Second ladies: the most famous mistresses of politicians

Second ladies: the most famous mistresses of politicians

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Politicians are people too (although sometimes it's hard to believe), and they, too, are not alien to weaknesses. Another thing is that their campaigns "to the left" are fraught with scandals not at the level of an individual family, but at the level of the whole country. However, there are always brave women who are ready to take risks with men from political heights.

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Second ladies: the most famous mistresses of politicians Source:

Second ladies: the most famous mistresses of politicians

1. Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton

The romance of the 22-year-old White House intern with his owner lasted two years. The result - almost ended Clinton's political career and the collapse of Lewinsky's life. “There was not a day that I did not think about this terrible mistake. I am so sorry about what happened, ”Monica later said. After their romance got out, the girl turned into an object of ridicule. There was no question of a quiet life. Another would have in this vague situation erred and would have earned on the scandal. Lewinsky did not do this on principle, even though she was offered huge (up to 10 million dollars!) Amounts for revelations. She went to Europe to study, received a diploma in psychology, returned, looked for a job and did not find it - she was refused everywhere.

For 17 years, Monica remained silent, and a few months ago she spoke. No, no revelations - she just took up the post of adviser to the Bystander Revolution Foundation, which helps those who have become victims of virtual bullying. “Once I myself became a target for public humiliation. And she survived. I know what it's like," Lewinsky said at a meeting with the public. If Clinton's wife, Hillary, suddenly becomes president (which is not excluded), I wonder how Monica's life will turn out? Women don't forget anything.

Second ladies: the most famous mistresses of politicians

2. Marilyn Monroe and John F. Kennedy

“It seemed to me that to be loved means to be desired. Today I believe that to be loved means to turn another into dust, to gain power over him, ”these words of Marilyn Monroe applied to her in the sense that she herself turned into dust. A six-year romance with Senator and then President John F. Kennedy, which began as a sex affair, turned for the actress into a breakup of marriage with the only person who loved her, basketball player Joe DiMaggio, wasted years and a complete collapse of illusions. Confident that Kennedy was serious about their relationship, that sooner or later he would leave his wife and make her first lady, Marilyn told Jackie about everything.

The real first lady reacted with dignity - they say, for God's sake, take John, be with him. When it became clear that the President did not need this, Monroe became nervous. Call. Bother. Throw tantrums. The cunning FBI director Hoover, who "helped" the president solve this problem, suggested a "replacement" - that John's brother, Robert, began to meet with the obsessive Hollywood star. And so it happened. History repeated itself: Marilyn began to spoil the life of Robert. Then she died pretty quickly. Of course it was suicide...

Second ladies: the most famous mistresses of politicians

3. Sylvia Kristel and Valerie Giscard d'Estaing

The star of the erotic "Emmanuele" seemed to be made for an exciting public romance. The paradox is that her relationship with the married President of France, Valerie Giscard d'Estaing, did not particularly worry anyone - everyone took this couple without a stir, as a matter of course. The actress and the politician met long before d'Estaing took over the leadership of the republic. In 1974, he entered the Elysee Palace. With my family. Christel, of course, did not take with him, but he did not make a secret from this novel - as, indeed, from many others, “parallel” ones. Christelle easily appeared at diplomatic receptions and even regularly acted as a hostess, accompanied the president on trips.

Then a special person appeared in the administration of Giscard d'Estaing in the position of "agent for relations with cinema and theater." This man sought out beautiful actresses for the boss and set him up. There was less and less time for Sylvia, and as a result, their long-term relationship was interrupted.

Second ladies: the most famous mistresses of politicians

4. François Mitterrand and Anne Penjo

Mitterrand's exemplary husband, as it became known after his death, was a terrible womanizer. The standard scenario for a free evening included his visits to three women - usually a new one each time. The president himself called such visits an aperitif, a main course and a dessert. At the same time, Mitterrand had two families - official (wife and two sons) and parallel (mistress Anne Penzho and their common daughter). He loved the second family more and spent more time with them than with his legal wife. Subtle French humor was in the fact that both families lived in the Elysee Palace, and after Mitterrand left his post, this became the cause of a public scandal - they say, the politician abused his official position.

At the funeral of her loving husband, the widow of Francois Mitterrand flatly refused to call Anne Penjot and her daughter, but they still came. Both families stood next to the coffin, and ordinary French people watched the ceremony on TV and felt sorry for everyone.

Second ladies: the most famous mistresses of politicians

5. Francois Hollande and Julie Gayet

The current French president had an affair with actress Julie Gayet behind closed doors and hid it well until he accidentally fired up. Reporters caught the married Hollande in January 2014 - the owner of the Elysee Palace parked his scooter at Gaye's apartment. The latter was very indignant and sued the tabloid that published the photos. In the statement of claim, the actress called the relationship with the president a “mistake”, to which, nevertheless, everyone has the right. Then it turned out that the "mistake" lasted three years. And the scandal that arose did not fix her: the couple continued to meet after some time, when the passions subsided a little. Hollande had to divorce his wife, journalist Valerie Trierweiler, and she, having turned out to be a tough nut to crack, took revenge on her cheating husband. Her candid memoir Thank You for the Moment became a bestseller, making Trierweiler €2 million richer; ordinary French people were on her side, and the president's rating fell below the plinth (which is actually nonsense, since love affairs of politicians in this country are the norm).

As for Julie Gaye, her popularity skyrocketed - the citizens appointed Hollande as the main villain in this story, and Gaye, as well as the deceived wife, was pitied. She, however, wanted to get married, or at least the official status of a girlfriend. The brave head of state dragged on for almost a year, until he gave up and in March of this year brought Julie out as a girlfriend. Gaia's happiness is already very close.

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