Phone rape: how a maniac from the USA mocked victims with the wrong hands

Phone rape: how a maniac from the USA mocked victims with the wrong hands

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This story will seem incredible to those who do not know how much faith in the police ordinary Americans have. Every year, criminals commit thousands of crimes in the United States, posing as law enforcement officers. Among the many robberies, frauds and hooliganism, a sexual crime in the city of Mount Washington, committed ... by telephone, is striking in its perfidy and absurdity.

Phone rape: how a maniac from the USA mocked victims with the wrong hands

In 2004, the small American town of Mount Washington, located in the state of Kentucky, was shocked by a terrible senseless crime. An 18-year-old employee of a local McDonald's was humiliated and raped for several hours in the back of a restaurant, following the instructions of a "police officer" given over the phone.

Phone rape: how a maniac from the USA mocked victims with the wrong hands

Later it turned out that this case was not the only one. In different US cities over 10 years, 70 girls suffered from the actions of an impostor - waitresses, managers, cashiers and sellers. Fortunately, the story at Mount Washington was the latest in a series of crimes and the attacker suffered a well-deserved punishment.

On April 9, 2004, 18-year-old Louis Ogborn, a McDonald's worker at Mount Washington, took the extra Friday shift. The girl needed money and she did not miss the opportunity to get an additional part-time job. Around 5 p.m., she was summoned by restaurant manager Donna Summers.

When Louis entered the back room, she saw that Summers was talking on the phone. Her interlocutor was a man who introduced himself as Officer Scott. He claimed that one of the employees of the restaurant was suspected of stealing money and described the wanted woman as a thin white girl with long hair. Ogborn fit that description.

Phone rape: how a maniac from the USA mocked victims with the wrong hands

As if by the way, the “officer” mentioned that the senior manager of the restaurant is aware of the events and allows the police to conduct any investigative actions. He also hinted that failure to follow the instructions of the policeman will lead to the dismissal of Summers and bring her to justice.

After the officer offered two scenarios: Summers herself searches the girl or detains her until the police arrive. The manager thought it best to fix the problem without the cops showing up at the restaurant during her shift. Moreover, she was sure that there had been a mistake and the search would make it possible to remove all suspicions from Louis.

Donna Summers asked Ogborn to put everything she had in her pockets on the table in the back room. The girl took out the keys to the car and the phone - nothing else was with her. The officer was not satisfied with the result of a superficial search and demanded that the girl undress. He was spoken to by the manager, who passed on all the instructions to the frightened employee.

Phone rape: how a maniac from the USA mocked victims with the wrong hands

Following the commands, Ogborn took off her clothes, shoes and underwear, remaining only in a work apron, which, for some reason, the policeman forbade taking off. All the girl's things were neatly folded and packed by Summers in garbage bags. When the strange search was in full swing, one of the workers called Donna to resolve some work issues.

The unknown demanded that Summers not leave the suspect unattended and called someone in charge who could temporarily replace her. This man turned out to be 27-year-old restaurant employee Jason Bradley. Donna handed him the phone and retired to the trading floor.

The unknown person also introduced himself to Jason as a police officer and immediately demanded that he take off Ogborn's apron. Bradley refused and the unknown person began to threaten him with responsibility before the law, but then Summers returned to the back room and again took over the post near the detainee.

The man on the phone complained to Donna that there were so few conscientious Americans around to rely on and asked if she had a husband and if she trusted him. Summers had a 43-year-old partner named Walter Nix, to whom she was engaged. "Officer Scott" asked Donna to invite her fiancé to help guard the detainee.

Phone rape: how a maniac from the USA mocked victims with the wrong hands

The most interesting thing in this story is that none of its participants in a few hours did not suspect something was wrong, communicating with "Scott". The Mount Washington Police Department was two blocks from the restaurant, and during the time these strange events unfolded, police cars drove down the street at least five times.

An hour later, after Ogborn crossed the threshold of the back room, Summers' boyfriend Walter Nix arrived and for the next two hours he was already following the instructions of the policeman. Later, when giving evidence, Louis Ogborn admitted: she was so frightened that she believed that the officer was giving instructions to Nix and did not even think of resisting or fleeing.

First of all, Walter Nix took away the apron from Louis, and the girl was completely naked. After that, Ogborn was made to bend down to make sure she didn't hide the money "somewhere inside", squat down, climb onto a chair and jump in place with her hands up so that "the cash fell out".

Phone rape: how a maniac from the USA mocked victims with the wrong hands

Then an unknown person unexpectedly invited Ogborn to sit on Nix's knees and kiss him on the lips. Despite the panic fear, the girl refused to carry out this more than strange instruction of the policeman. Then the stranger, in an annoyed voice, demanded from Nix that he beat Louis. Walter began to hesitate, so "Officer Scott" softened the punishment and asked Ogborn to bend over his knee like a child and give him a good spanking.

Walter Nix complied with this requirement. Since the “policeman” urged not to spare the suspect, bruises and abrasions remained on Ogborn’s body from the spanking. The stranger asked the completely depressed Ogborn to give the phone and gave her the command to perform oral sex on Nix. The girl, who was in a state of shock, complied with this requirement.

During the bullying, Summers looked into the back room several times and at these moments Nix forced Ogborn to hide behind an apron. Under interrogation by the police, the female manager claimed that she thought Luis was already dressed when she entered, although this was an obvious lie. During the investigation, Summers got out in every possible way and constantly insisted that she did not know about sexual violence and she herself was frightened by the categorical demands of “Officer Scott” and his steely voice.

Phone rape: how a maniac from the USA mocked victims with the wrong hands

But let's get back to the back room of McDonald's, which has turned into a torture chamber for a while. Obviously, after two hours, the stupid Nix guessed that something was wrong here and began to beg the "officer" to let him go. Walter was allowed to leave only on the condition that someone replace him. To replace her boyfriend, Summers sent another restaurant worker - Thomas Simms.

Simms went to the phone and talked to the stranger for some time, but was skeptical about his arguments and did not carry out strange orders. Enraged by the refusal, "Officer Scott" again began to threaten, the obvious absurdity of which nevertheless aroused the suspicions of Donna Summers.

The woman finally did what she should have done in the very first minutes of communication with a stranger - she called the senior manager of the restaurant. To her horror, he did not understand what was at stake at all, and only at that moment did Summers realize that she had become an accomplice in a criminal prank.

Real police officers were immediately called to the restaurant and management arrived. Ogborn was released, and Summers needed medical attention due to hysteria. The investigators had no shortage of evidence - all three hours, while the bullying of Louis Ogborn lasted, a surveillance camera worked in the back room, impartially recording the course of events. After seeing this disgusting video, Summers immediately called off her engagement to Nicks.

Phone rape: how a maniac from the USA mocked victims with the wrong hands

The case was started by Investigator Buddy Stump, who was a little familiar with the Louis Ogborn family. He quickly found out that over the past 10 years, about 70 similar cases had been recorded in different states of the United States. Some of them did not have serious consequences for the victims - the interlocutors of "Officer Scott" simply refused absurd assignments and called real cops.

There were also cases similar to the events in Mount Washington, however, not once did the case end in direct sexual violence. That is why the police let down the antics of a telephone pervert, fixing them as telephone hooliganism. This time everything was serious and for Buddy Stump the investigation became a matter of honor.

When the officer inquired with the telephone companies, the response was that the call, which lasted more than three hours, was made from Panama City, Florida. The attacker used a pay phone in a parking lot near a Walmart supermarket. The long call was paid for with an AT&T telephone company card.

Tracking the time and place of buying a numbered phone card was easy, and the surveillance cameras in the communication store showed the client's face. The rest was the work of modern technology. In less than a day, the police knew everything about the telephone maniac. The perpetrator turned out to be 38-year-old David Stewart, who worked as a prison guard. The man was an exemplary family man and he and his wife raised five children.

Phone rape: how a maniac from the USA mocked victims with the wrong hands

During a search of Stewart's home, police found several sets of police-like clothing, several badges, handcuffs, and weapons. The criminal's dwelling betrayed in him a passionate admirer of the police - there were detective novels, magazines about the police and themed posters all around.

It was also revealed that David tried several times to get a job with the police, but he was given for various reasons. It was the passion for uniforms and weapons that made him go to work as a security guard in a prison - this profession seemed to Stuart the closest to serving in the police. At work, the man was described as a diligent and disciplined employee, and David's wife, in general, refused to believe in the tricks of her husband.

Psychologists have found that David Stewart is absolutely sane, but suffers from a rare sexual deviation - virtual voyeurism. Such perverts are turned on by committing violence, but they need someone else to fulfill their fantasies. In this case, the perpetrator did not even need to see the suffering of the victim - he simply enjoyed his power.

Phone rape: how a maniac from the USA mocked victims with the wrong hands

Stewart was charged with harassment and sexual assault, and for misleading Donna Summers and others by posing as a police officer. In 70 similar episodes that occurred in 30 US states from 1994 to 2004, Stewart could not be charged, since he himself refused to admit guilt, and there was no direct evidence.

The telephone maniac did not spend much time behind bars. On October 31, 2006, after several court hearings, David Stewart was fully acquitted by a jury and released right in the hall. Donna Summers suffered the most in this situation, who was sentenced to a year of probation for illegally detaining a person.

But the manager did not sit idly by and began to sue her employers. Summers blamed McDonald's management for failing to communicate information about the calls to its employees after many such incidents, thereby exposing them to danger. Donna demanded 50 million dollars, but was able to sue only 1 million 100 thousand in compensation.

Phone rape: how a maniac from the USA mocked victims with the wrong hands

Analyzing the not entirely logical behavior of this woman, police psychologists determined that she acted in exactly the same way as the participants in the experiment on submission conducted by psychologist Stanley Milgram in 1961. The scientist investigated how cruel a person can be, obeying someone else's authority.

Sexual abuse victim Louis Ogborn had to undergo a course of psychological rehabilitation. She also filed a lawsuit against McDonald's and sued her for $6.1 million. Based on this strange crime, directed by Craig Zobel in 2012, the film “The Obedience Experiment” was shot, which received 12 film awards and 9 nominations at various American and international film competitions. The article used frames from this picture as some illustrations.

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