarantine itself in Russia and was not, as most people continued to live normal lives.

But now the situation in the country develops, as it must, says the doctor:

As to whether the vote on the amendments at the end of June, which is widely spoken in many informal sources, Myasnikov believes that it can be done, subject to some modifications in the process.

At the end of the interview, the interlocutors took pictures and exchanged a few jokes. Also the butchers admitted that the idea to invite to the meeting the second operator did not come himself, but "on the advice from the top", but who exactly recommended this to be done, not said.

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