Sororate Dating comido, polygyny and 9 unusual family relations

If you ask each of us how many types of marriage, he knows that the majority will remember the traditional, the civil and maybe even gay. It turns out that in the world there are many other types of marital relations, and sometimes quite unusual. We will tell you about 12 of them, although the list of variations is much more impressive.

Sororate Dating comido, polygyny and 9 unusual family relations

Since ancient times people have given human qualities to the objects, animals and natural phenomena. Because of this there were many religions and various gods, often with a very narrow specialization. A community of people, to appease the deity or spirit, might conceivably have married the most beautiful girl of the tribe, or to give to men the very skilled hunter.

The young virgin could pass for a date palm to better fruited, and the guy to marry the river that gave the fish. This does not necessarily have to kill a sacred spouse the one could live in the temple dedicated to the deity, performing in his honor rituals and even to engage in ritual prostitution.

This kind of marital relationship as polyandry in ancient times was popular among many of the peoples of Africa, South America, Asia and Oceania. Now, polyandry is practiced by only a few small tribes of Myanmar. Polyandry — a lot of peaceful and prosperous Nations that knew not war.

Sororate Dating comido, polygyny and 9 unusual family relations

A good life, they have a gender bias associated with the fact that girls are born is always less than that of boys and in addition women still die in childbirth. If war or threat hunting is not thinned the ranks of men, the number of suitors greatly outnumber the brides. In polyandry, one woman married men belonging to the same family or close friends.

Known only from the ancient Jewish marriage tradition, in which a woman became a wife of a whole family. In the event of death of the husband the wife became a widow, and passed to his brother, father, uncle or nephew. Regardless of whose children were born in this marriage, they were still considered to be the offspring of the deceased.

Sororate Dating comido, polygyny and 9 unusual family relations

A great example of levirate can be considered the biblical story of Onan, sliwowska seed on the ground, not to conceive a child widow of the deceased brother. These children would become his competitors in the inheritance, as the descendants of the eldest son in the family. Interesting, but in such cases the "acting" husband could be his own wife.

Supporters of this type of marriage every day in the world is getting smaller. This is not surprising, as it implies compliance with the numerous moral and religious standards. Its essence can be explained by the phrase — "one woman in one hand", and the pair obliged all his life to be faithful to each other.

Divorce in the Patriarchal monogamous marriages, or impossible or involves a serious infringement of divorcing their rights and loss of status in society. These family relationships are still popular among the so-called "Golden billion", as they allow us to preserve capital in the family and pass it from generation to generation.

In the case of sororate Dating a man marries sisters. This ancient custom was prevalent in some regions of China, and the United States of Africa. It is connected primarily with the high cost of the wedding. Where a man for many years raising money for marriage, he wants to have guarantees appearance of his heir.

Sororate Dating comido, polygyny and 9 unusual family relations

Sometimes wives were sisters, and the girl and her servant or close friend. This method had several advantages over the classic polygamy, as brides were each other people are no more strangers and good coexisted in the role of the wives of one husband. Today sororate Dating has outlived its usefulness and the information that he had remained there.

In this case, a man was allowed to marry temporarily, for example, for a year or two with the permission of Church authorities. A woman in temporary marriage, has material interest — she was presented with a valuable gift, which remains her property after the divorce. All children born during a marriage remain with his father.

Temporary Sharia marriage is widespread today in several Islamic countries. By and large, he can be considered a legalized form of prostitution and a lot of women do this for a comfortable life. To exclude overlap with the determination of paternity, ladies practicing the kind of relationship between the marriage must sustain an interval of at least 3 months.

Indigenous and living in extreme conditions of the peoples of the world. The Eskimos, Chukchi, and Tibetans are forced to resort to dilution of their gene pool "fresh" blood from the side. Otherwise, in closed communities were degeneration and rod just gradually died out.

Sororate Dating comido, polygyny and 9 unusual family relations

There was a time when any random stranger, who came to the village, regardless of age, nationality and religion, he immediately became a respected groom. Most often the bride was the daughter of the chief or elders, but often on the marriage bed and got the girls out of the house, where the traveller was given a bed. In the most extreme cases, the guest claimed all women of childbearing age.

This type of family relationships typical of primitive societies. Group marriages are found in the tribes of Central Africa and South America. Young men, often immediately after initiation, mass was married to a certain group of girls that was assigned to them for life. Attempts to diversify sexual life on the side was punished by castration, or even death.

Sororate Dating comido, polygyny and 9 unusual family relations

The reason for this unusual relationship to the family lies in the restriction of cognate relations. In group wife chose the girls who do not have a genetic relationship to the groom. The subsequent birth of children was considered common for the whole group, and the property was inherited by the matrilineal.

This type of family relationship can be called the most primitive. In this case, a group of men and women there are no obligations, and the sex is mutual sympathy or of material interest. Promiscuity and now exists in several tribes of the Amazon.

"Family", which includes 40-50 people together is farming and raising children. Each child knows who his mother was, but never interested in the person of the father. Most often to determine paternity and it is not possible.

If polygyny access to women is only a man. able to provide for his family. Rich and noble acquire harems, and the poor working in the fields, fighting and subservient to the elite. Previously, such failures were often subjected to castration, they could not dampen their feelings personal life of his master. All this is very easy to learn the radial form of Islam, which is still there then somewhere on the planet

Sororate Dating comido, polygyny and 9 unusual family relations

The matrilineal society when promiscuity is constructed in such a way that governance and religion are in the hands of men, but the genus is only through the female line and inherited wealth. Men live in a house with mothers and sisters, and go on a date women of other families.

Obstacles to such a relationship, no repairs, because this just makes no sense. A man's children are still at home mother and are considered the sons of the women of this family. These children, by the way, were called "nephews", that is belonging to one genus. Previously, this form of marriage practiced in some religious sects of the Jews, and today disappeared.

This is the Japanese version matrilineal promiscuity that existed in domamorych era. In those days women occupied a dominant role in Japanese society and to 90% of the property belonged to them. The man could only manage the property of the wife, if successfully found a mate.

Sororate Dating comido, polygyny and 9 unusual family relations

When comido grooms used to sneak in the night in the bedroom of the bride with the aim to seduce them. To sexual terrorists have not taken over the thieves and avoid being killed, custom ordered suitors "go to deal" naked. In principle, everything was thought out and rigged — in the second or third night, the parents had "caught" the night visitor, and he received official permission to come to the bride. They were thus separately, and the children remained in the woman's family.

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