8 people who were acquitted too late

June 23, 1912 born genius mathematician Alan Turing, who, despite all the scientific works and achievements, was accused of "indecent exposure", arrested and sentenced. Two years later, the man whose work became the basis of Informatics, was found dead at home. And only in 2013 Turing was posthumously pardoned by Queen Elizabeth II.

When you are accused of a crime you didn't commit, you only hope for justice. Today we will talk about the people you met too late. So late that some do not wait.

8 people who were acquitted too late

8 people who were acquitted too late

Leo Frank

In 1915, in Atlanta the Manager of the pencil factory of the Jew Leo Frank was accused of the rape and murder of 13-year-old Mary Fagan, who worked there. Despite questionable evidence and the testimony of a single witness — African-American worker Jim Conley, Frank was found guilty, sentenced to death, but was commuted to life imprisonment. Frustrated by the leniency of the crowd kidnapped Leo and hung in the forest.

70 years later, Alonzo Mann, who worked in the office of Frank, admitted that he saw the worker Conley carrying the body of a girl. Under oath Alonso said that was silent because Conley had threatened him, saying that he'll get killed.

Leo Frank was acquitted in 1986.

A young man named Timothy Cole was arrested, charged with raping a classmate. Although Cole had a good reputation (he was a war veteran with the distinctive signs) and alibi, prosecutors saluted the fact that he was black.

While in prison, Cole strongly denied his guilt. Even the victim admitted he was wrong, in fact, joined the family of Cole and tried to prove his innocence. Acquitted him in 2009. Cole would have been glad if he had not died in prison ten years earlier.

But the saddest thing about this story is that the real rapist was familiar with Cole and tried to clear his name from the messy allegations since 1995! Cole's family only found out about it in 2007, after reading the letter of a rapist, which he left near their home. Cole could be released and live with the family at least another 4 years, but it was too late.

8 people who were acquitted too late


Patrick "Giuseppe" Conlon

In December 1974, Patrick Conlon immediately dropped everything and came to Belfast to help his son, which the Irish Republican army accused of committing acts of terrorism. Conlon, despite the fact that he was seriously ill and was not in the country, was imprisoned six teenagers, who were only 14 years old.

But the worst thing is that, after the police admitted that forcibly knocked out of recognition, all participants ultimately were released and pardoned and got a lot of money — all except Patrick, who died in prison. His only crime is caring about his son.

8 people who were acquitted too late

One of the most famous trials — the Salem witch trials in 1692-93 year, which was 19 women hanged, one crushed by stones, and about 200 imprisoned.

Only in 1957 the victim was justified. In all that time there have been many theories attempting to explain the causes of process: universal hysteria, a conspiracy of showing kids, especially the psychology of the puritans, the poisoning poisonous substance.

8 people who were acquitted too late

Derek Bentley

The case Bentley is one of the most famous mistakes of British justice. 19-year-old Derek Bentley and his accomplice Christopher Craig committed a robbery in one of the houses. Noticed, the police arrived, and allegedly a scuffle ensued, during which Bentley shouted to Craig, who had a gun, the phrase that became decisive in court: "let's do it!" A shot rang out, and one of the policemen was killed. Bentley was arrested, and his partner after they tried to escape the scene with an injury was taken to hospital.

In court both denied the charges. Derek didn't know about the gun and Chris didn't want to kill anyone. But Bentley's phrase "let's do it" was regarded as a call to murder and was sentenced to death and 16-year-old Craig — to life imprisonment. After a year, Derek Bentley was hanged in prison.

After 45 years, during which the family of Derek fought for the rehabilitation of his name, one of the officers said that did not hear that fateful phrase. The court quashed the conviction of Derek Bentley for the murder part. By the way, acquitted the guy suffered from epilepsy, which developed in the bombardment during world war II, he was a slow development (at 11 years), he could not read and write.

8 people who were acquitted too late

Timothy Evans

Was accused of killing his pregnant wife and young daughter. During the trial, Evans claimed that all guilty of his neighbor, John Christie, to which the couple asked him to help them to have an abortion (in the UK it was illegal).

Once Evans returned from work, a neighbor said that the wife of Timothy died, as the remedy of abortion that didn't work out like that. Evans decided to escape, a neighbor entrusted to dispose of the body and to attach the daughter of a familiar couple.

Evans executed, and later found out that his neighbor Christie is a serial killer, whose victims were six women, including the wife of Timothy. This case, becoming one of the most famous miscarriages of justice in history, led to great public interest and is considered one of the main factors in the abolition of the death penalty in Britain in 1965.

8 people who were acquitted too late

Jamie McPherson

Scottish rogue with a fascinating biography worthy of a historical novel, famously wrote a song about his impending execution, which was performed on the violin before hanging. And after almost 100 years of Robert burns immortalized the robber and wrote a poem about it that became popular Scottish song.

The illegitimate son of the Laird and a Gypsy, Jamie was recognized as the father and lived as a child in the castle. After the unexpected death of father MacPherson took in the camp of the Gypsies. In Tabor Jamie and rose, and later headed it. Contemporaries Jamie wrote that McPherson was a "noble robber" and never was a cruel man. He was many times caught and arrested, but Roma always escaped with the help of many friends.

In 1700, Jamie was pardoned for his crimes in a matter of minutes after he had hung up.


8 people who were acquitted too late

Alan Turing

Alan Turing was a brilliant mathematician and cryptographer, whose work was the basis of computer science. During the Second world war, Turing developed a number of hacking techniques, including the theoretical basis for the Bombe machine used to crack the German Enigma encoder.

Turing was convicted of "indecent behavior," namely homosexuality, in 1952 in the UK was illegal. Two years later, after forced hormonal therapy, Alan Turing was found dead in his apartment. The autopsy revealed that the scientist died from cyanide poisoning.

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