List of all Marvel Comics series

Outside of the expensive Marvel comics movie blockbusters, every year there are more and more diverse projects focused on TV and online services. Among them there is a spectacle for almost every taste, often strikingly different from what we are used to seeing in the overwhelming number of superhero films.

We tell you about all the currently released, as well as future modern game series based on the graphic prose of one of the main publishers in the United States.

List of all Marvel Comics series

The first modern game series based on Marvel comics for seven years told the audience stories that agents of the secret organization S. H. I. E. L. D., who played an important role in a number of films of the film universe, get into.

List of all Marvel Comics series

The uneven and overly stretched show, which is sometimes visited by" big shots", like the Ghost Rider, is intended for desperate fans and is unlikely to find a response from those to whom the world of Marvel comics is alien.

The secondary heroine of "The First Avenger", the beloved of Captain America Peggy Carter received her two full seasons of the TV show. In it, the authors told about the difficult share of a woman, which, according to the spirit of the time, men around her in the professional field did not take very seriously, to put it mildly.

List of all Marvel Comics series

At the same time, Peggy has to maneuver between several responsibilities, proving her worth to colleagues and secretly trying to justify the inventor Howard Stark, accused of treason.

"Agent Carter" — not the most outstanding show from the adaptations of Marvel comics, which, however, stands out among other series in graphic prose by the attractive style of America of the 40s, as well as the charismatic, cute and resourceful main character.

For the first series about a really popular Marvel character, they chose a Daredevil as the main character, whose appearance on the big screens performed by Ben Affleck in 2003 was crowned with an absolute failure.

The creators of the TV show, in turn, coped with the adaptation of the adventures of the famous hero under the serial format just fine. Their project turned out to be of high quality in terms of history, as well as in terms of working out the characters and the atmosphere of Hell's Kitchen filled with crime.

The main character, Matt Murdock, who lost his sight as a child, who works as a lawyer during the day with his faithful friend Foggy Nelson, and at night selflessly fights criminals on the streets of Hell's Kitchen in a dark red leotard, is perfectly embodied in the series by British actor Charlie Cox.

In addition, unlike the absolute majority of films in the Marvel cinematic universe, series belonging to the same world created for Netflix were able to bypass the problem with flat and dull villains from the first time. In" Daredevil", such a special antagonist was Wilson Fisk (nicknamed Kingpin, aka Ambal), excellently played by Vincent D'Onofrio.

Jessica Jones has never been a favorite of millions. The more mysterious was the adaptation of her story for Netflix and the more surprising that the authors of the show managed to create a very high-quality series combining a crime drama, a noir detective and a psychological thriller.

List of all Marvel Comics series

The creators have turned out an interesting project about a detective girl with superhuman strength, whose past hides terrible and not completely clear details for her, which she tries to fill with liters of alcohol. And again, the series broadcast by Netflix presented a bright villain, this time in the person of Killgrave, masterfully played in season 1 by David Tennant (aka Purple Man), who is able to control the minds of others.

A solo series about another member of the Defenders team, the impenetrable (well, almost) strongman Luke Cage, turned out to be not as high-quality as a TV show about his future colleagues Daredevil or Jessica Jones.

List of all Marvel Comics series

There was no really enveloping atmosphere and impressive villains. However, connoisseurs of African-American culture will be able to find a little for the soul in "Luke Cage": Harlem, hip-hop, soul, jazz and brutal black men and women trying to find their place on the brutal streets of a big city.

One of the most impressive and certainly the most original series based on Marvel comics is based on graphic prose about the X-Men.

List of all Marvel Comics series

The Legion show is a powerful mix of a scattering of genres, such as thriller, psychological drama, black comedy and even horror, telling about superhumans, with the main character suffering from multiple personality syndrome. Each of his personalities is embodied on the screen by a completely unique acting performance.

It is also important that the story is presented very stylishly and in some places extremely surreal. This show is worth a try to watch for connoisseurs of unusual TV projects, even those who have never been particularly interested in superheroes.

The last of the Defenders of their own series received an Iron Fist.

List of all Marvel Comics series

The next project for Netflix turned out to be completely passable and frankly disappointed many viewers with a poor study of the characters and plot. It can be recommended only to those who are desperately looking for an acquaintance with the master of martial arts Danny Rand, who has a superpower enclosed in his fist.

The TV show "Superhumans" had great potential. With a successful combination of circumstances, it could even become a space fantasy with royal intrigues in the spirit of" Game of Thrones", but in season 1, the authors of the series failed to realize their potential.

List of all Marvel Comics series

Everything is so sad that many viewers and reviewers declared the project the worst show on the comics of the famous publisher and probably the most mediocre part of the entire Marvel cinematic universe.

Combining the main characters of four solo Netflix TV shows into a team of Defenders did not meet expectations.

List of all Marvel Comics series

Unlike big brother — a similar cooperation of the heroes of individual films in the movie "The Avengers" - there was no scale achieved, while in terms of atmosphere, the series was inferior to individual shows ("Daredevil"," Jessica Jones "and even" Luke Cage"), more like a not very successful hodgepodge. Edible, of course, but for an amateur.

At the end of 2017, the Punisher, who had previously looked at the light in season 2 of Daredevil, received his own TV show, shown by Netflix.

List of all Marvel Comics series

Hollywood has repeatedly tried to make a movie about an uncompromising avenger in a black robe, but nothing really worthy of the authors of these films has not turned out. But the 2017 series was able to become a truly powerful adaptation of the story of Frank Castle.

The creators came out with a very dark, tough, where you need a cruel show, the involvement (albeit formal) of which to the Marvel cinematic universe makes you wonder. The authors, in addition to the story about the revenge of the main character, demonstrate vivid, but at the same time tragic stories of the lives of people who returned from military service to their homeland, but never found a way to a full life.

In 2017, two shows about teenagers were filmed at once based on Marvel comics, which also came out almost on the same day.

List of all Marvel Comics series

"Gifted", for example, offer to follow young people with unusual abilities, who are being hunted by the government. The favorite theme of the world of the X-Men is served here in a more compact format in terms of the scale of events, but some fans of stories about mutants may well like this project.

Another teen show of 2017 is "Runaway" (or "Runaways") - tells about a group of friends who accidentally found out that their parents are dangerous criminals, and they themselves have superpowers.

List of all Marvel Comics series

As a fantastic series about unusual teenagers and their (superficially shown by the authors) process of realizing and accepting their own uniqueness, the project has the right to life, but you should not expect conceptual monumentality, tangible depth or an unforgettable atmosphere from it.

The fantastic drama series "Cloak and Dagger" tells about a girl and a young man, complete opposites in everything, but, despite this, united by a common tragedy and awakened abilities in them.

List of all Marvel Comics series

This, unfortunately, is not the most impressive either in plot or action, the series unfolds within the Marvel cinematic universe, however, like many other TV shows, in fact, it does not intersect with the films of the franchise.

Another independent story, formally developing within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is the series "Helstrom".

The show is about Damon and Anya Helstrom is a brother and sister who use their methods to hunt the worst representatives of humanity and at the same time solve the problems of their own family, the head of which is evil in the flesh. The multi-part mystical horror-thriller can easily be called one of the darkest projects on Marvel comics.

The debut series on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, created exclusively for the Disney+ platform — is the show "Vandavision".

The plot of the project develops after the events of the movie "Avengers: Finale" and, as can be understood from the title, concentrates on the story of the Scarlet Witch Wanda Maximoff performed by Elizabeth Olson and the deceased Vision, who was again played by Paul Bettany.

The heroes of the show, unique for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, combining drama and elements of a mystical thriller, will find themselves in an illusory world in which their relationship has an imaginary chance for the future. Well, let's find out if there is love after death. The premiere of the series "Vandavizhen" should take place in November-December 2020.

In 2021, Disney+ plans to release two more series based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the show "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier", the events of which unfold after the plot of the blockbuster "Avengers: Finale", Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan will return to their characters.

List of all Marvel Comics series

The heroes will face together with the insidious villain Helmut Zemo, whose image was again tried on by Daniel Bruhl. Do not forget that the Falcon also received the title of the new Captain of America from Steve Rogers, so the hero will have increased responsibility on his shoulders.

Also, the release of the TV series "Loki"is planned for 2021. The show will be dedicated to the solo adventures of almost the most charismatic villain of the franchise, played by Tom Hiddleston. With the help of the powerful Tesseract artifact, Loki will travel through time. We will find out how his wanderings will affect the course of history.

The release of the series "Hawkeye"is planned for 2022. The superhero performed by Jeremy Renner will try to find a worthy replacement for himself before retiring. His successor will be Kate Bishop, who will be played by Hailee Steinfeld.

Also planned for the future are the shows "Miss Marvel", in which the" elastic "main character Kamala Khan will be performed by the debutant Iman Vellani," The Hulk Woman "with Tatiana Maslany as Bruce Banner's cousin and the show "Moon Knight".

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