How people live in Turkmenistan, 2020

Let's see, what is today Turkmenistan. There reigns the struggle for existence of the common man in the formerly Soviet Republic, or the quiet happiness among the marble skyscrapers?

How people live in Turkmenistan, 2020

How people live in Turkmenistan, 2020

If North Korea Venezuela weld in the Soviet gravy and season with Emirates, you get the unsurpassed dish called Turkmenistan. Closed country, amazing the lack of people on the streets, the buildings made of selected white marble, lots of original bans, bright luster and extreme poverty.

People live in Turkmenistan in different ways. For example, many Russian there is quite a well settled – as in Soviet times, engineers, technologists and qualified specialists. And Turkmens do, at times, a good career, providing for their families. Highly developed nepotism, public transport drivers manage to "calamity".

Despite the closeness, the Turkmens are very hospitable, often risible. A lot of beautiful girls, and they kind of chaste beauty, which had left in the world, perhaps nowhere.

How people live in Turkmenistan, 2020

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The average salary in Turkmenistan is about $ 230. Pension – $ 85. Gasoline in 2020 in Turkmenistan is about 30 rubles per liter, the price gradually increases. Previously, utility fees, gasoline (120 liters) and many other benefits were free.

In our days everything became much worse. The main income of Turkmenistan received from the supply of gas. With the sale today we have difficulties. It triggered a protracted crisis and the rise of unemployment to 1.5 million people (almost a quarter of the population).

How people live in Turkmenistan, 2020

In the last two years Turkmenistan has problems with grain and sugar. Agriculture in the country for many years tried to raise to the proper level, but the constant droughts cause periodic food crises. In some areas, to sell flour steel limited.

How people live in Turkmenistan, 2020

In the villages of Turkmenistan live in the same way as hundreds of years ago. Villages Karakuma – a storehouse of exotics. Mostly survive through subsistence farming. Pastoralism, agriculture, live in houses or yurts.

Overall, life in Turkmenistan is. Not so bad as portrayed by many media. In the markets of many vegetables, there are private shops where you can buy literally everything. Affordable real estate, affordable vehicles, neighborly relations.

Of course, the life of the common man in Turkmenistan is lagging behind the world level, but everything is relative. For family happiness it is necessary not so much. Another thing is that there is no certainty in the future, and prices increase all the time...

How people live in Turkmenistan, 2020

In Turkmenistan, homes covered with satellite dishes, despite the ability to connect to cable TV. Plate – cheaper access, plus, this is the only window to the information world in total censorship. Anywhere Smoking is not allowed. Cigarettes are very expensive. Of course, you can find a loophole, but for the habit in the city can seriously be fined and from the village just to drive.

New Ashgabat is amazing. The lush parks, palaces, huge squares with buildings of white marble fountains. While it is impossible to walk. It's just a picture of a beautiful life and place of official meetings of the President. Residents of the districts for the purchase of products in Ashgabat fine. This is done for the equal distribution of food. Just the brakes of the car, looking for products, and prescribe a penalty.

To leave the country a person under the age of 40 years is impossible. Basically, the prohibitions relate to the working class and people engaged in agriculture. Despite this, all trying to run away to work in Turkey.

How people live in Turkmenistan, 2020

Turkmenistan is an authoritarian country with hard presidential power. For example, if the head of state occurred where-that to fly, all people removed from the flight, even if they are already sitting in the plane, and the king flies where he pleases.

Internet in Turkmenistan is expensive. Access is mainly through Internet cafes. Network much curtailed, to social networks, YouTube, foreign media access was denied. In Turkmenistan a few years ago imposed a ban on the import of black cars. They spoil the view of the city, and do not correspond to weather conditions.

In Turkmenistan you can go to jail for everything. Even infant formula. Prohibited pyrotechnics, biological additives, fuel efficient cars with less than 1.3 litres, and a host of other things.

How people live in Turkmenistan, 2020

The famous Darvaza (Gates of hell) – inadvertently ignited the cavity with gas, which burns for 40 years.

Turkmenistan owns a quarter of the gas reserves on the planet. The idea is that the ordinary people there have to live in the Emirates or even richer.

The main problem is the poor life in Turkmenistan – the authoritarian government. Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov manage money as foolishly as Putin. Instead of investing in industry and agriculture, he builds the areas of white marble, multi-billion dollar airports in the form of a Falcon, palaces, which require maintenance, cleaning, heating, but not bring any of the manat of income.

How people live in Turkmenistan, 2020

Here even to take the recreational area. "Brilliant" President has built a luxury resort, Avaza, on which locals have no money and foreign tourists to the country is almost not allowed. Here are snow-white hotels and Golden beaches empty.

Of course, maybe the happiness of the Turkmen people does not depend on money and freedom. If you have food today in the courtyard children play, the sun shone brightly on the shelves of cheap tomatoes, melons, ripen in the oven cakes – what else is necessary for happiness?

But we must understand that unemployment is rising, prices are increasing, the situation is getting worse. If Turkmenistan will not find where to sell the gas, or not rebuilt its economy, all its former splendor turn into ruins and will be gradually looted in the following years.

Winter 2020. Apartment prices in Turkmenistan are not falling. Despite the difficult life, the price one-room apartment in Ashgabat is not less than $ 18,000 (approximately 1 150 000).

Autumn 2019. Turkmen themselves do not complain to life. However, the average pension is 300 manat (5500 roubles), wages in the cities — 1200 AZN (21000 RUB.). A kilo of meat costs 30 manat, potatoes 4-5, communal apartment in Ashgabat 20-40 manats.

Summer 2019. Stagnant crisis and a deep division between the rich authorities and poor people are pushing the country to revolution. In Russia are increasingly saying that Turkmenistan is in danger of becoming the new center of the LIH, as society supposedly Mature radicalized. In view of this, it can be expected that Putin will support Berdimuhamedov by the army in exchange for some concessions by the latter. The Syrian scenario in Turkmenistan — it's the real forecast for the coming years.

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