15 sad facts about Dubai

15 sad facts about Dubai

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Dubai is one of the most exciting cities in the world. The luxurious skyscrapers, expensive cars and tons of gold will surely look impressive. And in Dubai all year round great weather! But as you know, and the sun has spots. Here about these spots that darkens bright and shining world of Dubai, we will tell you.

15 sad facts about Dubai

15 sad facts about Dubai15 sad facts about Dubai

15 sad facts about Dubai

Workers toil for 14 hours a day for a wild heat

Dubai develops and builds an incredible, rapidly. However, for the construction of necessary labor, right? And these people are working in extremely difficult conditions, 14 hours a day for a wild heat (temperatures in summer can reach 48 degrees). Tourists in Dubai in this heat, I advise you not to be in the sun for longer than five minutes, but working nobody cares. Naturally, this causes a lot of fatal accidents, but the money of Dubai quiet cover all these issues.

15 sad facts about Dubai

A prison sentence for a kiss in public

All these cool pictures from Dubai can be misleading and give the feeling of being in this city is extremely liberal order, but this is absolutely not true. The Muslims strictly. For example, it is forbidden to kiss in public. What's there to kiss even's hand to stay it is impossible. Tourists who violate these rules are forced to pay huge fines and even jail (and such cases happened).

15 sad facts about Dubai

Sex slavery

Everything that is connected with sex, drugs and alcohol, there the law is very severe. The girl can be a problem even due to the fact that she passed down the street with open arms. However, with the onset of night everything changes. The oldest profession in the world in Dubai is booming: there are more than 30,000 prostitutes offering their services for $ 500 per hour. Sounds like not the most lucrative offer, but apparently these are the Dubai fees. However, the problem lies elsewhere: the big business of prostitution supports and encourages, even though it is illegal. That is to say, one of the traditional sources of income, all known dirty secret of Dubai — "white slavery" and sex trafficking, and police turning a blind eye.

15 sad facts about Dubai

A complete waste of huge reserves of water

Dubai is in the desert, and thus the problems associated with drinking water, they know firsthand. Of course, while the money grows on trees, these issues are easily solved, and even more: here manage completely water saving and waste. For example, a lot spend for watering lawns to Golf courses, of which Dubai set. And this mindless approach here is literally everything. Comparison is better to choose a Mirage in the desert or the feast during the plague?

15 sad facts about Dubai

When the oil runs out, Dubai will be covered with a copper basin

It is not so difficult to build a Paradise in the desert, if you have a lot of black gold. And this is the only thing holding the entire middle East, including the UAE. But this situation can't last forever! 20 years of oil begin to miss or its price will soar so high that people will switch to other energy sources. And then the bubble Dubai simply burst. This city would serve as the most obvious example of how to blow a lot of money, not particularly caring about the consequences.

15 sad facts about Dubai

Wild racism

We live in the twenty-first century, when people don't believe racism was the norm. However, humanity is ready to make an exception. For example, no one seems to care nothing for that racism was a driving force in Dubai. In this city in the course of the wild rules and a man is judged by how good his passport. For example, for the same work Americans and Europeans pay two to three times more than immigrants from third world countries. I mean people get paid not on the basis of knowledge and skills, but on the basis of nationality.

15 sad facts about Dubai

The labor slavery

Outside Dubai beautiful, but dig deeper and you'll go to hell where booming labor slavery. Of course, technically, all the law, but in practice people from countries such as India, Pakistan, China, come here to work and fall into complete dependence on the employer. They take a passport, pay a penny, and forced to work more than it. The dream of the good life in this country turn around for these people, humiliation, hard work and very little pay.

15 sad facts about Dubai

No care about the environment

Endless large-scale construction projects lead to a huge number of sewage and chemical waste, but to invest in environmental protection and water treatment systems want not all, preferring all this just somewhere to dump and drain, for example, directly into the sea. How do you respond to the state? Yes way, fenced off by a wall of silence on the subject — and all. Moreover, to raise such issues is dangerous — can result in the expulsion from the country.

15 sad facts about Dubai

Fast cars = quick death on the road

Oh, how many in Dubai is expensive and cool cars! Here on the road you can meet the rarest and most expensive model car. Of course, when you dissect the latest sports car at high speed through the city — this sight is fascinating. But this coin has a reverse side. To drive it's dangerous for life: the majority of drivers do not have good manners and respect for the rules of the road. Add to that reckless drivers on fast cars and you will receive the highest level of accidents on the roads.

15 sad facts about Dubai

In Dubai everything is artificial

Many who had the opportunity to live and work in Dubai, saying that there are all real — from artificial trees to fake smiles on their faces. Rich built in Dubai as a kind of artificial place where people from all over the world can feel like kings. Unfortunately, those who stayed there longer, I realized, all this luxury is only to make people fake (though pleasant) emotions and to draw from them all the money. If Dubai was a man, this man would be a thousand plastic surgery and a heart made of metal.

15 sad facts about Dubai

The law is cruel to those who have no money

Yes, Dubai is full of glamorous parties, luxury cars and the very rich. However, it is also a lot of people unhappy and no one cares. Many came to Dubai with hopes of a better life, but the laws here are so severe that they should skip paying a debt or fine — and you can end up in jail. The same applies to employees of transnational corporations. If the company experiences any problems with the business, problems arise for their employees — they have taken shelter themselves and put them in jail.

15 sad facts about Dubai

Sonapur — working of the ghetto in Dubai

Sonapur — a small area that you can call home all the poor workers. Over the years, this place turned into a working ghetto, which receives new batch of semi-slaves in third world countries. According to some estimates, in Sonapur in the unbearable living conditions (or survive) more than 150,000 workers. In a tiny room settle for eight or more people. With hygiene here, too, everything is sad. If at least they had food! But its not always enough. As the government solves the problem? It considers that, while these people are able to build luxury hotels and skyscrapers, no problem.

15 sad facts about Dubai

Wild animals in Dubai are not so wild

People in Dubai have so much money that they do not know where them to spend. Someone's buying sports cars, someone is swimming in the pools, filled with dollar bills. Don't get me wrong — they can take it, if nobody harm. But what can really be dangerous, so it is gaining popularity fashion for the wild animals as Pets. The sheikhs are not more pleasing to dogs and cats, give them tigers, Panthers, leopards, lions, or even something exotic. And they don't care about the fact that animals suffer, — Ponty's more important.

15 sad facts about Dubai

Freedom of speech in Dubai is a myth

Dubai is one of those places where freely Express their thoughts only as long as they are consistent with the line of the government. Otherwise, the secret police quickly starts offering "rebel" a choice of two options — to shut up, or lose everything he has. Sometimes there is a third option — to go to jail, if the previous two you are not satisfied. However, usually all choose the first option.

To deal with the government is almost useless, especially given the fact that more than 80 percent of the UAE population are immigrants. The law on citizenship are so complicated and clever, that no pile of money you this citizenship sure not to. You can live in Dubai, 20, 50, even 100 years is not going to help. So if you talk too much, you can just be deported — and everything.

15 sad facts about Dubai

This place is ruled by dictators

And you know who's in charge? This is to say a few words. The UAE is, theoretically, the Federal monarchy headed by President Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nahyan. But in fact there is a dictatorship, and all important decisions is the Emir of Dubai, Vice President and Prime Minister Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum. Of course, he also controls all the cash flows and oversees a modern slave trade. Sheikh Mohammed has such immense power that his word is decisive is always — and any fool who dared to think otherwise, good will pay for this.

In the photo — crown Prince of Dubai Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed al Maktoum, one of the sons of Sheikh Mohammed.

Here is such a different and contradictory this in Dubai. There's so much you may like to go there as a tourist is a great idea. Although unpleasant facts that we have listed above, somewhat ruining the image of this sparkling Golden city. Yes, all this luxury is amoral in the background of slavery and poverty of a large part of the population. But tourists worry about it, it seems to be optional.

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