5 most famous female gangs, surpassed male

5 most famous female gangs, surpassed male

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Female gangs, no doubt, very ancient phenomenon. References to women, embarked on a slippery slope of organized crime, meet the authors of Ancient Greece, China, and even the Middle East. It is possible that the images of warlike Amazons characteristic of different parts of the world, partially borrowed from the beauties from the main road.

5 most famous female gangs, surpassed male

It is believed that a woman should exude affection and kindness, to be a homemaker and a joy to her husband. In most cases it is, while not interfering serious circumstances, forcing the ladies to take up arms and go against the law.

1. A gang of blondes. São Paulo, Brazil

In Brazil, where, as you know, a lot of wild monkeys at the same time really bad with blondes. So it is strange that girls from Sao Paulo chose this image for its group. Brazilian metropolis is considered the crime capital of the country, but "blond" is strikingly different from the brutal local crime.

All the participants of a gang have a good education, you know at least a couple of foreign languages and carefully monitor their appearance and clothing. As it turned out, some of them even is a student at a prestigious foreign University.

All this not only does not prevent, but rather to help the gang in criminal activities. The girls chose a very intelligent kind of robbery — "Express kidnapping". They fit in the Parking lots of large shopping centers to a well-dressed ladies and kidnapped them.

5 most famous female gangs, surpassed male

The aim of criminals is not a foreclosure, and the Bank card of the victim. Kidnapped woman is kept in captivity for a few hours, while the "blondes" emptying her Bank account, withdrawing money from ATMs and by purchasing any thing in expensive boutiques.

The group is divided into two wings — one of them is engaged in kidnapping and intimidation of a victim and the other cash and shopping. In the main Department of the police of Sao Paulo reported that girls do not leave Newspapers for almost four years and during that time has robbed at least 50 women.The biggest catch of the gang was $ 9,000, which they lowered at electronics stores and fashion apparel. Joaquim Dias Alves, head of the Department of kidnappings of police of são Paulo, said that the victims of criminals be exclusively foreign women, and also blondes.

5 most famous female gangs, surpassed male

Police claims that the selection is made in such a way that when presenting a foreign card, the criminal was easily confused with the victim. Poor knowledge of the city and the language of foreigners significantly impedes the investigation of such crimes.

Three years of operational work, was arrested just two members of the group — the only one in the gang a brunette who drove the car during the kidnapping, and the blonde wines that proved only partially. So if you want to visit Sao Paulo, try before that become hot Brunet — this will insure you from unpleasant adventure.

5 most famous female gangs, surpassed male

2. Seductress from Florida. Miami, USA

American organized crime is not always a square jaw and stubble. It turns out that 2% of criminal gangs of the United States are female and many of ballbusters do not look worse than wife big businessmen and politicians.

Florida is Paradise for the old money-bags who want to come back and rock out with the girls like the last time. For some, this time is the last. The girls, aged 22 to 27 years, learn about touched by a fungus of old age, wealthy and clean their wallets.

Criminals promise a night of passion, but the hotel hocus old Lovelace sleeping pills and without nerves take whatever they like. The fact that not every man is able to Wake up without resuscitation after daily doses of medications or drugs, they are not worried.

5 most famous female gangs, surpassed male

The production of these ladies hundreds of thousands of dollars, and catch some of them rarely works. Police work is hampered by the fact that most victims do not go to the law enforcement authorities, and those that come to complain, I can't remember the circumstances preceding the poisoning. Of course, to get any sensible information with the dead Oldies-rich people even more difficult.

Famous and one of the female gang of Florida, even more treacherous. Its member States face in the evening groups on the road in some batches, and when the drivers stop for a chat or to learn how much, pointing the gun at him and brush my pockets.

5 most famous female gangs, surpassed male

3. The Camorra and her lovely ladies. Sicily, Italy

In the photo above you see a housewife who was arrested for a brawl in a Barber shop, and Anne Scarallo — leader of a clan of Ponticelli Sicilian Camorra — a ruthless mafia, which was unable to control even the famous Commissioner Cattani.

The Italian mafia is every year becoming more feminine — now it is 10 times more women than at the end of the twentieth century. This gender superiority stems from the fact that some clan leaders were arrested and are serving long prison terms, while others were killed during clashes with colleagues.

Anyway, now crushed the Sicilian mafia — it turned out that women are more prudent, cautious and ruthless, than men who held high positions in the underworld. The most successful boss lady is considered to be Nunzia D'amico — a mother of five children.

5 most famous female gangs, surpassed male

This solid lady just filled up southern Italy for cocaine after police put her valued in Naples Salvatore brothers, Giuseppe and Antonio. Nobody expected that Nunzia will be effective three wimp, ignominiously caught for petty drug smuggling.

Enemies of the family and the departed Mrs. D'amico dealt without the slightest pity. "Externally, I'm a woman, but inside I'm more man than you" — so liked to say she was a hero to his subordinates. Killed the head of a mafia clan impressive and touching her killed with two shots from a pistol is unknown, when she's in the nursery of his mansion, he bent over the cradle, Jr. It is worth saying that at the time of the assassination was not injured.

4. "Gulab gang" or the "Pink gang". Uttar Pradesh, India

Home "Pink gang" is a poor village of Bundelkhand in Uttar Pradesh, located 500 km from Delhi. There was born, raised and residing MS Sampat Devi PAL — founder and permanent leader "Gulab gang".

The members of this all-female gang wear bright pink saris and go everywhere with lati combat stick of bamboo. Immediately it is worth saying that the members of this group no one is robbed and killed, and hurt differently. They even carry the weight of the good and eternal, though not always legally.

Illegal actions of the leader of "Gulab gang" was first performed on their own. It all started with the fact that being a 12-year-old girl, Sampat became the wife of ice-cream seller, who was rude and uncouth. The first child she gave birth to at the age of 15, and 16 almost died when he interceded for the neighbor that was severely beaten by her husband.

5 most famous female gangs, surpassed male

Moving away from the beatings that her perepalo for interfering in someone else's family reunion, Davy Fell persuaded five friends and they beat with bamboo sticks neighbor rocosa, forcing him on his knees to ask forgiveness for all the village.

To stop the girl could not have done justice to his life's purpose. Sampath and its large enough group to keep at Bay all of the game of Boxing for many miles around their village. Worth it for a woman to obtain information that some Woman had a bloody nose his Gita as the army "pink" immediately nominated in the military campaign.

Yet without tragedies, but on account of the noble gang of several dozen battered men and even a few too smart local politicians. Police are looking at the antics of the girls through his fingers, as they are fulfilling part of her work. In addition, Sampat and her friends such authority in the state that their arrest can cause serious protests.

Wrestler domestic violence and rudeness Sampat Devi PAL has become a public figure, appearing on TV and conferences feminists, and the number of its supporters in India is close to 300 thousand, which for this country as much.

5 most famous female gangs, surpassed male

5. SUKEBAN. Japan

On the Japanese Islands where traditional society was ruled by men, the wind of change blew after the Second world war. Women have become more independent and began to make the men's competition in some fields. In business, science and sports of Japanese women still was not expecting too much, but in the dark corners of Tokyo and Osaka, they were able to realize themselves fully.

By the early 60-ies in Japan has formed a particular youth subculture of "SUKEBAN", which consisted of girls and young women with fully formed criminal tendencies. The word they called themselves, translates from Japanese as "girl boss" and behaved young person is suitable, independent and daring.

Girls SUKEBAN misbehaved, fought, hunted theft and petty theft, drinking alcohol, and did not disdain drugs. They had their own style of clothing, which in the early ' 80s, the police were able to identify in a crowd of ordinary students.

5 most famous female gangs, surpassed male

SUKEBAN wore even at school bright socks instead of white, cropped blouse with Maxi skirts, sleeves rolled up, and specific tattoo. A decorated clothes embroidery emblems of his group, which in large cities in Japan there was a lot.

By the 90 th year fashion has changed somewhat, SUKEBAN began to paint the hair in bright colors, wear mini skirt and impose a large number of makeup. The girls gathered near a railway station or large stores and large companies and were very challenging.

5 most famous female gangs, surpassed malePassers-by rarely called them to order, because he knew that the brakes they have, but each has a pocket razor or a piece of Bicycle chain.

Gang SUKEBAN specialized in the theft from shops, robbing shops and random citizens, sometimes to the drug trade and prostitution. The largest in the history of Japanese women's band was the Union of ballbusters Kanto, which consisted of more than 20 thousand women. Their prestige was so high that they considered even the Yakuza.

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