5 Creepy Stories that will Awaken Your Strangest Fears

5 Creepy Stories that will Awaken Your Strangest Fears

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It's easier to say what people are not afraid of than to list all the phobias. Although there is an opinion that they are not afraid of that at all. For example, you are much more likely to die because of cheeseburgers than at the hands of terrorists. But sometimes even the most ridiculous fears come to life, and quite cruelly.

5 Creepy Stories that will Awaken Your Strangest Fears

Dentistry is undoubtedly very good, socially useful and correct. But the image of a man with ticks and a drill that picks at your mouth scares both stupid children and war veterans. The mouth is a very personal space, and therefore the dentist is scarier for many than Jeepers Creepers, even if he inserts gold teeth (a very respected procedure in narrow circles).

But if 80% of humanity panics when they drill a small hole in their tooth, then imagine what a shock a simple Indian guy like Ashik Hawai experienced. For 18 months, the unfortunate man walked with a swollen jaw and insane pain, until finally he reached the dental department in a Mumbai hospital. His father thought that the cause of the pain was cancer, and technically he was right. It turned out that the guy had accumulated more than 200 fucking teeth in his gums! It looked like the guy was smuggling dentures.

5 Creepy Stories that will Awaken Your Strangest Fears

Hawai'i suffered from a rare benign dental tumor, known in scientific circles as a "composite odontoma". All this "tooth fountain" in the mouth of Hawaii was tightly packed deep into the gum, and therefore dentists could not get to the cache with the help of modern dental instruments. Therefore, they switched to the most proven tools of Indian dentistry, which have cured more than one generation of Hindus — a hammer and chisel.

The six-hour operation to extract 232 teeth, which technically looked like the extraction of precious stones, thank God, was successful. The cleaning of the lower jaw from appetizing growths and small teeth has entered the Guinness Book of Records, because no one has ever brought such a harvest before. Even a shark with its two rows of teeth.

In addition, doctors removed the Hawaiian wisdom tooth, which already justifies all the misadventures of the Hindu.

Why is life arranged in such a way that you have to pay for all the pleasures? For casual sexual relations — a trip to a venereologist, for listening to music — a song firmly stuck in my head. Let's talk about music in more detail, because regardless of what kind of composition it is — Prokofiev's "Lieutenant Kizhe", Laertsky's "Chemistry Faculty of Moscow State University" or something from Taylor Swift's work - regardless of her genius and beauty, after the second hour of continuous scrolling in her head, she begins to annoy. You even get the idea that this song will never leave you and you will hum it for the rest of your days while your crying family watches you being led away by psychiatrists singing "The Ice is Melting".

They say that in order for a song to fall behind, you need to sing it to the end. Bullshit, a completely useless method, and it did not help the 60-year-old American woman either. Her world finally turned upside down after a song stuck in her head like a stray bullet. It would seem that nothing was wrong, but the song did not leave her. She was minding her own business, listening to other obsessive compositions, and when it seemed that everything was over, some kind of sound was growing in the depths of her subconscious, which became stronger and stronger until it began to sound full.

5 Creepy Stories that will Awaken Your Strangest Fears

This went on for 3 weeks until finally the song disappeared. But in its place came another song — no less stupid, only it sounded much more often. Many people in this case use the "Trotsky method" and punch their heads with an ice pick, but the woman, not wanting to add to the statistics of ridiculous deaths, turned to Loyola University Medical Center for help, where doctors managed to cure an incomprehensible disease.

The most disgusting thing in such situations is when you can't remember what song is spinning in your head. You don't understand if this is a real melody or a fruit of your consciousness, the ghost of the composer who died in you. That's what drove the American crazy the most. Her husband identified it as Pharrell Williams' song Happy, but it didn't help them much.

Escalators have made a huge contribution to making you and your girlfriend fatter and more appetizing. These are your loyal friends and comrades, who are much more interesting than boring stairs. But, as they say, be afraid of the Danites, who bring gifts. Because what you love can kill you one day. Look at these notches, at this monotonous conveyor — a real industrial meat grinder, sending human minced meat for processing. No wonder you were afraid as a child that your shoelace or your pant leg would get stuck in the big cracks of the escalator and you would turn into a Viennese schnitzel.

5 Creepy Stories that will Awaken Your Strangest Fears

The escalator is hungry, the god of lazy transport needs blood, and if necessary, he will get it, even if you are naked. The killer escalator was last seen in China, in the city of Jingzhou. He chose a 30-year-old woman and her son as victims. As soon as they reached the top, something went wrong — the platform collapsed, and the woman was sucked in. Fortunately, she managed to push her son away from sin, but she could not help herself. The staff of the shopping center was so fucked up that no one thought to press the button and stop the bloody harvest. The mutilated body was found only a few hours later, presumably because no one wanted to voluntarily crawl inside the metal demon to get it out.

A preliminary investigation showed that the cause of the tragedy was the ordinary neglect of the device. The old man worked for too long and eventually got loose.

The most idiotic thing in this whole situation is the management of the shopping center, which did not even try to fix or close the escalator so that there would be no similar situations in the future. Or maybe they themselves serve the steel Satan.

In much the same way that we are now afraid of the escalator, some people are afraid to grow long hair. Not because overgrown patches need more attention, but because they are not sure that the hair is too tightly attached to the head or that they cannot get stuck in unnecessary places.

Isadora Duncan died in a very ridiculous way — for the sake of pathos, she wore a very long scarf that got tangled in the wheel of the car, and when it started moving, the scarf wound around the wheel and strangled the famous dancer to hell. And what if your hair gets wound up on something and leads to an unpleasant outcome?

5 Creepy Stories that will Awaken Your Strangest Fears

But this happened last year, when an eleven-year-old girl, riding on a carousel, caught her hair on the mechanism. The unfortunate child was torn off the skin from the skull from the eyelids to the back of the head. If not for 15 blood transfusions, she would hardly have survived. Plus, it took several skin grafts and vision restoration operations, since the girl was practically blind.

And the worst thing is that the case is not an isolated one. Rides are very fond of scalping children, but the most important maniac is karting. He, like a decent Indian, collects the scalps of pale-faces, sacrificing them to the god of technology.

So, for example, in 2012, in Indiana, the curly, lush hair of one lady wound up on the axis of a go-kart, as a result of which a healthy piece of skin was torn off by the unfortunate. In addition, severe traumatic brain injury, facial nerve paralysis and a broken temporal bone. In 2003, a 10-year-old girl from South Africa became the next victim of a bloodthirsty go-kart. And then there's a woman in Utah whose ear was torn off, and a woman from Scotland who was paralyzed as a result of a broken neck. Her hair was too strong to come off, but it got wrapped around the wheel, and she just twisted her neck.

Have you ever had a fear of getting hit by a lawn mower? Or maybe you're afraid that one day a drone will fall on your head and kill you? In fact, these two bloody accidents can be combined together, as in the case at the American football match.

5 Creepy Stories that will Awaken Your Strangest Fears

This frankly ridiculous situation occurred in 1979 in a game at Shea Stadium in New York. The Jets played against the New England Patriots. In order to somehow entertain the fans during the break, the organizers allowed fans of radio-controlled toys to go out on the field to show their collection of models. During the show, the plane, which was shaped like a lawn mower, lost contact with the remote control and landed in the stands, hitting 20-year-old John Bowen and 25-year-old Kevin Rourke with sharp blades. Bowen underwent emergency surgery, but he died a few days later. A lawsuit was filed against the owner of the aircraft, which was satisfied.

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