Clay Allison — the fastest shooter in the massacre of the Wild West

Clay Allison — the fastest shooter in the massacre of the Wild West

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The story of the American Wild West knows a lot of great shooters, as if born with guns in their hands. But among the many Kapitanov there are legends whose glory does not fade even after a century and a half. Robert clay Allison is one of the most cruel and fair "bounty hunters". On the tombstone of this person flaunts the inscription "He never killed a man that didn't need to kill" to argue with this statement, none is taken.

Clay Allison — the fastest shooter in the massacre of the Wild West

Clay Allison was born in 1840, made happy by their appearance small town Waynesboro, Tennessee. His parents owned a small ranch, on which the childhood and adolescence of the future stars of the saloons. With the beginning of the Civil war clay, like a true southerner, went to war with the Yankees as part of the 3 cavalry regiment Tennessee.

Allison could not have her head covered with laurels of military glory as quickly in captivity. After spending some time in a pow camp, the guy was released by exchange and returned to the regiment. But there did not want to put clay back in line — he was sent for psychiatric examination, which acknowledged that Ellison, a man not quite adequate.

He was immediately transfered to the reserve in the last 20 clay was out of work with a disappointing diagnosis of "epileptic and maniacal character". Translated into plain language this meant that a former cavalryman in the line, suffers a nervous seizures. Therefore, Ellison remained nothing but to return to his home farm and located in simple farm work.

Free from working with the cattle and in the garden a time dedicated to clay shooting and gunfire became common sounds for neighbors and bystanders. Very soon he had to practice that forever changed his regular farm life.

Clay Allison — the fastest shooter in the massacre of the Wild West

The phrase "Woe to the vanquished" was heard by many, but Allison was able to learn its meaning in their own skin. Once on the threshold of his parents ' house there was a drunk veteran of the Union army and began to show Clay's claim. The guest didn't like that the owner of the ranch once shot at his colleagues and he was eager to receive compensation.

To forgive Ellison he was willing to exchange for the ranch, which has called its. The objections complacent configured to clay northerner answered with a small disorder in the house, which affected my mother's favorite vase. Frustrated by the lack of education of the guest, the owner grabbed a rifle and made the bully a neat but quite unnecessary hole between the eyes.Perhaps at other times defending his home a resident of Tennessee and could count on a fair trial and acquittal, but not after the Civil war. A large part of the police districts were black and they certainly would not miss the chance to send to the gallows of the former Confederacy.

Clay Allison — the fastest shooter in the massacre of the Wild West

So clay, inducing his brothers, runs with them in new Mexico. On the road with Ellisons has been a bit of an adventure — they do not agree on the price with the ferryman and crossed the river, paid the squirt the slap and kicks. In new Mexico, the brothers bought a farm near the town of Elizabethtown and prepared to make a substantial ranchers and, perhaps, an exemplary family man.

But a quiet life was not for clay Ellison. One day, sipping dining of whiskey at the local saloon, he met with some Chunks Colbert — known in the state of the shooter. Communication took place peacefully until then, until it became clear that the chunk is the nephew of the beaten brothers of the ferryman.

Colbert decided to deal with the offender relative, but gave no sign and said that he would not mind to continue the acquaintance at the table in the evening. Allison realized what was happening and agreed, but before the meeting examined the revolvers. When new friends sat down opposite each other, then Mr. Ellison eloquently laid out the weapons on the table, and Colbert — very friendly, left the gun in the holster.

Clay Allison — the fastest shooter in the massacre of the Wild West

One of the few images of Kleyn Ellison

But hardly drinking buddies knocked back the second shot glass, vengeful chunk grabbed the weapon to make the fatal shot. This is, perhaps, the story of Alison and ended, as before him sat the best in the County ganfayter, but fate stepped in. Revolver Colbert snagged on clothing, which he for a moment hesitated. Allison took advantage and grabbed the gun from the table, put a Chunk a bullet in the eye.

When present in the saloon asked clay why he didn't shoot Colbert immediately without the play with a friendly chat and a drink, he replied that he considered himself a man of decent and humane, so I would never have allowed myself to shoot a person in the stomach which is empty.Very soon the record of the clay and the third came dead. One day he and his brothers dug a new well, but it presented a right arrogant neighbor. He argued that the structure is on his land, and thus passes automatically into the property. Allison did not make trouble and something to prove and just offered to resolve the dispute at loggerheads.

Clay Allison — the fastest shooter in the massacre of the Wild West

Looked like in the Wild West justice

But before that, to spare the winner from the hassle, it was decided to work together to dig a grave. Two sturdy farmers, it was not difficult and neat soon the pit was ready. But as soon as the outside was removed the last shovel of soil, Allison has not behaved sports and without unnecessary formalities cut taken by surprise by the opponent's throat. The corpse was sent to the grave and buried as it should, and the well is returned to the rightful owners.

After the third murder clay felt quite capable to administer justice, and from that moment without hesitation sent to the light those who, in his opinion, was wrong and could get away from legal retribution. The truth-teller and well-aimed small in one person immediately liked the local sheriffs and they began to throw Ellison dusty job. Simply put, clay has become a bounty hunter, who mete out justice for the money by a court decision of Lynch.

We heard a description of a few scenes involving clay, based on which conclusions can be drawn about this man. One day the Sheriff of Colfax was hired by Ellison to help catch the guy named Cruz VEGA, who was killed for money to the local priest. Eye on the reward, the man agreed and quickly got on the trail of the killer. But then came a more tempting — a friend of the deceased priest was doubled, but with the requirement not to let VEGA live to see the court.

Clay Allison — the fastest shooter in the massacre of the Wild West

Together clay and his new customer caught the killer, beat him with chains and hanged in the street on a lamppost. Allison also had the audacity to attend the funeral of his victim, where he behaved noisily and openly defiant. After the grave was buried, he at all pissed directly into modest bouquets and then went to drink the money received for the order in the saloon.

In the midst of merriment in the pub joined Pancho VEGA — the uncle of the deceased and notorious villain, who craved satisfaction. But clay was already in no condition to play hero — he just went off to VEGA as soon as I noticed him in the doorway. Then the drunk to a bestial state the shooter staged the play, forever known in the annals of the Wild West.

Clay Allison — the fastest shooter in the massacre of the Wild West

Clay Allison in the picture Whether McCarthy's overly romanticized

Allison stripped naked, removed from murdered dashing military hats scarlet ribbon, tied it a bow on his dick and began to dance. After that, put the belt with revolvers on the naked body, jumped into the saddle and disappeared in the evening haze. Soon he was in a semiconscious state brought back the Sheriff and his assistant. The lawyers planned cool to deal with dashing GUNFIGHTER, but the public did not allow it.

All present liked the idea of this clay that they in one voice said that he simply defended himself from coming to avenge Pancho VEGA. As the murdered in the city, few knew and no one his death a special tragedy saw Ellison was acquitted, and the VEGA was buried beside his nephew, at whose funeral he was exerting.It took quite a bit of time and arrow again had to kill, but this time defending the justice. One evening in the saloon, where clay Allison was vacationing with his longtime friend David Crockett, ran a bloody Indian. In slashed with a knife to the Indian present could hardly recognize the wife of Charles Kennedy, a guy with a very bad reputation.

Clay Allison — the fastest shooter in the massacre of the Wild West

It looked like real gentlemen in the days of clay Ellison

Charles with his wife once kidnapped from the tribe of Utah, and son-Metis lived on the outskirts of Elizabethtown in the road. Neither Charles nor his wife had never worked, but Kennedy does not dry out and, in General, in what does not deny. It was rumored that he let the night lone travelers, and then killing them and robbing. But no one saw any victims or the murders themselves, therefore, to present to Charles, there was nothing.

But this time it was different. As told wounded the wife of the scoundrel, he attacked her and her son to murder. The woman received several blows with a knife in the face and managed to escape, but her son was not so lucky. Charles threw him against the wall, and then fractured the skull of the heel of the boot.

The villain needed to be held accountable, but to go late in the evening to visit like a huge bear Kennedy Ellison himself did not dare. For the expedition quickly assembled a group of ten volunteers, among whom was the local Sheriff. The company went to the house of Kennedy, who, despite the late hour, no sleep.

Clay Allison — the fastest shooter in the massacre of the Wild West

Elizabethtown in the late 19th century

The bloody and drunken owner of the house caught in a compromising position — he pulled out of the cellar corpses and cuts them to burn in the oven. Resistance big guy had and it without problems twisted. In the house, and the cellar found a dozen corpses, the oldest of which is almost completely rotted, and the most recent a couple hours ago was cheerful and full of plans. In the fireplace lay a half-burned corpse of the son of a murderer.

Deny it had no sense, and Charles admitted that the rumors of his roving fishery was not without Foundation. As for the massacre of his family, it became clear that that evening the house to the Kennedys looked another guest. The owner put him at the table, and he waited for the moment to stab the guest with a knife, but his plans are almost thwarted not too bright son of seven.

When a guest asked the child, what is so disgusting smell from the underground, he shamelessly proposed to conduct a tour and show neatly stacked corpses there. A man jumped out and prepared dearly to sell their lives, but against the killer-Ambala he didn't have a chance. Kennedy dealt with him in less than a minute, and then began talkative son and tried to stop his wife.

Clay Allison — the fastest shooter in the massacre of the Wild West

In such churches atone for many sins roughnecks of the Wild West

Allison teammates already began to look for the rope and the branch stronger to hang the giant Kennedy higher, but the Sheriff persuaded the audience to wait to understand the many murders Charles. Later, the participants of the round-up maniac regretted that I listened to my lawyer.

Kennedy put under lock and key, and the trial decided to make an example of. In Elizabethtown was attended by officials from the state Capitol, the Beaux-lawyers and other outlandish personality who wishes to participate in the resonant process. The first meeting of the court showed that the jury no matter the job and in the air even began to float the idea of releasing Kennedy on bail.Seeing this, Allison teammates prevented the second meeting, and have dealt with Kennedy. Night the company kicked the doors of the prison, dragged a sleepy Charles beard on the street and briefly made him the only possible sentence. Then the robber tied by the feet to a pair of horses and dragged a few times on the rocky and dusty main street.

Clay Allison — the fastest shooter in the massacre of the Wild West

Grave Kennedy perfectly preserved to our days

Making sure that the maniac turned into a shapeless piece of meat, pulled it to the cemetery and left the care of the local gravediggers. Clay admonished the deceased a couple of not quite acceptable words, and the workers picks and shovels are strongly advised Kennedy to be buried outside the fence of the cemetery, away from the decent citizens of Elizabethtown.

For 40 years, clay decided to settle down. He found a cute wife with a strong back, which give birth to him samorzadny and noisy children. The GUNFIGHTER had gone to bed and settled on the farm, enjoying the life and bright memories of youth. But farm life was not for him, and soon she destroyed the glorious hand.

Once Allison was carrying on the cart livestock feed and one of the bags began to fall on the road. Possessing excellent response, clay tried to pick up the bag on the fly, but couldn't hold balance and fell to the ground. Heavy wheel of the cart ran over his neck, putting an end to the still young life of 47 years.

Clay Allison — the fastest shooter in the massacre of the Wild West

The funeral of the famous "bounty hunter" came not only all the inhabitants of Elizabethtown, but also people from distant villages and farms. The tomb was set a stone with an inscription which sums up the protagonist's life: "He never killed a man that didn't need to kill". To confirm these words would 15 select villains that clay had sent to Hell for his short, but eventful life.

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