Famous beauties who don't fit into the canons of beauty

Famous beauties who don't fit into the canons of beauty

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At all times people, though difficult to describe the beauty and praised her. Masters of brush and pen glorified fine ladies and continue to do so in our days. Although, the understanding of the perception of beauty is very unstable. Sometimes, communicating with a person who has a perfect appearance, brings boredom. A homely to look at the source attracts charm and charisma. Because attractiveness is composed of a mass of small details.

Famous beauties who don't fit into the canons of beauty

In the not so distant past, some ladies used to drive millions of men crazy. Women around the world followed their style. They did such a hairstyle worn clothes as the most beautiful women. Although they did not fit into the accepted canons of beauty, could not boast a handsome face and an ideal figure. By some miracle, the world was at their feet, giving the magnetism of female beauty deserved fame.

Jacqueline Kennedy

Famous beauties who don't fit into the canons of beauty

The wife of the 35th us President and the first lady was a real trendsetter at the time. Although as a child Jacqueline was quite ugly, and suffered greatly from the natural defects of appearance. Agree, it is unlikely wide-set eyes, big feet, wide nose, and big mouth can inspire any girl. But Jacqueline did the impossible and over time, people began to consider her looks are unusual and beautiful.

Famous beauties who don't fit into the canons of beauty

Jacqueline Kennedy with skilled make-up, careful selection of clothing turned the flaws in the appearance in the "flavor". Manners and taste, the first lady has been exemplary. It was called a style icon. Millions of women diligently imitated Jacqueline. Famous American became the trendsetter for a generation of compatriots. Still, it remains the standard of femininity, mother and wife.

Wallis Simpson

Famous beauties who don't fit into the canons of beauty

This woman turned the heads of many men. For her sake, they have made reckless actions. One day the king of great Britain Edward VIII renounced the throne, if only to be near the object of love. In 1936, the subjects of the monarch was stunned by the news of the abdication. They're even more puzzled about the cause. The king abdicated the title for the sake of a woman! It was unheard of.

Besides, Wallis Simpson and a stretch was not written beauty. Her appearance was far from the classical standards of beauty. At the time of the abdication of the monarch she was in a second marriage. The first marriage broke up because of the capricious nature of Wallis. She didn't want to squeeze into the narrow confines of duties lawfully wedded wife. Embroidery and cooking, she preferred riding, cigars and male company. Roman Wallis with the British heir to the throne was deprived of sleep the Royal family, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and a good half of British society.

Famous beauties who don't fit into the canons of beauty

Naturally, a twice-divorced mistress could not be the wife of the reigning monarch. Although, this situation is quite satisfied, because wayward Wallis did not want to burden themselves with court etiquette and other responsibilities. But Edward VIII decided otherwise and abdicated to tie the knot with a woman who was so not like the others. So, the aristocrat with rough features and a clumsy figure not only fall in love with the British monarch, but was the cause of his refusal of the throne.

The British nation learned of the decision of the Governor during a radio transmission. The news is not just stunned, she exploded like an atomic bomb, cutting the ground from under the feet of the ruling family. The surprised gaze of millions of Britons turned to Wallis Simpson. They were puzzled and could not understand how it was possible to trade the throne for a woman with a big nose, ungainly figure and bold character. However, a year later, the lovers got married and left for France. Glossy magazine printed pictures from the Royal wedding, and the magazine "times" called Wallis Simpson woman of the year.

Marlene Dietrich

Famous beauties who don't fit into the canons of beauty

In the 50‑ies of the last century, an amazing woman knew far beyond its homeland. Her fame even leaked through the Iron curtain. Marlene Dietrich was called a legend, a symbol of female beauty and endowed with a lot of flattering adjectives. World famous actress and singer had an impact on many spheres of life and, in the first place, women's consciousness. Thanks to its innovation and courage of the women started to wear pants.

However, the path to glory Marlene Dietrich was not strewn with rose petals. Despite a strict upbringing, she from a young age dreamed of a big stage. In school, Marlene was a gray mouse because of unremarkable appearance. She was really interested in foreign languages, music, vocals and choreography. However, she was not accepted into the Higher music school of Berlin. But Director Joseph Stenberg, the first time he saw a future star, compared it with the Hippo.

Marlene Dietrich literally molded for a new look. She removed some teeth to change the contour of the face, wore duct tape to give the chest the correct form and life adhered to a strict diet. New world-known Marlene Dietrich was the result of a Herculean effort. And so, the day came when aspiring actress "woke up famous." Since then, millions of men began to extol the amazing beauty of Marlene Dietrich. Thanks to imitate women around the world fashion style famous Actresses appeared in fashion style "by Marleen". So inconspicuous "gray mouse" managed to become a sex symbol, an ideal of beauty and a trendsetter.

Edith Piaf

Famous beauties who don't fit into the canons of beauty

Singing talent of Edith Piaf was so unusual that made street girl world star. Something deeply hidden in her voice echoed in the hearts of millions. First and foremost, in the hearts of men. Although, they unanimously called the French "horror stories" and even "the lizard", is still followed her around crowds. Edith had so many novels that are not to remember.

But she was born into a poor family, was brought up in a brothel. The girl could not get an education because good citizens don't want to see near with their children, who bring a slutty girl. While her father was an acrobat took to the streets of Paris, a small Piaf entertained the audience by singing. Day by day, she continued to sing, leisure skrashivaya walking Parisians.

In her life there were many men. In gratitude the extraordinary talent they helped her to create a miracle – to be a star. It so happened that it first noticed the shop owner, who gave shelter and family. Then the owner of the cabaret drew attention to the ordinary-looking girl with an unusual tone of voice. He taught her to rehearse, to choose the repertoire, performing on stage to the accompaniment. But the main Creator of the future star was the poet, who taught manners and etiquette. He instilled a taste of "the street singer".

Famous beauties who don't fit into the canons of beauty

Edith Piaf was not beautiful. She was able to give joy and love. Men threw wives of the rich and beautiful mistresses for the ugly girl with an amazing voice. It was the charisma of the "highlight" and something very feminine and mysterious. It is worth mentioning that the last lover of the incomparable Edith was 20 years younger. She was with him until the last day of your amazing life.

Many philosophers of antiquity and of our contemporaries tried to put a woman's beauty in words. Some said that the internal appeal is more important than outer bends. Others praised the art of creating beauty. Famous beauties has proven that the standards of beauty – not the main measure of female attractiveness.

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